Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 5 – Martial God Continent

Chapter 5- Martial God Continent

In one of the rooms in the living quarters on the western side of the manor, a young girl was hugging her head as she lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling. She was taking this time to organize the memories that didn’t belong to her.

In this Martial God Continent, energy cultivativation was the main form of cultivation; those who practiced it were referred to as martial practitioners. The grades for the continent’s martial practitioners were simple. Starting with the Houtian Realm, made up of First to Ninth Stage martial practitioners, it went onto the Xiantian realm, for those who advanced from the Nine Martial Stages of the Houtian realm.

Xiantian experts could proclaim themselves as monarchs. It was also impossible for a Xiantian expert to appear within the royal clan, since the Nine Martial Stages of the Houtian realm represented their limits.

Thus, when a Xiantian expert emerged, they would be treated as important guests in all countries.

Excluding the martial practitioner profession, another profession was to become an alchemist.

The requirements for being an alchemist were extremely strict. One had to possess not only the fire element, superior mental strength was needed as well. Only the martial practitioners who had both would be considered to have the innate gift and talent to become alchemists.

However, in this continent that honoured martial strength, the body that she possessed was of a trash, as her meridians were blocked, which meant that she was not even a First Martial Stage practitioner yet.

This also proved that she didn’t have any status in the Mu family.

“My meridians are blocked?” Mu Ru Yue leapt out of bed and sat cross-legged. Her finger gently pressed on her pulse, as her expression gradually darkened. “It seems that this body wasn’t naturally trash. It became this way because it was poisoned. The poison has spread into the meridians, clogging up the energy flowing in my body, thus making it impossible for me to cultivate.”

However, in Hua Xia, she had been the successor to an aristocratic medicinal family so this poison wasn’t hard for her to deal with.

“If I had silver needles on hand, I would be completely confident in detoxifying my body. But now, I can only make use of the sewing needles I have on hand. It will be much riskier to use sewing needles. If I make a mistake, not only will I fail, cross contamination might also occur. Moreover, sewing needles are shorter, so if I were to be careless, the needle would get stuck in my body.”

However, she currently didn’t have any other alternative.

If she were to go to a weapon store to manufacture a silver needle, she would need a lot of silver coins. Currently, she was so poor that she did not have even a single copper. It was unimaginable that the genuine young mistress of the family suffered such treatment.

Fortunately enough, she was an unwed girl, so there were a lot of sewing needles close at hand.

“The first step in acupuncture and moxibustion is detoxification.”

With a few five-centimeter-long sewing needles in her hand, Mu Ru Yue lit a candle and placed the tips of the needles above the flame. After a short moment, when all the needles were red hot, she then placed them in clean water.

“This place is not as developed as Hua Xia. There isn’t any alcohol, nor are there any disinfectants, so I can only use the most primitive method of disinfection. But it’s more than enough. Now for the detoxification.”

Mu Ru Yue sat crossed-legged once again, using two of her fingers to press several acupuncture points before slowly piercing them with the sewing needles.

Time went by slowly.

During that period of time, it was extremely difficult for Mu Ru Yue. The bitter pain from her body’s detoxification made her knit her eyebrows and her lips tremble faintly, while her lovable face showed a deathly white complexion.

In the evening, the young girl in the bath suddenly opened her sharp eyes. There was a willful smile on her lips and a flickering glimmer in her cold eyes.

“The poison has finally been eliminated.”

At this moment, she felt unexpectedly relaxed. Feelings from her previous life flared in her heart again. Her smiling expression intensified, but her gaze was still bone-piercingly cold.

“I’m not the Mu Ru Yue from this continent, but I’m now living in her stead. Thus, I’ll slowly help her pay back her unwillingness and anger to those people.”

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