Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 6 – The Book Of Alchemy— A Dream Treasure for Alchemists

Chapter 6- The Book Of Alchemy— A Dream Treasure for Alchemists

In the study, Ye Tian Feng looked at the bright yellow-clothed figure flipping through memorials on the Imperial throne. He wasn’t anxious, but simply stood quietly at the side.

After a short moment, the Emperor of the Zi Yue Kingdom placed down his memorials and raised his head to look at the handsome youth below the platform. “Feng Er, do you have some matters that need Our 1 attention?”

Ye Tian Feng smiled, radiating with confidence.

“Royal Grandfather, your grandson has come forth regarding the marriage to Mu Ru Yue.”

“We know your thoughts.” Emperor of Zi Yue frowned and said with a strict look, “However, the words We say are gold and jade, so how can We withdraw the imperial order that We personally decreed?”

Raising his eyebrows, a glimmer flashed in Ye Tian Feng’s deep eyes. “Royal Grandfather, there will be a tournament soon. Your grandson’s master will personally attend it. At that moment, your grandson would ask a Heaven Pill on behalf of Royal Grandfather. Royal Grandfather may have the possibility of becoming a Seventh Martial Stage practitioner then.”

The Emperor of Zi Yue’s heart leapt and he immediately became excited. Who knew how many years he had stagnated at the Sixth Martial Stage? It would be impossible for him to make a breakthrough without external help.

Only an idiot would pass on such a good opportunity.

“Cough! Cough!” The Emperor of Zi Yue suppressed his heartfelt happiness and smiled. “In that case, We will help the Mu family’s Mu Ru Yue find another husband so that We can account to the Mu family, preventing them from losing too much face. Feng Er, bring Mu Ru Yue to meet Us in a few days.”

“Yes, Royal Grandfather.”

Ye Tian Feng respectfully lowered his head, a smile of complacency displayed on his lips.


In the rear courtyard of the Mu family, a young girl gradually opened her eyes. With a brandish of her hand, a book appeared in her palm. The book looked extremely ordinary, only the gold words on the simple and unadorned bronze cover giving away its uniqueness.

The Book of Alchemy!

Mu Ru Yue tightly held onto the book with a complex glimmer in her eyes.

The Book of Alchemy was an item that her grandfather from her previous life had passed down to her. Every cultivator would seek this book as their dream treasure. Her Grandfather had left the sect due to this book in order to establish a medicinal aristocratic family in the world.

Finally, she had been ambushed by the Gu family because of it, resulting in the loss of her life at the Long White Mountain.

It was unexpected that she had reincarnated in a large continent similar to Hua Xia.

“I don’t know what are the uses of this item that grandfather has given me. Even though this Book of Alchemy is good, it will just be a burden if it can’t be opened.”

Mu Ru Yue knew a fitting proverb better than anyone, namely, ‘An ignorant person isn’t guilty, but treasuring a jade ring is a crime. 2’

At this moment, the Book of Alchemy suddenly emitted a bronze ray of light as it forcefully entered Mu Ru Yue’s mind without her consent.

‘This… What is going on?’


Mu Ru Yue’s brain experienced a splitting pain after a short moment. She tightly hugged her head, her small face turning deathly pale from the pain.

After an unknown amount of time, her pain finally lessened. Mu Ru Yue was currently still clueless as to what had happened.

“Just now what…” She looked curiously at the Alchemist Book in her hand with knitted eyebrows. At that very moment, a breeze blew in from the window, flipping the pages of the Book of Alchemy.

“Haha! It has been so many years since this senior was last released! Hmm? This atmosphere… Could it be that I’ve already returned to the Martial God Continent?”

A domineering laughter resounded.

Following that, Mu Ru Yue saw a black figure appear before her.

The man before her was filled with vitality and wore a domineering smile on his smooth distinct face. With his eyebrows raised, he gave off the feeling of a Monarch’s grandeur.

He was like a remote aloof king who looked disdainfully upon all people in the world.

1. We (朕)= How the Emperors of the past referred to themselves.

2. It means ‘Not knowing the worth of the treasure makes you innocent, but knowingly hogging the treasure to yourself is a crime.’

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