Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 12 – Peerless Genius

Chapter 12- Peerless Genius

Colourless was innate talent from the legends.

How many years had it been since anyone had colourless innate talent? It had probably been countless thousands of years. But now, a person with a colourless innate talent was discovered by him.

The elder’s breaths quickened. With bloodshot eyes, his gaze towards Mu Ru Yue was like that of a wolf that hadn’t had delicacies in a long time, and now wanted to immediately pounce on its prey.

Mu Ru Yue released her hand from the stone. When she saw the progress of her results, it instantly gave her a shock.

“I’ve already tested, so I’ll be leaving.”

According to the memories of the previous owner, Mu Ru Yue knew that purple was the innate talent’s peak. Since she had achieved what she wanted, she didn’t feel the need to stay.

“Wait!” The elder hastily shouted. It would be a joke if he just let a peerless genius slip away.

“Hehe!” He rubbed his hands together. Smiling, the elder said, “Little girl, I’m an elder of the Qing Yun Sect. You can just call me Elder Zhao. Do you know the details of your test result?”

Mu Ru Yue’s brows lifted as she replied, “Isn’t it purple?”

“Purple?” Elder Zhao smiled bitterly. “If you were just purple, it would have been alright.”

Her heart thumped. Mu Ru Yue’s expression slowly sunk. Could it be that her result wasn’t actually what she’d expected?

Suddenly, when she thought of the sudden fading of the purple ray of light, her heart gradually chilled.

“Colourless! Do you know what it means to be colourless?” How could Elder Zhao not know what the little girl was thinking. He coldly glared at her. “At the peak of the martial path, it focuses on nothingness. Moreover, having a colourless innate talent, it succeeds purple innate talents by more than just a fold. It has been many thousands of years since someone had such an innate talent. Which of those experts that had colourless innate talent hadn’t reached the summit of the martial world? Do you still think that purple and colourless innate talent is still comparable?”

It was really the first time Mu Ru Yue had heard about colourless innate talent, so she couldn’t bear not to knit her brows.

“That’s right! Little girl, you should also take a mental strength test as well. We don’t usually give such tests to the public, but today, you’re an exception.”

After saying that, Elder Zhao hastily took out a mental strength testing stone and placed it beside the martial innate testing stone.

“The mental strength test is also very simple. You just have to strike at the stone with your mental power. When the stone absorbs your mental power, it will expand. The more it expands, the stronger your mental strength is.”

Elder Zhao was excited as he anxiously waited to see how many surprises this young girl would give him.


A intense mental power flooded the room and had made even Elder Zhao feel its tyrannical power. His expression was slightly dazed as he stared fixedly at the stone in front of Mu Ru Yue.

During that instant when the mental power struck at the stone, the stone had absorbed the mental power and started to rapidly expand. It simply kept expanding, as though no matter how much it absorbed, it was still insufficient.

Elder Zhao’s expression stiffened as he looked as though he’d seen a ghost. How much mental power would be used to create such a situation?

Of course, Elder Zhao couldn’t know and would never know that Mu Ru Yue’s intense mental powers was due to her contract with the Book of Alchemy.

As the ray of light intensified, Elder Zhao’s mouth was no longer closed. He didn’t have the time to snap out from his shock before a shattering sound was heard. The testing stone had turned into powder.

The entire testing hall returned to its previous calmness, with the exception of human hearts….

Even if nobody knew how sturdy the testing stone was, Elder Zhao would know that even if it were an Xiantian expert, they could only be able to chip a corner of the stone. Currently, that stone had been blown into smithereens before him. This meant that her boundless mental power was already beyond the limit of the testing stone.

‘How gifted is this little girl?’

Elder Zhao’s expression was still stiff. Obviously, he hadn’t recovered from his astonishment.

From her results today, there wouldn’t be anyone as suitable as her to become an alchemist. She could also be a peerless genius in cultivating the martial arts.

Heaven stage Alchemist would already be the peak status ranking on the continent. But to her, perhaps, it wouldn’t be impossible….

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