Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Xiao Changtian smiled faintly. This panda was just like the one he had raised in his previous life. It liked to hug people’s legs.

Soon, two people and a panda walked out of the room.

“Ding! New task: Feed the panda.”

“Reward: Big Lucky Blind Box.”

Suddenly, the system’s voice sounded in Xiao Changtian’s mind.

“Pfft, just tell me, what’s in the blind box? Is it a rooster or an ant?”

“Iron-eating panda? System, what a joke! I can even say that Rongrong is the god’s mount.”

Xiao Changtian said in disdain.

He had already figured out the system’s trickery. It would do it again and again.

He would be a fool if he could still be fooled after three times.

However, to complete the system’s character as soon as possible, Xiao Changtian nodded helplessly and accepted the mission.

“Rongrong, let’s go eat bamboo.”

Xiao Changtian grabbed the panda by the neck and brought it to the newly built bamboo forest.

As expected, pandas loved bamboo shoots!

When they were in the bamboo forest, the hidden nature of the panda seemed to have been unearthed.

Soon, it picked up a bamboo shoot from the ground and started to gnaw on it.

“Is this… even the panda I know?” Chu Yiren looked at the panda in disbelief.

At this moment, the panda exuded a silly and cute feeling.

She could not help but want to stroke it.

“But it’s understandable. Even the Black Tortoise and the sky-devouring dog are the senior’s spirit beasts and have been tamed by the senior. A mere panda is nothing.”

Chu Yiren thought to herself as she looked at Xiao Changtian with admiration and adoration.

“A person like the senior is truly too lofty. I’m not worthy of being the senior’s Dao partner, “Chu Yiren’s eyes flashed with disappointment as she thought.

But then, his eyes lit up.

“If I can’t be the first wife, then I’ll be his concubine.”

Chu Yiren thought to herself. Her gaze was filled with determination. She had found her small goal again. That was to become the senior’s concubine.

“Yes, you must do it. Chu Yiren, you can do it,” She even secretly clenched her little fists to cheer herself on.

“Ding! Detected host feeding the panda. Mission reward: Big Lucky Blind Box.]

After the panda finished eating the bamboo, the system’s notification sounded.

“Just open it.”

This time, Xiao Changtian didn’t wait any longer. He directly opened the blind box.

There were animals in the blind box anyway, so there was nothing to hide.

“Ding! The blind box opened. Congratulations. Host, you have received one chaos ant.”

The system’s notification rang out. Xiao Changtian saw a palm-sized ant appear in his palm.

However, Xiao Changtian was not surprised.

Although an ordinary ant might not even be the size of a thumb, this was the Mainland of Tianyuan, a world where countless races coexisted.

Even an ant that was a hundred meters tall was not rare in this place. An ant the size of a palm was only considered ordinary.

“You can live under the bamboo forest, then,” Xiao Changtian said indifferently. The ant nodded and followed Xiao Changtian’s body, directly climbing down.

“Hey, this little ant is quite sensible,” Xiao Changtian smiled faintly, but he was curious.

The green tortoise given by the system could lay eggs.

The dog rewarded by the system could play chess.

Then, what kind of outstanding abilities did this ant have? Could it be that it could dig a tunnel?

Xiao Changtian was puzzled, but he didn’t investigate it in detail. After all, there was still a long way to go.

He would slowly find out in the future.

Just like that, he continued his peaceful life.

Chu Yiren stayed in the small courtyard and gradually became familiar with everyone.

As for the green tortoise, Alpha, Rongrong, and Xiao Ma were all playing in the zoo built in the backyard.

Xiao Changtian had also given that ant a name. It was called Xiao Ma.

After the meal, everyone entered a state of rest.

Xiao Changtian was resting on a rocking chair while Rongrong ran over and hung on Xiao Changtian’s thigh, not daring to stay in the bamboo forest.

It couldn’t afford to offend the Black Tortoise in the pool, the ants in the bamboo forest, and the little puppy that came to visit from time to time.

Only by hanging on the senior’s thigh and becoming a pendant on the senior’s thigh could he feel a sense of security.

Everything was so peaceful, quiet, and beautiful.

Until a shrill zither tune suddenly rang out outside Dayang Town.

On the streets, countless residents were woken up by the noise.

“Who is playing instruments in the middle of the night? What a rude person,” Everyone complained in their heart.

Although the zither sound was melodious, it was lunch break, and almost reached the small courtyard. However, it was stopped by the ant.

“How dare you disturb master’s rest! I can’t let you off easily.”

The two ant antennae suddenly glowed red and instantly locked onto the people outside Dayang Town.

“I’ll do it,” The tortoise in the pool stretched out its head and was prepared to attack.

A chessboard also appeared under sky-devouring dog’s feet.

“Let me do it.”

Xiao Ma said indifferently. Then, its figure flashed, and it disappeared from the small courtyard.

In the next moment, his figure appeared outside Dayang Town.

In the distance, there were two graceful women in purple. They wore white veils, but even so, one could still feel the peerless beauty under the white veils.

“Senior Sister Feng Ling, the Guangling Song you just sang was really good.”

“When will I be able to reach this level?”

Yue’er, the junior sister, said in envy.

Then, the two began to play and giggle like young girls.

“Senior sister, why did you hit me?” Yue’er suddenly let out a pained cry as a palm-sized handprint appeared on her face.

“Huh? I didn’t hit you. Didn’t you hit me?” Senior Sister Feng Ling asked in confusion.

On her forehead, there was also a big bump.

Instantly, the two girls ‘expressions changed, and they became alert.

They were the geniuses of the Divine Sound Sect and weren’t fools. They quickly realized that someone was making fun of them.

“Who’s that? Come out!” Yue’er’s expression changed as she shouted.

In the next moment, they saw an ant walking upright. It rubbed its fists, wiped its palms, and directly attacked the two purple-dressed girls.


Then, there was a shrill scream. The two purple girls had never thought an ant would hit them!

“Boohoo, Senior Sister, I’m going to tell master and let him take revenge!” Yue’er, whose head was swollen, hugged Feng Ling and sobbed.

“Yes, let’s go back and find master! Master will be able to avenge us!” Feng Ling nodded, and the two flew back to the Divine Sound Sect.

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