Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 12 Frustrations

"Could it be… it really was just my imagination?"

Looking at Chen Heng, Chen Jing felt quite confused and became unsure of what she had seen.

At the end of the day, she really had been drinking yesterday, and she had been quite tipsy.

Perhaps she really had gotten drunk and hallucinated.

"Come to think of it…"

She put this matter aside for now and rubbed her forehead as she said somewhat excitedly, "Lil Heng, make some preparations. I got to know someone whose family is quite powerful, and he knows many great masters. When I have time, I'll ask him to find you a teacher to help you with your martial arts classes."

Chen Heng looked away, feeling nostalgic.

In his memories, something like this had indeed happened, but it was in the previous world.

During that time, Chen Jing liked to ask various acquaintances to help Chen Heng find tutors.

Of course, it turned out that all of those supposedly famous teachers were all ordinary teachers. Some were worse than Chen Heng himself; for them to dare to tutor others, Chen Heng felt quite speechless.

He had never thought that Chen Jing would be the same in this world.

Chen Heng inwardly shook his head as he said, "We'll see."

After eating breakfast and confirming that Chen Jing was fine, Chen Heng left the house and walked towards the school.

Everything was as normal, and the surrounding scenery was quite ordinary as well.

After arriving in the familiar classroom, the bell rang after a while, and everyone sat in their seats.

"Ah Heng, did you hear…"

Next to him, his good friend Liang Guo continuously chattered, "Last night, I heard that something happened on the overhead walkway on that old street; there was blood everywhere.

"It must have been something big because the entire walkway was sealed today."

Chen Heng momentarily paused before acting as if he didn't care and asked, "What happened?"

"I heard… there was some crazy mass murderer who killed many people there," Liang Guo said in a quiet voice, seeming all mysterious.

"How could there be so many murders…"

Chen Heng shook his head and said, "Who knows, it might have just been some accident."

As he spoke, he sensed something, as if there was someone looking at him.

He instinctively turned, and his gaze met another person's.

Not too far away, there was a young woman sitting in front of her desk by herself. She wore a white long gown, and her frame seemed quite thin. However, she seemed simple yet elegant. She looked very quiet as she sat there and looked at Chen Heng.

As their gazes met, the young woman quickly turned, as if she was somewhat embarrassed.

Chen Heng thought to himself.

This young woman was Liu Yi.

The scenes from the previous night played in front of his eyes.

Last night, he had followed Liu Yi instinctively and seen Chen Jing.

Chen Heng deduced that Liu Yi had gone to that place because she knew something.

She definitely was not an ordinary girl.

Last night, he had wanted to test her and see if she would act if he didn't.

However, in the end, he had no choice.

After all, if he had not acted or had been a bit too slow, his big sister might not have survived.

If it was anyone else, perhaps it would not have mattered much. However, Chen Heng would not risk his big sister's life to test Liu Yi.

Because of this, Chen Heng was unable to get much information on Liu Yi.

On the other hand, Liu Yi had seen everything he had hidden.

After all, he had made such a big ruckus, and it was impossible for Liu Yi to miss it. She had most likely been hiding and watching.

Thinking to there, Chen Heng inwardly shook his head, feeling quite troubled.

However, after thinking about it, he did not mind too much.

Even in the previous world's society, murder was a crime, but killing in self-defense was not a big issue.

Under last night's circumstances, if he did not kill that person, his big sister would have died.

Considering the facts, he had killed in self-defense.

Moreover, whether or not that person still counted as a person was debatable.

Even if this matter was exposed, he would most likely be fine.

At most he would be in a bit of trouble.

After a while, the teacher walked into the classroom.

Chen Heng looked away and looked ahead of him, focusing on the class.

The morning quickly passed peacefully.

Ring ring ring…

Current Points: 46.

When the end of class bell rang, it also reached 12pm.

The number before Chen Heng's eyes increased by one.

"After saving up for so long, it's about time to try the next simulation…"

He thought to himself as he looked at his Points.

After learning his lesson from last time, he did not plan to directly enter simulations anymore. Instead, he decided to use a certain amount of points to guarantee that he could at least enter the simulation.

After saving up for so long, this would be enough.

It was also good because after doing a lot of secret training, he had recovered most of what he had gained from the previous simulation.

It was about time to try the next simulation.

However, a new problem arose.

"Body Forging Technique… I only have the most basic…"

Sitting in front of his desk, Chen Heng rubbed his head.

In this world, martial arts were governed like guns in the previous world. Everything related to martial arts in this world was regulated strictly.

Those who were not students of formal institutes, soldiers, or special people did not have the qualifications to come into contact with the top-tier martial arts techniques.

In China, the martial art that ordinary people could come into contact with was Body Forging Basics, which was released by the government.

Body Forging Basics was used to give the masses a basic foundation. Apart from geniuses, most people would take ten or so years to complete it, and it would only serve to strengthen their bodies.

Chen Heng had used it for many years in the simulation, and adding on the Knights Breathing Technique and various special medicines in the simulation, he had reached Body Forging completion.

After reaching Body Forging completion, Body Forging Basics was not enough anymore and required higher level techniques.

This was something that Chen Heng could not access.

He was just a high schooler and his family was very ordinary; he didn't have the resources to obtain such a thing.

Others might not have this problem.

For other people who had reached such a level at his age, they would immediately be nurtured as a genius and be put in a class for geniuses.

They would naturally have special teachers training them with special techniques.

Chen Heng did not have such opportunities.

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