Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

“Reverend Dayang, please come in.”

Reverend Dayang had previously stood up for the mortal and was willing to give him a piece of the inn’s land for free after some discussion.

He was a role model in the immortal cultivation world!

Xiao Changtian’s impression of the Reverend Dayang was perfect.

“After you, master,” Reverend Dayang panicked when he saw Xiao Changtian make an inviting gesture and quickly took half a step back.

That was a peerless expert. He should never walk in front of him.

“The emperor went to the inn probably because the senior didn’t want to expose his identity.

The emperor and senior should be good friends.”

Reverend Dayang guessed.

Seeing Reverend Dayang had allowed him to enter first, Xiao Changtian’s favorable impression of the Reverend Dayang had gone up another level!

Where else could they find such an elegant, easy-going, humble, and polite immortal cultivator?

However, Xiao Changtian didn’t stand at the ceremony either. After all, if the two of them were too polite, they might not even be able to enter the courtyard today.

“Master, you’re back!”

Mu Jiuhuang saw Xiao Changtian had returned and shouted happily.

Reverend Dayang followed closely behind Xiao Changtian. This time, it was as if he had entered an ordinary courtyard. There was no obstruction at all.

The Black Tortoise dharma disappeared again.


Reverend Dayang heaved a sigh of relief. The senior in front of him was indeed a peerless master.

As for the Black Tortoise and the sky-devouring dog, they were just the senior’s spirit beasts.

He followed Xiao Changtian into the house and heard Mu Jiuhuang calling Xiao Changtian master.

“It’s Emperor Jiuhuang!”

“The emperor called this senior master?”

Reverend Dayang was dumbfounded.

Emperor Jiuhuang was at the ninth level of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm and was publicly acknowledged as the number one person on the Mainland of Tianyuan.

Now, she called this man her master. If the world’s experts knew about this, their jaws would drop.

“Jiu’er, this person is Reverend Dayang. He’s a super expert in Dayang Town and our respectful guest. Hurry up and make some tea,” Xiao Changtian instructed Mu Jiuhuang.


Mu Jiuhuang nodded and smiled. She glanced at Reverend Dayang and then turned to make tea.

“No, please… I…”

Reverend Dayang was flustered when he saw the emperor going to make tea. This was the great Emperor Jiuhuang. How could she make tea for a Golden Core Realm cultivator? That would be inappropriate!

“Reverend Dayang, there’s no need to be so polite. My house is simple, and there aren’t many people here. There’s only a green tortoise, a little puppy, a panda, and my disciple. It’s usually boring here. We finally have a visitor. Please have a seat.”

Xiao Changtian said indifferently as he sat down on a chair.


When Reverend Dayang heard this, he quickly sat down as well. Since the senior had asked him to do it, how could he dare not sit?

After a short while, Mu Jiuhuang served tea. She poured a cup for Xiao Changtian first, then another for Reverend Dayang.

After pouring the tea, she stood behind Xiao Changtian obediently.

“Reverend Dayang, thank you for allowing us to use the land behind the inn.”

Xiao Changtian raised his teacup, took a sip, and looked at Reverend Dayang.

“It’s nothing. It’s just a piece of land,” Reverend Dayang quickly said. It was just a piece of land. Compared to this senior, it was nothing.

“This time, I’m here to invite the two of you to the Tournament of Geniuses in half a month. May I know if… “Reverend Dayang asked tentatively, feeling nervous.

“The Tournament of Geniuses?” Xiao Changtian frowned.

Reverend Dayang was a good person. Not only did he give him his territory, but he also invited him to the Dayang Sect to watch the Tournament of Geniuses.

He was a kind man!

As for Reverend Dayang, sitting opposite him, he felt extremely uneasy when he saw Xiao Changtian frowning. He could feel his heart hammering.

“This senior must have already known about Reverend Zhong Xian and the others. Would he think my invitation was a little abrupt?

If the senior refuses, we’ll be doomed.”

Without waiting for Reverend Dayang to consider the consequences, Xiao Changtian’s brows relaxed, and he said, “Sure, we’ll go.”

Not only did he want to go, but he also wanted to bring a big gift.

“That’s great,” Reverend Dayang exclaimed subconsciously. With the senior going, what could the three Heavenly Tribulation Realm experts do to them?

With the emperor present, she could suppress the three of them.

Not to mention the senior there.

This matter was settled.

“On that day, I will send my disciples to pick you up,” Reverend Dayang cupped his fists and said happily.

“Sure,” Xiao Changtian returned the gesture as well. His impression of the Reverend Dayang, an immortal cultivator, had changed.

After sending off Reverend Dayang, Xiao Changtian was in a good mood. It turned out that interacting with immortal cultivators could also be so carefree.

“Master, you seem to like this Reverend Dayang a lot?” Mu Jiuhuang looked at Xiao Changtian’s happy face and asked.

“Yes,” Xiao Changtian nodded.

If there were more immortal cultivators like Reverend Dayang in the cultivation world, he would be a symbol of the cultivation world.

Mu Jiuhuang looked at Xiao Changtian and nodded, silently remembering Reverend Dayang’s name in her heart.

Then, she sent out a message, asking the people of the Nine Phoenix Dynasty to give the Dayang Sect some resources.

A junior acknowledged by a senior would be worth helping.

That night, Reverend Dayang received enough resources to form a fifth-grade sect.

Reverend Dayang and Patriarch Chi Yang couldn’t sleep out of excitement.

In the small courtyard, seeing it was almost noon, Xiao Changtian then remembered Chu Yiren was still in the room.

When he entered the room, Chu Yiren trembled as the tortoise stared at her. She squatted in a corner, shuddering.

Rongrong, the panda, squatted beside Chu Yiren.

The girl and the panda hugged each other and fought their fear of the tortoise.

“Huh? Are you trying to scare others again?”

Xiao Changtian walked in and smacked the tortoise’s head.

The tortoise instantly wilted and quickly retracted its head.

“Seriously? Are all women on the Mainland of Tianyuan afraid of tortoises?” Xiao Changtian looked at Chu Yiren and the panda in confusion. He smiled faintly and said, “you’re a giant panda. You weren’t afraid of anyone in my previous world?”

Without the Black Tortoise’s intimidating aura, Chu Yiren and the panda finally recovered from their fear.

“Let’s go. It’s already noon. Don’t stay in the house all day.”

Xiao Changtian said indifferently.

Chu Yiren quickly nodded in agreement. If she stayed with this tortoise any longer, she felt she might be scared to death.

As for the panda, it obediently rolled over and hugged Xiao Changtian’s leg, becoming a pendant on his leg.

It finally understood that in this small yard, it could only hug this person’s leg tightly to avoid being bullied by the tortoise and sky-devouring dog.

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