Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 11 - Life’s big event.

Chapter 11 – Life’s big event.

The next morning.

“Xiao Qiao, this weekend is Hannian’s birthday, should we go together?”

Gong Xiaoqiao was stunned then went on eating her breakfast. “Her birthday has nothing to do with me!”

“Don’t be angry, I don’t think you want your grandfather to be embarrassed.”

“Grandpa said I don’t have to deliberately please the people in the Gong family.” Gong Xiaoqiao had a proud on her face, Grandpa loved her the most!

“Do you have to be like this?” Gu Xingshen’s face was not too good.

She of course knew, that the one who would be most embarrassed was him.

Gong Xiaoqiao looked up and smiled pleasantly, “I’m not going because not because I’m prejudiced against your future wife, it’s because I have something to do this weekend.”

In regards to Gong Xiaoqiao saying “future wife”, Gu Xingshen’s brow frowned imperceptibly, “Really? What business?”

“My personal business! Don’t ask so much, anyway it’s important. I’ll get the gift ready, just help me to bring it. I’m full, I’m going to school ah! Bye~”

Don’t know why, her smile left him feeling very dazzled.

She seems to be beginning to learn how to disguise herself.

Obviously unhappy, but could still smile so brightly at him.

Obviously impatient, but could seamlessly be perfunctory.


Gu’s Group Building, from time to time in the conference room came Shen Letian’s wail.

“It can’t be right! The case was so difficult and greasy to get…..boss being too cruel to me…..”

Tang Yu, who was usually active, was now motionless and listless on the table, boneless and deathly silent.

Shen Letian rolled up a paper and hit him. “Hey! Old fifth, why are you listless? It is me who is being punished not you, you don’t have to be so deeply affected !”

Tang Yu, who liked to fight with Shen Letian on normal days twisted his head, ignoring him.

Even Gu Xingshen could not help but look.

At this time, Tang Yu’s cell phone rang, don’t know what the other person on the other end said, Tang Yu’s face could be called a spring blossom, all things recovered.

“What? You agree? You really agree? You are the angel sent by heaven to redeem me!”

“That’s a deal, 8:00 on the weekend, at the left bank coffeeshop……”

Shen Letian vomited, ” Pu, even an angel… Who is it ah? Look how you’re happy, has Leng Tou’s sister accepted you?”

Leng Tou looked at Tang Yu and calmly said, “Impossible.”

Tang Yu did not care at all, sweeping out the haze smiling like a flower, “Oh! By the way, Boss, Gong Hannian’s birthday this weekend, I can’t go, but the gift will be definitely be delivered.”

“What is more important than sister-in-law’s birthday?” Sheng Yu asked curiously.

Tang Yu solemnly and seriously said, “My life’s big event.

“Hello Auntie.” Gong Xiaoqiao wore a beige dress, long black hair tied lying neatly at her back, her hands slightly overlapping in front of her stomach, a clever and gentle-like appearance.

“En, hello.” Mother Tang looked at her up and down, and revealed a bit satisfaction in her eyes, not those fancy women who were full of bells and whistles.

At the side, Tang Yu looked at the violent little Loli, who had just violently slandered him with words, and suddenly became a gentle, good girl, was obviously unable to accept it for a while.

But right now no one cared about his feelings. Mother Tang was trying hard to understand the girlfriend that her son brought back to her for the first time.

“When did you meet our Tang Yu?”

“Tang Yu and Leng Tou are brothers, Leng Tou’s sister and I are good friends. We usually met when we were playing together.”

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