Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 28 - Being Investigated

Chapter 28 Being Investigated

Jiang Xuan clapped her hands, got up and assumed a fighting stance. She practiced one move and form at a time. It was a D ranked [Capture and Brawl Art].

"This [Capture and Brawl Art] pays particular attention to capture. Movements are steady, accurate and fierce but the ones that have a radian and lingering appeal are relatively good. Look at this throat grab. When the arm bends, the shoulder needs to sink down and draw out a curve. Strike in an oval shape as this allows the movement to carry a spinning power, a throat grab by the claw!"

Jiang Li immediately pointed out his sister's flaws.

He demonstrated this martial art, using some techniques from [Twisting Bone Attack].

Indeed, under the guidance of Jiang Li, the power increased a great amount from practice. Every move was mellow and full, unlike how blunt it was previously.

Meanwhile in a villa on the outskirts.


Zheng Wenbing was of course of practicing his martial skills with a middle-aged man wearing ancient Huaxia style clothes, who evidently appeared to be a martial arts teacher.

The duo fought each other. Zheng Wenbing’s attacks were abnormally fierce, putting a D ranked [Rolling Stone Fist] to good use.

But the middle-aged man swayed casually. But no matter how fierce Zheng Wenbing’s fighting techniques were, they would not touch the body at all and come whirling off when they touched his fists.

Exhausted, Zheng Wenbing finally stopped, soaked in sweat.

"Master Wang, I can't do this anymore." He huffed and puffed.

"Your physique is too poor. If you want to upgrade your life force to level one, you will need a miracle.” Master Wang said, “Even I, Wang Daorong, have no way for you to have instant success.”

“Master Wang, you are the martial arts teacher that my father hired at a high salary. I also ask you to pass on the best method to practice. I must upgrade my life force to level 1 at all costs for this week’s test.” Zheng Wenbing said through gritted teeth.

“No such possibility, the time is too short.” Wang Daorong shook his head, “The Wang family is a family of ancient martial arts. We already have a very thorough understanding with regard to martial arts from the beginning of Hua Xia to the Galactic era now. You must grasp them yourself no matter what martial skill it is. Unless you start from now and enter the second stage of Deep Sleep! Otherwise even if you take any Super Protein, the body cannot absorb it, and on the contrary you will have excessive nutrition.

“Is there really no way?”

"You can only depend on yourself and control the heart. However, here I have Wang family’s ancient spiritual practice technique that I can teach you.” Wang Daorong put his hands behind his back, setting an imposing appearance. He was definitely not someone who should be trifled with.

"Okay!" Zheng Wenbing was overjoyed. Just at this time the phone rang, he pressed, and a man appeared, "Brother Bin, the matters you wanted to me to investigate is all clear and have already been settled. However that Jiang Li is actually a star citizen."

“What? A star citizen, what is going on? How did he suddenly have such an honourable position?” Zheng Wenbing's face suddenly twisted up.

“It seems like that guy participated in a mission of the police agency. He unexpectedly arrested Illusory Fox of the SSRO. The police agency gave him a major meritorious service award.”

“How do we deal with a star citizen? What about his parents?” Zheng Wenbing swung his arm firmly, making an explosive sound, "I need to deal with his parents right now to threaten him."

"His parents are very easy to deal with. I am currently making a fake account. You can directly frame his parents of an economic crime and have them arrested today. Go to the police agency to report the case now. They have already begun the investigation and by that time threatening the two brothers will be no effort at all. In the meantime, I'll contact Hua Xu Blackmarket and if the Blackmarket Boss wants, I'll immediately take the two brothers there to work themselves to the bone for us."

"Not bad. Not bad."

Zheng Wen Bing laughed, "Brother, you really brought me good news."

"Naturally, you can give Jiang Tao and Jiang Li, the two brothers, a call now. I think the police agency have already summoned their parents. These two brothers have an extremely strong life force. The Blackmarket Boss really likes them too." The voice from the phone was very sinister.

