Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 7 – The Master-Slave Contract

Chapter 7- The Master-Slave Contract

“Little girl, were you the one that set this senior free?” The man’s eyebrows raised as he curled his lips into a seeming smile at Mu Ru Yue. “Since you’ve helped this senior regain his freedom, this senior won’t kill you. You’re free to go.”

With a wave of his hand, a gush of wind was released from the man’s sleeves. Suddenly, his expression changed as his body roughly released an oppressive aura.

“Who? Who was it that contracted this senior?! On top of it, it’s that wretched kind of master and slave contract! Who did this?!”

In a master and slave contract, for the entirety of his life, the contractee would not be able to go against the owner that he was contracted to. Otherwise, he would enter hell and would be unable to reincarnate for all eternity.

His domineering dark eyes narrowed slightly as he shifted his gaze to Mu Ru Yue. Fury shining in his eyes, he shouted, “Were you the one that contracted this senior?! No. With your abilities, you don’t even have enough strength to contract this senior! Could it be…….”

His gaze shifted to the Book of Alchemy that was quietly sitting in Mu Ru Yue’s hand. He gnashed his teeth, because that item had not only sealed him for so many years, it had also helped that girl successfully seal a contract with him.

‘I have finally gained freedom, but only to have it smothered by that dreaded book!’

Once he recovered his powers, the very first thing he would do was destroy that stupid book.

“Who are you?” Mu Ru Yue, with a slightly cold gaze, looked emotionless at the handsome and domineering man before her. From this sudden incident, she had drawn two conclusions.

First, her reincarnation must have had something to do with this Book of Alchemy.

Second, the Book of Alchemy originated from the Martial God Continent. It was unknown how it had appeared in Hua Xia.

‘No matter what, since I am already here, I should just adapt to the situation. The most important thing now is to increase my powers! The way of life here in this large continent is the same as in Hua Xia, where experts are revered. I can only continue to live if I become stronger. As long as I live, I’ll find a way to return to Hua Xia.’’

The man’s handsome face darkened, akin to the expression of one who thought that he had escaped from jail, only to find himself in another prison. “Yan Jin, that’s this senior’s name. Ten thousand years ago, whenever this senior’s name was mentioned, countless blockheads would tremble in fear. But it was a pity that this senior fell into a human’s trap and was sealed into a book. Since that seal lasted for 10,000 years, most likely only a minority would still remember this senior’s name.”

“Who was the one that sealed you?” Mu Ru Yue asked with a calm and collected gaze.

“How can this senior know? If this senior knew which bastard did this, this senior would make them regret ever having been born!” Yan Jin gnashed his teeth in hatred. “It is unfortunate that during that time my power halved and the rest of the power in my body isn’t stable. Otherwise, even with the assistance of the Book of Alchemy, it would have been impossible for you to contract this senior.”

Realizing that he had fallen into the demonic claws of the human race yet again, Yan Jin’s expression became extremely ugly.

“Anyways, I don’t plan on retaining you. If you want to leave, by all means, you’re free to do so.” Mu Ru Yue got off the bed and personally poured a cup of tea without even giving that man a glance.

Yan Jin’s gaze was locked onto the young girl with an unfathomable glimmer in his deep eyes. He strode to Mu Ru Yue and sat in front of her. Raising a corner of his lips, he said, “This senior doesn’t plan on leaving yet.”

His current powers were too unstable and could only recover slightly faster by that young girl’s side. So Yan Jin, who was hoping to recover his powers as soon as possible, decided to stay. Once his powers had fully recovered, the master and servant contract wouldn’t be able to restrict him for long.

“If you want to stay, you must follow two of my rules.” Mu Ru Yue tasted the bitter tea with elegance. With a slight raise of her brow, she continued, “First, I don’t care what identity you previously had, but at my place, you aren’t allowed to display your arrogance. Second, my words must be followed unconditionally. If you can’t do that, you can just leave. I don’t plan to keep people that refuse to follow my orders only to back-stab me during a battle.”

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