Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 9 Acting

Standing on the street with no one else around and looking at the figure in front of him, Chen Heng instinctively frowned.

There was a girl standing there.

She looked around the same age as Chen Heng and seemed like a high school student. She was quite thin and looked as if the wind could blow her over.

This person was one of Chen Heng's classmates, the girl who had just transferred to his class—Liu Yi.

"Why is she here?" Chen Heng wondered.

It was late at night and she was out by herself. This was not good, especially for a girl.

He felt quite confused, but soon he was startled.

Liu Yi suddenly disappeared from where she had been standing and reappeared elsewhere.

"So fast!" Chen Heng was startled and felt that something was off.

This speed was definitely not something that an ordinary girl could have.

Liu Yi's Body Forging absolutely was not weak.

She was completely different from her weak external appearance.

Looking at Liu Yi quickly moving away, Chen Heng hesitated before also silently following behind her.

"The aura of an evil spirit…"

Walking on the path and sensing the familiar aura, Liu Yi lightly sighed, thinking back to her experiences.

After leaving her family and coming to this remote city, she had wanted to live as an ordinary person and forget about those sorrowful things.

She had not expected this small city to not be very peaceful either.

Perhaps that well-hidden evil spirit's aura could trick others, but it could not trick a professional like her.

Sensing the evil spirit's aura, she hesitated before choosing to advance.

If she reported everything she knew to the Demon Resistance Department, that would be the safest way to do things.

However, if she did that, things would be delayed.

She could sense that the evil spirit was on the move, and perhaps many people would be harmed tonight.

She followed her senses and came beneath an overhead walkway.

Following this, she saw two figures.

There was a man and a woman who were pushing each other and arguing.

They seemed like they were a couple.

It was quite ordinary for a couple to be arguing, but there was something strange about this.

Liu Yi raised her head and looked ahead.

The man and woman looked quite young—the man looked around 25 or 26, while the woman looked like she was in her early twenties.

Her gaze was fixed on the man.

She saw a dark gray aura around the man's body, which was becoming more and more intense as he argued with the woman.

Chen Jing slapped the man's hand away and said with a cold expression, "It's over between us! What do you want with me?"

"Jingjing, give me another chance. I know I was wrong, I won't do it again…"

The man looked incredibly desperate, and he grabbed onto one of Chen Jing's hands as he said, "Didn't you want me to find a good martial arts teacher for your little teacher? My uncle is a pretty good martial arts teacher and is already a nationally-registered martial artist. If you come back to me, I'll ask him to train your little brother!

"Please, I can't lose you!" he said as he grabbed Chen Jing's hand, seeming incredibly agitated.

Looking at the man and listening to his words, Chen Jing hesitated before coldly laughing, "Sounds nice, but you said that in the past. When did you ever fulfill your promise? We're done!"

She swatted his hand away before striding away.

The man stood there as he stared at Chen Jing's back. His expression was incredibly pained, and he could only helplessly stretch out his hand as if he wanted to find something.

"Why… Why…"

There was some despair in his gaze, "Why… did you leave me…"

Traces of a gray aura continuously appeared and flowed out of his head; however, they could not be seen by the eyes of ordinary people.

As the gray aura continuously gathered, his expression became savage, as if he had completely changed.

"This is bad!"

Looking at this, Liu Yi's heart thumped as a bad feeling rose up.

His heart had been bedevilled; it seemed that this man had long since been infected by the evil spirit's aura. Now that his emotions were going out of control, he was going to be completely infected by the evil spirit's aura and turn into a demon.

Once he turned into a demon, no one would be able to stop him, and the consequences would be unimaginable.

Her heart leapt, and she did not worry about anything as she prepared to leap out.


A light breeze blew past, making people's hearts feel a chill.

Sensing the movement from behind her, Chen Jing instinctively turned and saw a big, black hand grab towards her.

In the next moment, she lost consciousness.

The man on the overhead walkway disappeared and was replaced by a massive, well-built monster.

He was incredibly tall, at least three meters tall, and his black muscles bulged, seeming incredibly terrifying.

It was not a person; he was a monter!

"I… want to be with you forever!!"

Standing on the overhead walkway, he lifted Chen Jing up with a single hand, his expression incredibly savage. His massive mouth slowly opened, seeming like he was going to devour Chen Jing.


Faint ripples spread out as a sword image slashed past, cutting off the monster's arm in an instant.

A white arm stretched out and instantly destroyed any obstructions before taking Chen Jing into its embrace.

An old wooden sword descended and pointed forwards.

In the corner, Liu Yi's expression was one of confusion; she was completely stunned.

Just then, she had been preparing to act, wanting to save the girl, but someone had acted before her.

And she was not unfamiliar with that person.

Ahead, there was a young man standing by himself.

His facial features were elegant and handsome, but his figure was a bit thin. However, he still had a tall and straight figure. He held Chen Jing with one hand and pointed the wooden sword forwards with the other.

His expression was calm and his gaze was sharp. He gave off killing intent as he looked at the massive monster.

He was just a young man, and yet that sharp killing intent and shocking spirit could make people feel a chill in their hearts.

"This is… my classmate?"

Looking at Chen Heng standing there with Chen Jing, Liu Yi was stunned.

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