Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 13: Examination

Chapter 13: Examination

Sitting at his desk, Chen Heng lightly sighed.

He had his own troubles.

If it was anyone else who had such strength at his age, they would have long since been welcomed into the genius class and received special nurturing.

However, he did not have such opportunities.

The Chen Heng of the past, even though he had decent grades, was not a genius of such a level, so naturally there was no one noticing him and nurturing him.

As such, he did not have access to those techniques or various resources.

Now, it would be very difficult for him to obtain such things.

This was what Chen Heng was feeling frustrated about.

"If I expose my strength, I might gain a lot of attention, and some people might offer to sponsor me…"

Sitting at his seat, Chen Heng thought to himself.

"But the problem with that is that I never revealed anything special about myself while growing up, and for me to suddenly become so powerful, there might be a problem…"

Chen Heng scratched his head, feeling quite annoyed.

He was a careful person and did not want to act rashly and invoke any suspicions.

After all, there was no way to explain this.

"Forget it… I'll take things slow…"

In the end, Chen Heng gave up and decided to solve the problem from a different angle.

For now, he would not be in a rush to obtain any techniques or resources, and it would not be good to reveal his strength too quickly.

It would be best to reveal it bit by bit; that way, he would not attract too much unwanted attention.

At the very least, it would not be as shocking as revealing everything at once.

After some time, he could think of ways to obtain what he wanted.

For now, what he had was enough.

After deciding this, he got up and walked outside.

The sunlight was just right; the faint golden sunlight shined down on the ground, making the world seem warm and bright.

It was an extremely beautiful scene.

Chen Heng carried his bag as he walked casually by himself.

A gaze came from ahead, falling on his body.

He instinctively raised his head and saw Liu Yi's thin frame standing there by herself; she seemed incredibly gentle and quiet.

She stood in front of a pole as she stared at Chen Heng, seeming a bit hesitant.

Was she trying to confirm what had happened last night?

Chen Heng looked into Liu Yi's eyes before walking off, leaving her there by herself.

Looking at Chen Heng's figure leaving, Liu Yi hesitated for a moment, and she did not end up talking to him.

Time passed quite quickly.

Two days later, there were new developments.

"What's going on…"

Sitting in his chair, Chen Heng turned around, and could hear howls all around him.

Not too far away, Liang Guo rested his face in his hands as he shrieked.

"I'm not ready… why did it begin already..."

"Enough, enough…"

At the lectern, Liu Lin's expression was cold as he looked at the students mercilessly, "Didn't we just bring it forward by a few days? Is it that big of a deal?

"If you're like this from something like this and you have to go to battle someday, what will you be like?"

His expression was cold as he mercilessly said, "All of you get up and gather at the assembly hall!"

Everyone got up and sighed before filling out of the classroom. They looked like they were warriors headed for the execution ground.

Chen Heng was also among the crowd.

He was not too worried and looked calm as he silently walked ahead.

Every time the physical examination came, the bad students would howl.

After a while, they walked into the assembly hall.

The school's assembly hall was very big, and there were many special-looking machines that could be used for examinations.

"Start one by one."

Liu Lin walked to the front as he began to activate each of the machines.

The physical examination's contents were quite tedious.

They included running, high jump, long jump, etc.

At a glance, it seemed the same as Chen Heng's Physical Education classes in the past.

It was just that the world was completely different, and the physical examination was also somewhat different.

"Liang Guo, Qi Blood: 27 Points, Body Forging: 30%, unsatisfactory…"

Liang Guo walked out from the machine ahead with a dispirited expression and walked towards Chen Heng.

It seemed that he already knew the result.

"It's been two months, and not only did you not improve from the previous examination, but you even became worse."

Liu Lin glared at Liang Guo, "What the hell have you been doing for you to turn out like this?"


More and more figures walked forwards to receive the physical examination.

The so-called 'Qi blood' was a measure for martial artists in the Body Forging period, and it ranged from 1 to 100.

This was one of the ways to assess one's level in Body Forging.

The students walked in one by one and then walked out.

However, compared to the previous few physical examinations, there were very few people who had improved; in fact, most had become worse.

This was not very strange.

Body Forging was something where if one did not make progress, one would regress.

After reaching a certain level, if one wanted to improve one's Body Forging progress, it would become quite difficult, while regressing became quite easy.

If one became lax for a while and did not continue training, their Body Forging progress would regress.

This was the harsh reality.

As Chen Heng waited for his turn, he looked at Liu Yi.

Compared to other people, her results were quite good but not extraordinary. Her Qi Blood was at 50 and her Body Forging at 50%. She would be able to place at the top of this class, or even the entire Lin City. However, it was not a big deal to Chen Heng.

When she walked past, the crowd cried out, and only Chen Heng frowned.

"Did she suppress it, or does she really only have such strength?"

Looking at Liu Yi, Chen Heng felt quite confused.

However, he did not have time to think about this because it was his turn soon.

"Next, Chen Heng."

When his name was called, Chen Heng inwardly sighed and silently walked up as Liang Guo looked at him sympathetically.

The machine to evaluate Qi Blood was extremely big.

After entering, streams of hot air flowed out from all directions, making Chen Heng feel as if his body was burning.

The streams of hot air stimulated his body, causing his blood and qi blood to roil to a point that could be detected by the machine.

Outside on the screen, numbers began to soar.

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