"Hahaha..." Zheng Wenbing hung up, "Jiang Li, Jiang Tao, you two brothers are dead. Of course I won't actually let you both die. With such strong fighting abilities between the two of you, I can use you two to earn myself some money."

"Illusory Fox?" Wang Daorong did not care about these small matters, however his eyes twinkled when he heard the two words 'Illusory Fox'.

“Other members of the SSRO…”

At home, Jiang Xuan stopped after she just finished learning a martial skill. Seeing how the sky outside was completely dark, she couldn’t help but ask, “Why haven’t mum and dad come home yet?”

“Yeah, mum and dad should have long come back by this time.” Jiang Li knitted his brows.

Jiang Li had an ominous feeling.

His thoughts have always been accurate.

Not only could controlling your breath for a long time develop the human body cells, it could even develop the brain, the sixth sense.

Dingdong, Dingdong…

The doorbell reverberated.

“Mum and dad have come back!” Sister Jiang Xuan went to open the door excitedly.

But the door opened, and instead a few expressionless public officials in police uniforms appeared. “Is this Jiang Zhendong’s house?”

“Yes it is.” Seeing his sister already become deathly pale, Jiang Li walked outside.

“You are Jiang Zhendong’s child?” A public official took out a piece of paper.

“Yes I am.” Jiang Li replied maintaining a calm composure.

“Your parents are being suspected of the misappropriation of the company assets and have now already been reported to the police to investigate. According to the regulations, they will be in custody for fifteen days. During this period, an investigation will be conducted in regards to their crime” A public officer handed a piece of paper to Jiang Li. It was the investigation order.

“No…” Jiang Xuan shrieked.

"Enough, calm down sister." Jiang Li pulled his younger sister in, "Sorry, my sister has not yet reached adulthood, she can be very emotional. According to the rules, this doesn't count as judicial intervention right."

"This doesn't count." A few public officials saw how calm he was and nodded their heads. One of them said, "It doesn't count as judicial intervention. We have already sent the investigation order. You can hire a lawyer and apply to see the suspect. Never conduct private acts to interfere the judicial. You should have learnt about these law courses. Also it is only an investigation right now, we have to wait for the investigation results to see if there was a crime."

“Okay. I understand.” Jian Li already calmed down as he watched these people leave.

“Brother, what do we do? Our parents would not do something like that. They must have been set up by someone. What do we do?” Jiang Xuan started to cry, “Call brother, he will definitely have a way.”

“No!” Jiang Li eyes suddenly flashed, “We cannot call him, he has an impetuous temperament. If by any chance he does anything, it will not be good. I feel like we are falling into a trap, and what happens if this matter affects his studies? Mum and dad will definitely not want us to tell him as well. Also in regards to this matter, they will call us. Since there has been no call, they just fear that we will divert our attention.

"Then what do we do?" Jiang Xuan didn't have any idea. She was a teenager after all.

“There is no doubt that someone framed our parents.” Jiang Li thought for a bit, and appeared to be very calm. “Having defended readily at all times, it finally came. It appears that it is Zheng Wenbing who is causing all this mischief? Last time, they threatened me using our parents, saying that he’ll make them lose their jobs. I didn’t think he’ll use such ruthless means. However, I have a method. Don’t worry, let me make a call."

He had taken precautions long before and it finally came.

Jiang Li’s sister was so anxious that she nearly cried, but looking at Jiang Li calmly making a call, she also gradually quietened down.


The call went through. It was Manager Lei.

"Hi Brother Jiang Li, what can I do for you?" Manager Lei’s virtual portrait appeared, “I must really thank you this time. Miss Xue Bier is about to recover completely. I have already reported to the chairman. There will great thanks after Miss has fully recovered.”

He was now very warm towards Jiang Li, and his attitude had gotten better.

"No need for thanks, I actually need you to do me a favour."

