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Chapter 9 – Is He Really a Fool or Is It Just a Pretense?

Chapter 9- Is He Really a Fool or Is It Just a Pretense?

That young man’s appearance was so perfect it seemed that even when the moonlight were to shine on his face, no defects would have been found. He looked like the most brilliant artist’s masterpiece as his face was so beautiful that it was hard for people to shift their gazes away from him.

Wearing spotless white clothing, and inky black hair landing messily on Mu Ru Yue’s face, his eyes were so clear as if they had stayed unmarred by the world’s dirt and smoke.

They were so clear that they seemed out of this world.

The young man did not have any intentions of getting up. He sniffed before a beautiful smile was displayed on his handsome face.

He said, “Elder sister, you smell really nice.”

At that moment, Mu Ru Yue’s expression darkened, and she glared coldly at the young man on top of her body. “Get up!”

Instantly, the young man’s eyes fogged up with tears, feeling wronged as he asked pitifully, “Elder sister, have I done something wrong?”

Mu Ru Yue did not know why, but when she saw the handsome young man’s pained expression, it reminded her of her little brother from her past life, someone for whom she would do anything to protect.

Her brother liked using that kind of innocent and feeling wronged gaze to look at her…

“Hehe! That fool really jumped.”

A mocking laughter resounded above her. Mu Ru Yue clearly felt the young man’s body stiffen, a layer of tears fogging his clear eyes. That incredibly pitiful appearance didn’t appease the person above in the slightest.

“A fool is always a fool. He won’t be able to change his entire life.”

The embroidered clothings gave the man standing at the window a noble grandeur. He spread his folding fan with a free, light smile on his face, looking at the people below him with disdain.

Mu Ru Yue slightly narrowed her eyes, and glared at the person who was on top of her body. Annoyed, she asked, “How long are you planning to stay on top of me?”

Even though his gaze was really similar to her brother’s, Mu Ru Yue clearly knew those two were not the same person. The young man who had collided with her was really handsome. His beauty could literally make him an evildoer who could sweep anyone off their feet, especially with those pair of clear eyes, so innocent and enticing…

After the young man stood up, she also got onto her feet, patting the dirt and dust off her body before raising her head to look at the man dressed in embroidered clothes, who had a pair of peach blossom eyes.

In that instant, the man wearing embroidered clothing was also looking at Mu Ru Yue, who was standing beside the handsome young man.

“Your Highness.”

When Ling Ying saw the young girl dare to use such a gaze when she focused on His Highness, a bout of fury was instantly roused in his heart. His Highness had such noble status, how could she stare at him so impolitely?

Extending an arm to block Ling Ying, Ye Yi Hua’s lips curled into an excited smile. “Today, Ben Wang 1 tricked this fool to test whether he’s really a fool or if he’s just pretending. I couldn’t feel reassured all these years. But based on the previous events, I can confirm that he’s really a fool.”

This kind of fool would not be able to affect him at all. But if he really had been pretending for so many years, then he would bring a major setback to the meticulous scheme he had been plotting.

After slightly narrowing his interest-filled peach blossom eyes, Ye Yi Hua’s smile intensified

“Let’s go.”

After closing his folding fan, Ye Yi Hua glanced at the young man one last time before turning around and disappearing from the window.

“Elder sister, aren’t you afraid of me?” The young man bit his lips, looking pitifully at Mu Ru Yue with a pair of eyes so pure that they did not have a sliver of impurity in them.

Mu Ru Yue’s eyebrows rose as she asked, “Why should I be afraid of you?”

Hearing her words, the young man lowered his head as he whispered the reason holding his insecurities, “It is due to me being a fool that the maids who are serving me are always afraid.”

Seeing the young man’s frail body, Mu Ru Yue replied, neither hot nor cold, “It’s their business. In my opinion, there aren’t any differences between people.”

1. Ben Wang (本王) was used by princes in the past to refer to themselves.

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