Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 8 – A Handsome Guy That Fell From The Sky

Chapter 8- A Handsome Guy That Fell From The Sky

The young girl’s current resolute expression was so dazzling that it made Yan Jin slightly narrow his deep eyes, eyes carrying a darkness that would make people feel suffocated when they looked into them.

He suddenly chuckled. With his sword-like brows raised, his eyes were as dark as the night of the new moon.

“What do you think our contract is? It’s the most overbearing kind of master and slave contract! Unless you terminate the contract between this senior and yourself, when you die, this senior will also have to die with you!”

If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t have been that angry.

Of course, he also did not want to leave right away, since the young girl was the owner of the Book of Alchemy. His power would definitely recover quicker around her rather than if he were on his own.

Mu Ru Yue raised her eyebrows. Did that mean he was sort of agreeing to her demands?

“You’d be too obvious if you followed me in this manner.”

Her words meant that he had to hide in the shadows, and be out of sight.

But with Yan Jin’s personality, how could he willingly stay as a silhouette in the shadows?

“It wouldn’t be a big deal for this senior.”

Yan Jin raised his domineering, sword-like brows as a black light-ray enveloped his body. Gradually, his body shrunk and metamorphosed into a small palm-sized black beast.

The appearance of the little beast’s body was sparkling, translucent, and soft like a gelatinous dessert. It was truly adorable. The two large watery eyes on the palm-sized beast gave you the impression of seeing the indistinct water from them.

It was unimaginable that this little beast, capable of causing much devastation among people, was the previous domineering handsome man.

“This is your original form.” Mu Ru Yue smilingly pinched the soft flexible body of the little beast, her eyes brimming with happiness.

Instantly, Yan Jin, who seemed to have been struck by lightning, froze on the spot. A suspicious red colour showed up on his black body. Judging by the location, and compared to a human’s body, that place would have been his butt.

His butt had actually been pinched twice by a young human girl?

However, Mu Ru Yue was unaware of her actions, so she did not have the slightest intention of letting go. Yan Jin gritted his teeth with hatred. If he had still been human at this moment, his handsome face would have turned blood red.

“Let’s go. First, we’ll head out to look around.”

The Royal Phoenix City displayed a prosperous look.

The young girl walked along the buzzing streets, cold gazes watching her as she passed by. It was undeniable that she had really come to a different world which was similar to Hua Xia.

Even though she had the previous body owner’s memory, this world was still entirely foreign to her.

“But I’ll definitely be able to return where I came from during this life unless I die along the way.” She pinched hard on the soft body of the little beast in her arms, two more times. Mu Ru Yue slowly lifted her gaze with steadiness that was unlike the tender age expressed on her lovable face.

The little beast glared angrily at her. Thinking about the girl’s previous actions, his eyes turned watery with grievance.

What could he do? In order to recover his powers quickly, he had to endure!

“Little girl, where are we heading to now?”

Yan Jin’s domineering voice sounded in her mind, making Mu Ru Yue raise her eyebrows. “Stop talking.”

“This senior is communicating with you through spirit.” Yan Jin rolled his eyes. His expression was as though he was looking down on a country bumpkin who didn’t know anything.

But Mu Ru Yue didn’t bicker with him. She slightly raised her eyes with luminous light rays in her gaze.

“I’m thinking of ways to earn money.”

She needed to manufacture pills. The main components in manufacturing pills were the pill furnace and ingredients that would require money to purchase, but she was so poor that she did not have any money.

At this moment, Mu Ru Yue was passing by the Pheonix city’s most luxurious Xiang Yun restaurant, when she heard clamor from above her. She didn’t know what happened, but was struck by something.


The pain of having her bones under pressure made Mu Ru Yue take in a mouthful of cold air. Her eyebrows slightly knitted, and just as she raised her head to know what had struck her body, a handsome appearance suddenly came into sight.

At that instant, she understood what it meant to be absolutely stunning, and to have looks that could sweep anyone off their feet.

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