The company that Jiang Li's parents work for was a subsidiary of Lei Company and Manager Lei was a big manager at Lei Company. Last time Zheng Wen Bing said he’ll make his parents lose their jobs, but Jiang Li took precautions long ago. Now he immediately called when something happened.

“What favour? I will definitely help!" Manager Lei was eager to build rapport.

“It’s like this…” Jiang Li recounted what happened, "I will leave this matter in your hands. If Manager Lei has anything in the future I will not hesitate to help despite how difficult it may be.

"What? There is such a matter? Simply reckless!" Manager Lei said fiercely, "Wait, I will go check immediately and bail out your parents first! Don't worry brother, nothing will happen to them. I can not say if matters like this happened at other companies but I can settle it at my own subsidiary company in one word. Wait half an hour!"

"Okay Manager Lei. I'll wait for your good news."

Jiang Li knew that Manager Lei was very capable and he also managed the company's internal affairs. To order merely a subsidiary company was simply too easy.

"Let's go to the police station to see mum and dad. According to the general procedure, they only will be in questioning first to assist the investigation. Everything will be ok. The laws nowadays are already very perfect, any police will act according to the rules."

"Don't let brother know about this matter. I fear that he will rage. I know who framed our parents. If it is as expected, that person will very likely call in a while."

Half an hour later.


Manager Lei Dong called once again, “Brother Jiang, the matters have already been sorted. Your parents have been released on bail and I have successfully started investigating using the company's powers. In our initial findings, it was the company's superior who set this up. We have already reported the findings to the police and a subpoena is being carried out. In addition, I sent people to send your parents back home. At the same time, I will arrange for them to enter Lei Company's parent company, and promote their position to act as compensation."

Jiang Li hastily expressed his gratitude, "Thank you. Thank you."

"It is our company’s dereliction of duty that something like this happened. Fortunately you warned us otherwise scandals would have occurred.” Lei Dong Lian quickly said, “It is a must to compensate your parents. You can give them a call now.”

"Okay. I will call now."

Jiang Li dialed his father’s number.

Sure enough, the call went through and the sound of his father's voice came through, "It’s Jiang Li right? You wanted to ask why we still haven’t returned home when it’s this late? Your mother and I have a few matters to deal with. A slight problem arose regarding the company’s finances. We are cooperating with the police to help investigate. Now things are clear, we have already discussed the issue of compensation with the company and in a while the company’s car will take us back home. It will take approximately an hour. If you and your sister are hungry, go out to eat yourselves, don’t wait for us.”

His father’s words were very gentle.

Jiang Li let out a sigh of relief.


An unfamiliar number rang just as he hung up on his father.

Jiang Li pressed the button.

Suddenly a virtual portrait appeared in front of him. It was Zheng Wen Bing.

"It really is you, Zheng Wenbing!" Jiang Li's guess was confirmed. He was very calm because his father is fine now.

"Don't get angry Jiang Li." Zheng Wenbing laughed evilly, pleased with himself. "Presumably you have already gotten the notice from the police? Your parents are being investigated? They really have a lot of courage to actually dare to misappropriate the company's funds."

"Zheng Wen Bing, you have touched my bottom line.”

Jiang Li's words came jumping out through the gaps of his teeth.

“It's you who touched my bottom line?” Zheng Wenbing said with a sinister tone, “Jiang Li, you actually dared to slap me in the face. I have already said that I will not use force with you. Only boors will fight in this society.”

Jiang Li had long calmed down and started recording. "Was it you who let others frame my parents?"

“Your parent’s matters have nothing to do with me. They misappropriated the company’s funds, that company isn’t even mine, what does it have to do with me? However we were once classmates, I can only help you out!” Zheng Wenbing answered rigorously as if he knew that Jiang Li was recording. “No more nonsense, come out immediately. Meet me in the private room on the 9th at the East gate street within half an hour. Also you need to convince your brother to work for me properly and apologise to me. If he doesn’t listen, you should know what the consequences are!”

“Wait, I am coming.” Jiang Li put down the phone.

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