Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 10 – The Fool Isn’t Simple

Chapter 10- The Fool Isn’t Simple

The young man’s eyes teared up again. He looked at the side of Mu Ru Yue’s cold and lovable face with hazy eyes, and said, “Elder sister, your heart is really good.”

‘My heart is good?’

It was the first time that Mu Ru Yue had heard someone say that to her.

In her previous life, she had simply been a demoness who had taken numerous lives. If it weren’t for the young man’s similarity to her brother, she wouldn’t have stayed to talk with him. But… it was only to a certain extent.

“You look older than me, so stop calling me elder sister.”


“There’s no ‘buts’!” Mu Ru Yue viciously glared at him as she fiercely replied.

The young man seemed to have been frightened. His eyes turned teary while he looked carefully at Mu Ru Yue, who wore an unpleasant expression.

Moreover, the young man’s pitiful look softened Mu Ru Yue’s heart. She sighed lightly and said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout at you. But this is our first time meeting each other, after all, and I was unlucky enough to be your ‘cushion’. There shouldn’t be anymore incidences where we will meet again. Farewell.”

After saying that, she carried Yan Jin with her, who was watching the good show beside her, and she disappeared into the splendid sunlight without looking back at all.

Thus, she didn’t notice the changes in the young man’s gaze as he looked at her. His initial innocent and enticing gaze had turned complicated, with traces of intrigue shining in his eyes.

Yan Jin, who was being carried by Mu Ru Yue, raised his domineering, dark eyes as he coldly stared at the handsome young man behind her.

Even though at that moment the young man had already withdrawn his investigative gaze, …

“That fool isn’t simple.”

‘Was he really an innocent fool?’

Yan Jin laughed, since what did it have to do with him whether that man was really a fool or not?

“Hey, have you heard that the Qing Yun Sect is carrying out a test to help martial practitioners in the Pheonix City test their innate talent? This kind of opportunity comes only once in a few years. Let’s quickly check it out.”


Naturally, Mu Ru Yue stopped in her tracks and slightly raised her head, a glimmer flashing in her dark eyes.

From the previous owner’s memory, she found that the Qing Yun Sect would come to the Pheonix City every three years to help test the innate talents of those people that hadn’t yet stepped on the path to becoming martial practitioners.

A person’s innate talent could predict their future success.

Moreover, the Qing Yun Sect did this to recruit potential talents into their sect. Mu Ru Yue’s previous fiance, namely Crown Prince Jing, Ye Tian Feng, had been recruited to become an inner-disciple of the Qing Yun Sect due to his outstanding innate talent.

“I currently don’t know the degree of my innate talent. Let’s use this chance to find out.” Mu Ru Yue gently caressed her chin, a sudden brilliance shining in her eyes.

Even though she had undergone the innate talent test nine years before, her meridians had been blocked at that time, so the energy in her body had been impeded, and the outcome of the test turned out as her being trash.

“Little girl, are you planning to sit for that test?” Yan Jin obviously read Mu Ru Yue’s thoughts and became excited. “Then head for it! This senior also wants to know what kind of talent you have, to be able to become the owner of the Book of Alchemy!”

Thinking about the Book of Alchemy that had been sealed within for 10,000 years, Yan Jin gnashed his teeth with hatred.

“Alright.” Mu Ru Yue nodded with a smile. “I’m also really interested in that test.”

After saying that, she followed the excited crowd and headed towards the testing hall that the Qing Yun Sect had constructed within the world.

However, Mu Ru Yue knew that many people here were just spectators, as they had already undergone their innate talent tests. Those who were being tested today were four to five year old toddlers, so she was standing out in the crowd like a sore thumb.

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