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Chapter 4 – Plans

Chapter 4- Plans

“Impudent!” The middle-aged man tightly clenched his fists with the veins on his temples bulging. He was staring with a gaze one would show only to an absolutely irreconcilable enemy. “Ting Er is my daughter. How do you dare to humiliate her in such a fashion?”

It seemed that in his heart, only Mu Ting Er and Mu Yi Xue were his daughters. Meanwhile, Mu Ru Yue was but an illegitimate child who was verbally insulting his precious daughter.

“Father, let’s leave it as it is,” said Mu Ting Er as she held onto the middle-aged man’s arm, biting her lips and shaking her head. “I am aware that I’m only an adopted daughter in the Mu family. I don’t wish for anything other than father’s love ever since I’ve lost my blood father when I was young.”

The middle-aged man let out a great sigh. “Ting Er, when your father died after saving my mother, I swore then that I would treat you as my biological daughter. How could I let anyone hurt you?”

He had said these whilst glaring at Mu Ru Yue with a dark expression.

It was obvious that the person he was referring to was Mu Ru Yue……

“Father, the Crown Prince is still here,” Mu Ting Er whispered with her head lowered.

Same as before, no one noticed her sneers.

The way she acted was definitely not in order to seek for forgiveness from Mu Ru Yue. It was due to His Highness liking girls who were compassionate. It was because of this that he had fallen in love with her.

“Hehe! Your Highness, I’ve earned your ridicule,” the middle-aged man apologised, cupping his fist, then shifted his gaze back to Mu Ru Yue. With a frown, he said, coolly, “Why are you still standing there? Quickly scram! In the future, if you dare loiter around and interrupt His Highness and Ting Er’s time together again, I’ll break your legs!”

A cold glimmer flashed in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. But since she had just come to this continent, she decided to spend some time digesting information first, so she quietly headed back to her quarters in her memories, but only after tossing a bone-chilling gaze at her father, Mu Qing.

Mu Qing was startled. His daughter actually possessed that type of gaze? He didn’t think much of it, turning to face Ye Tian Feng. “Your Highness, Ting Er is an unmarried girl, but has given her innocence to you. I don’t know when His Highness will annul the engagement with that trash and marry Ting Er.”

Ye Tian Feng’s sword-like brows frowned before replying after a short moment, “Mu Family’s Master. Ting Er will definitely be the Main Wife 1for me, the Crown Prince. I currently can’t tell my royal Grandfather that I’ve already had close physical relationship with Ting Er. Otherwise, knowing my royal Grandfather, he would just give Ting Er a concubine’s status for committing such an act before marriage. In that case, I would feel that I’ve wronged Ting Er for giving her merely the status of a concubine.”

His Ting Er was so beautiful and outstanding. Only she could be worthy to have his Main Wife’s status.

“In that case, what are Your Highness’ plans?”

“In a couple of months, there’ll be a great Martial Tournament in the Royal City. Ting Er is currently a Third Martial Stage Practitioner. There won’t be a lot of young competitors who can defeat her. If she turns out victorious, Royal Grandfather will have a whole new level of respect for her. At that moment, I’ll introduce her to my martial master. My Royal Grandfather can’t neglect my master’s words, as he is an alchemist.”


Mu Qing’s breath tightened, with his eyes lit up.

Since rare things were precious, due to their scarcity, alchemist held high status throughout the continent. If someone were to befriend an alchemist, they wouldn’t need to dwell on how to obtain medicinal pills in the future.

“Your Highness, don’t worry. Ting Er will definitely be victorious during that great Martial Tournament. Hehe! As you’ve mentioned, the number of talents who could outperform Ting Er in this Royal City is really negligible.”

Mu Qing smiled. He held great confidence in the precious daughter he had raised for nearly 10 years.

1. There is a difference between Main Wife (世子妃) and concubine (侧妃). The Main Wife holds greater powers over concubines. Eg. Differences between the Empress and the concubines.

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