Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 11 – Innate Test

Chapter 11- Innate Test

“Who’s that girl? Why’s she only taking the innate talent test now?”

“Hehe! I guess her previous innate talent result wasn’t ideal, so she wants to see if her talent increased as time passes. But this is innate talent and not the abilities test; how can there be any changes?”

“But why does this girl seem so familiar to me? Where have I seen her before?”

Everyone looked at Mu Ru Yue with astonishment. They couldn’t bear to not discuss quietly amongst themselves, but the gazes shot at her contained mockery.

Wasn’t she too shameless to take the innate talent test when she was already in her teens?

The crowd couldn’t be blamed for not being able recognise Mu Ru Yue. When she became the fiancee of Crown Prince Jing and was regarded as the number one trash of the Pheonix City, she became a public figure. Since then, every time she headed out she had to face mockery and verbal abuse. Mu Ru Yue hadn’t shown herself to the public for many years, so the people’s impression of her had weakened.

“Hmm? I remember her!” Suddenly, someone exclaimed, “Isn’t she the Mu family’s Mu Ru Yue? I recently saw her when I visited Mu Ting Er at Mu Manor.”

“What? She’s that number one trash, the disgrace of the Mu family?”

After that person said those words, all gazes fell onto Mu Ru Yue, the mockery in their eyes intensified.

A trash that couldn’t cultivate wouldn’t be able to escape the fact of being a trash no matter how many times she tested.

Under the bone-piercing gazes of the crowd, an adorable girl walked out with dissatisfaction displayed on her face. It was obvious that her result wasn’t what she expected.

Since the Qing Yun Sect’s test results were confidential, nobody knew how terrible her innate talent is.

“Miss, it’s your turn.” The manager raised his eyes and looked at Mu Ru Yue before turning around and leading her into the hall.

Within the vast hall, there was a copper stone placed in the middle. A white-bearded elder sat in the center of the hall with his eyes closed, resting. It wasn’t until Mu Ru Yue entered that he began to open his eyes, neither slow nor fast.

When his light gaze swept Mu Ru Yue, he gently stroke his beard as he calmly asked, “Do you know how to circulate your energy? You just need to walk up to the side of the stone and place your hand on the stone before trying to circulate your energy.”

Mu Ru Yue listened to the elder and placed her hands above the stone. She gradually closed her eyes before circulating her energy.


Suddenly, the copper stone emitted red rays of light.

There were a few grades that could be tested from the testing stone. These grades were respectively: red, orange, yellow, viridescent, green, blue, and purple. Red was the weakest, while purple was the strongest, but there was also a grade from legends that was said to be colourless. Thus, colourless was technically the strongest type of innate talent.

“Red.” The old man didn’t have any special expression. On this continent, most people had red-coloured innate talent. They were the ones most unsuited for training, and even if they trained, they wouldn’t have many accomplishments.

Just as he wanted to call for the next person, the red ray of light suddenly changed.

Orange! The red light had turned orange!

The elder gasped, his mouth wide open. Shouldn’t the testing stone calculate the result instantly? When had it changed its colour before? It was as though he was looking at a ghost.

But the changes in colour hadn’t stopped. It turned from orange to yellow, viridescent, green, blue….

The elder’s expression gradually stiffened. His mouth became stiff, unable to speak out. When the changes finally stabilized at blue, he was still too astonished to say a thing.

Fifteen years ago, the Qing Yun Sect had recruited an inner-disciple named Ye Tian Feng. He at last became a disciple of Grandmaster Tian Yuan. But that fellow’s innate talent was green.

However, it was great that it finally stopped.

The elder took up a teacup, wanting to use the tea to suppress his shock. But the very next moment, his hand shivered, nearly causing him to drop his teacup.


The colour had turned to purple!

The elder took in a deep breath. It was very rare to have a genius with purple innate talent. There should only be a few of them within the continent.

But the changes hadn’t stagnated.

The purple light ray slowly disappeared from the testing stone, but Mu Ru Yue’s hand still pressed upon it. If she had let go of the stone and the colour faded, then such a phenomenon would have been normal. But if her hand was still pressed on the stone, the purple light shouldn’t fade. That was, unless it was that special circumstance.


The teacup in the elder’s hand slipped and crashed onto the floor, shattering into numerous pieces. The heavens knew how much he loved that cup, but now, even after his beloved teacup had shattered, he didn’t pay any attention to it. He instead stared at Mu Ru Yue, transfixed.

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