Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 10 - Go to sleep in one’s own room

Chapter 10 – Go to sleep in one’s own room

Gong Xiaoqiao began to talk to herself. “There was a loaf of bread walking on the road. Suddenly hungry, he ate himself.”

Gu Xingshen: “……”

Gong Xiaoqiao: “One day a rabbit unfortunately fell into a box, the result when it came out was that it had turned into a duck, do you know why? ”

Gu Xingshen:” …… ”

Gong Xiaoqiao: “because there was a transformer in the box.”

Half of Gu Xingshen’s face was black: “……”

Gong Xiaoqiao: “Oh, let me tell you a story of a swordsman! Say, Gu Xingshen, I think you and the swordsman really look alike ah! The barren city, the wind, the sun is like blood, the swordsman stands in the wind, his sword very cold, his eyes cold, his heart also cold, so he died coldly!”

The whole of Gu Xingshen’s face was black: “…..”

Gong Xiaoqiao blinked and asked, “Gu Xingshen, do you feel very cold?”

Gu Xingshen’s face was completely black: “What exactly are you trying to say?”

Gong Xiaoqiao’s put her hands together. “It’s so cold o, can I sleep with you?”

Gu Xingshen was already speechless.


Sleep together? Just listening to these three words made him a little out of control, not to say practice.

“Hey~ It’s too much. When you get drunk, you go crazy and hold people around, and when you wake up, you turn your face and don’t recognize anyone…” The expectant light in Gong Xiaoqiao’s eyes extinguished, drooping her head and pathetically hugging a big white pillow with her broken thoughts took three itty bitty steps to go out.

When she moved to the point where she almost couldn’t be seen, she turned her head and stared at him with the eyes of an abandoned little beast, not to mention how sad it was, her voice was so sticky it was dripping with water, “Gu Xingshen…… brother Shen… Shen Shen ……”

Gu Xingshen rubbed his eyebrows, “Come here.”

Gong Xiaoqiao immediately threw the pillow away and rushed over into the bed in three steps, entered the quilt dragging his arm over to make a pillow, impolitely touching him up and down, all over.

“Si——” Gu Xingshen frowned because of the iciness.

He knew that letting the girl in was tantamount to leading a wolf into the house.

“I’m naked.” Gu Xingshen looked at her with no expression on his face.

“I know, I don’t mind.” Gong Xiaoqiao replied shamelessly, and a pair of cold little hands stuck on his chest, soft, and boneless like a kitten melted into every part of his body.

“If you touch it again, you’ll go out and sleep on your own.”


“Still touching.”

“Small minded.”

When she fell asleep, Gu Xingshen sat up and lit a cigarette.

It was because she’d had a nightmare, that’s why she came to him on her own initiative.

Just now he clearly saw the tear tracks on her cheeks, but did not expose them.

Four years ago, on the day of the college entrance examination, she went crazy and gave up the exam and run to the airport to find Qin Yao. As a result her mother behind her crossed the road and was knocked down by a truck…

From then on, she was afraid to sleep alone, and had to be with him to sleep well.

But suddenly one day, she didn’t let him accompany her. She even proposed to live on campus. He thought she was just talking about it, he didn’t think she would even obstinately protest by going on a hunger strike.

How could he not feel such a deliberate alienation?

She still cared about it after all! Blaming him for not telling her Qin Yao and Xiao Rou were together, and blaming him for letting her be the last to know.

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