Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 10: Attacking

Chapter 10: Attacking

"What's going on?" Looking at Chen Heng standing on the overhead walkway, Liu Yi was truly stunned.

Even though it was the first day of her transfer, she was quite special and had an extraordinary memory, so she clearly remembered Chen Heng.

He was only a high school student, but just then…

She thought back to what had just happened.

She had just been about to act, but Chen Heng had done so before her.

He was so fast that she could not even react.

This was not a level that an ordinary high schooler would be able to reach.

Perhaps only some martial artists acknowledged by the government could reach such a level.

There was such a genius in the small Lin City?

She could not help but feel astounded, and her expression changed.

Even though the young man's strength was quite good and he could be called a genius, with this strength, it was not enough to face a demon.

Even though this was a newly-transformed demon, that was still the case.

"At least he can buy some time."

She quickly took out her phone and dialled the government Department's number.

This was the response that an ordinary citizen should have; after seeing a demon, the right thing to do was to call the government's Demon Resistance Department.

She had been too much in a rush just then, so she had not done so.

Now that Chen Heng had appeared, she had time to notify the Demon Resistance Department.

"Please come quickly…"

Her heart tightened as she looked at the massive demon, feeling quite panicked.

"What is this?"

Holding Chen Jing and pointing his sword at the monster, Chen Heng frowned.

Whether it was in his previous world or in this world, he had never seen or heard of a monster like this before.

Just a few moments before, he had seen that this monster was a normal person, but in the blink of an eye, that person became like this.

Not only did his strength become much greater, but his appearance had also completely changed.

It seemed that this world was quite mysterious.


As the monster roared, its remaining left arm stretched out and grabbed towards Chen Heng.

A wild wind exploded out and only a blur could be seen as it rushed towards Chen Heng.

Just this terrifying speed was something that ordinary people could not compare to. If Chen Heng was hit, the impact would be like getting hit by a car.

Chen Heng's expression did not change. His body slightly bent as he slowly lifted his right hand, holding the sword up.


The old wooden sword once again stabbed out from a strange posture, stabbing towards a certain spot in the air.

A strange scene eventuated.

As Chen Heng stabbed out, the monster appeared in front of him and was pierced by the sword.


A low roar once again sounded out, accompanied by howls of pain.

The black claw grabbed at him with great force. If it hit a person's body, it would be able to tear one's body apart.

At the key moment, Chen Heng's expression was calm as he walked forwards step by step. Not only did he not retreat, but he instead continuously came closer to the monster.

A loud sound rang out as the monster's chest was pierced and black and red blood flowed out.

Following this, Chen Heng's body spun and quickly came behind the monster. He raised his arm high up and slashed down.

A bloody gash appeared on the monster's left arm as blood spurted out.

The sound of the wind could be heard as an afterimage was left behind.

Chen Heng's body disappeared before slamming into the monster.


Even though Chen Heng looked much weaker, it was the monster who was sent flying away six or seven meters, and its entire body seemed to be bleeding.

Of course, Chen Heng was not completely fine either.

Even though he had sent the monster flying, his qi blood roiled, and he almost coughed up a mouthful of blood.

However, he did not care about this. He continued to advance, and even though his expression was calm, his eyes contained killing intent, looking determined to kill this monster.

After killing in the simulation for dozens of years, Chen Heng had developed great skills in killing, and most of his attacks were killing blows.

He did not hold back at all. If it wasn't for the fact that the monster had a strong life force and its physiology was different, it most likely would have already been killed by Chen Heng.

Even though its overall strength was above that of Chen Heng's, it was unable to deal with Chen Heng.

Looking at this scene from the corner, Liu Yi was completely dumbfounded.

She dumbly stood there, watching Chen Heng fight.

"Just… who is he?" she could not help but wonder.

In that short amount of time, Chen Heng had made her feel more shock than she had felt in an entire year.

This young man's strength showed that he was no ordinary martial artist.

From just his strength and speed, it might mean that he had reached completion in Body Forging and could compare to top-tier martial artists.

However, that was not enough to make her feel so shocked.

What was truly shocking was his battle power.

That chilling killing intent and unhesitating spirit was what made her feel startled.

Back when she had been with her family, she had seen many young geniuses. Some were even more exceptional than Chen Heng, and she had seen experienced martial artists too.

However, she had never seen someone so proficient and terrifying at fighting.

He looked like he had just completed Body Forging, but Liu Yi was sure that ordinary people who had completed Body Forging would not be able to last a few moves against him.

They were not at the same level at all.

Even though that demon had only just transformed, it was not something that someone who had completed Body Forging should be able to deal with. It required at least three people who had completed Body Forging to attack it together in order to be able to take it down.

However, just Chen Heng by himself was able to completely suppress it.

This recently-awakened demon was not a match for Chen Heng at all.

He did not need the Demon Resistance Department's people, nor did he need her to help. Just he alone was enough to suppress the demon and take it down.

If others heard about this, practically no one would believe it.


Another loud sound rang out.

A gust of wind blew past, and the massive body powerlessly fell backwards, heavily slamming into a wall and leaving some blood there.

The wooden sword ferociously stabbed out, bringing with it terrifying power as it pierced through the monster's body and nailed it to the wall.

As the monster lay against the wall, its muscles twitched, and it looked like it still had some life in it. However, it did not have much strength left and could only powerlessly fall.

The young man's figure walked out and stood there.

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