Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 11 Settled

In front of the long street, a corpse was lying on the ground.

The monster's corpse looked incredibly terrifying. After being killed by Chen Heng, it had shrank a bit and regained a bit of its human likeness.

This was because the transformation had not been complete. It had not been very long since the transformation had happened, so the monster had not completely lost its human likeness.

If the transformation was complete, not only would it have gained great strength, but its form would also have stabilized and this would not have happened.

Even though Chen Heng did not know much about this, he could make some guesses about it.

"Maybe it's because it only just transformed and its form was not stable, or maybe it is because of its own body…"

Chen Heng held Chen Jing with one arm and looked quite calm as he thought to himself.

He did not think that he would encounter such a thing today.

It seemed that this world was not simple at all, and there were many things hidden from the ordinary people.

Before, Chen Heng had been somewhat shocked, but he was now calm.

After all, this was a martial arts world, so it was not too surprising that it would have monsters and other things that were not in his previous world.

He just did not know if there would be many of these things.

Chen Heng thought to himself.

At that moment, some lights began to come in this direction.

With Chen Heng's incredibly acute senses, he immediately sensed them. There seemed to be people gathering in the distance, coming in this direction.

He did not hesitate to pick up the now-shattered wooden sword and carry Chen Heng away.

After he left, the lights became brighter and brighter and were accompanied by sirens, making it seem like daytime.

The people from the Demon Resistance Department had come.

A few people with nervous looks and uniforms got out and warily walked forwards.

They were all prepared for what they were about to face, and everyone present was ready to sacrifice themselves.

However, the scene that greeted them shocked them.

On the overhead walkway, dark red blood was everywhere, and there were signs of violent impacts all over the place.


On the side of the overhead walkway, the massive monster's corpse silently lay against a wall, and there was a large hole in its chest.

Immediately, everyone became dumbfounded.


"Thank you for your help, Miss Liu."

After walking out from the Demon Resistance Department's building and hearing the voices behind her, Liu Yi's mouth twitched.

The uniformed people behind her looked sincere as they thanked her, "It was all because of your help that we were able to get through this smoothly."

This event could have been quite severe.

A mutated demon had suddenly appeared in the city.

Once demons were formed, even if they were newly-formed, they were not something that ordinary martial artists would be able to deal with. If they had some time to grow and eat some people, they could become stronger at an unimaginable rate.

When that time came, the situation would be extremely terrifying.

Fortunately, they had been quite lucky this time. Just as the demon had appeared, it had been killed by someone, so it did not have the opportunity to eat anyone.

This had undoubtedly helped them a lot and also prevented many sacrifices.

"I already said that it wasn't me who did this…"

Hearing those people's words, Liu Yi sighed, "It was someone else who acted; I was just passing by. As for who that person is, I will ask him if he is willing to tell you."

She felt quite frustrated and could only say this.

"We understand Miss Liu, you want to keep a low profile."

The people nodded and had understanding expressions.

Knowing the young woman's identity, they did not believe what she said.

For her to come from the Liu family yet run to a small place like this, this showed that she wanted to keep a low profile.

For someone who wanted to keep a low profile, they naturally would not want to attract attention to themselves. It was easy to understand.

"Since Miss Liu wants to keep a low profile, we won't tell this matter to anyone else."

A middle-aged man nodded and smiled, "However, please accept this reward; this is the reward for the hero. If it's like you said, that this was done by someone else, please give this reward to that person."

"This… alright…" Liu Yi felt quite frustrated but could only nod.

She was tempted to reveal Chen Heng's identity.

The problem was that just like what these people thought of her, she was worried that Chen Heng was also someone who wanted to keep a low profile.

Ordinarily speaking, someone at such a young age who had completed Body Forging should not be so unknown.

In a small city like this, this was already an extremely high cultivation. Even in the entire Lin City, there were not many people stronger than him.

He had a great cultivation at such a young age, and yet she had not heard of him at all; this made her feel quite strange.

It was undeniable that Chen Heng was someone who wanted to keep a low profile, or else he would not be like this.

As such, if she gave out his name, he would definitely be displeased.

It was better to ask him and gain his approval before making a decision.


Ring ring ring…

Early the next morning, Chen Jing's alarm rang.

Hearing the sound, Chen Jing woke up and jumped up from her bed.

"I'm… I'm fine?"

She opened her eyes and looked at the room she was familiar with, feeling quite shocked.

The scene from before she had fainted appeared in her mind, making her feel surprised that she was in her room.

She was wearing the clothes from the previous night, except for the jacket.

"Just what is going on?"

She thought back to what had happened last night and felt quite confused.

"You're awake?" a voice sounded out from the side.

Chen Jing was startled and looked over.

She did not notice Chen Heng walking up.

"Have some food."

Chen Heng put down the freshly-heated milk and bread as he said, "Mum's out at the moment, so don't worry about being lectured by her."


Chen Jing nodded, before looking at Chen Heng and asking with a look of confusion, "Lil Heng… how did I get back?"

"How else could you have come back?"

Chen Heng shook his head and looked somewhat speechless, "I called you yesterday but you didn't pick up, so I could only go out to find you.

"You were dead drunk on the overhead walkway and sleeping there. Who knows if someone would have picked you up if I hadn't brought you back," he said grumpily.

Chen Jing felt quite surprised as she asked, "Just like that? Nothing else?"

Chen Heng rolled her eyes, "What else could there have been? Do you think someone picked you up and took you to their home?"

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