Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 14 Liu Yi

The screen on the machine flashed as the numbers quickly jumped.

Looking at this scene, Liu Yi looked calm outwardly, but inwardly she felt much anticipation.

Liang Guo also raised his head, feeling schadenfreude and wanting to see how badly Chen Heng also did.

After being good friends with Chen Heng for many years, he knew Chen Heng very well.

Based on what he knew, recently, Chen Heng had not been as diligent as before, and it was very likely that his Body Forging scores were going to fall.

When that time came, they would be brothers in suffering.

After all, good brothers would take the scolding and beating together.

However, his expression quickly froze because the numbers were continuously jumping higher.

As they went higher and higher, they soon rose to a level that made him feel dumbfounded.


Body Forging 50%!

When this number was revealed, everyone was stunned.

"How is this possible?"

Liang Guo's expression was stiff, unable to believe this, "Is the machine broken?"

Everyone else's expressions were the same.

Liu Lin felt a bit confused. He repeated the process for Chen Heng two more times, but the results did not change.

"It really is Body Forging 50%?"

Immediately, Liu Lin felt quite delighted.

For his student to have such great development, this would reflect well on him, so he was naturally happy.

However, amidst the happiness, he was also somewhat confused.

A few months before, when Chen Heng had done the physical examination, he had only been a bit better than Liang Guo, being at around Body Forging 30%.

However, in just a few months, it had risen to Body Forging 50%.

Wasn't this speed a bit fast?

Liu Lin thought about this and could not help but feel confused.

Someone else was feeling equally confused; it was Liu Yi.

"Did he suppress his qi blood and hide his true strength?" she thought to herself.

Apart from this explanation, there seemed to be nothing else that could explain it.

The scene of Chen Heng coldly killing that demon was unforgettable in her mind.

Chen Heng definitely did not have such trivial strength.

"Looks like he really is a very low-profile person," she thought as she sighed.

Ahead, a wave of sound could be heard as various testing machines called out results.

Within the testing machine, Chen Heng's body was covered with sweat, but he walked out with a calm expression.

Looking at everyone else's reactions, he remained silent and walked to the side, looking like he was not going to explain his results.

He could already guess how everyone else would react, but there was not much to say.

Right now, he only felt quite relieved.

After reaching Body Forging completion, martial artists would gain much greater control over their bodies and could do some basic control of their qi blood.

The purpose of the qi blood examination was to use a special method to stimulate one's qi blood, so that the machine could detect it.

Chen Heng used his control over his body to suppress this stimulation, making his qi blood remain at a steady level in order to fool the machine.

Fortunately, Lin City was a small place and the examination methods were not great. These machines were the old type, so it was easy to fool them.

If it was elsewhere, it was possible that Chen Heng would not be able to continue hiding his strength.

"To grow so much in a few months is a bit fast, but it's somewhat acceptable…" Chen Heng thought to himself.

"You brat."

At that moment, Liang Guo rushed over and punched Chen Heng.

He laughed as he said, "Did you secretly take extra levels? How did you secretly reach such a level?"

Chen Heng laughed and smiled as he received the punch and said, "No way, I just gained some enlightenment, so I wanted to give you all a surprise."

"You can call this enlightenment…"

Liang Guo's expression was gloomy as he said, "Who the hell would believe that?"

To go from Body Forging 30% to Body Forging 50% in such a short amount of time, this was not something possible with just enlightenment.

In the past, there had not been a single person with Body Forging 50% in the class.

Now, there were suddenly two.

Chen Heng smiled and did not continue.

In the distance, looking at Chen Heng's interactions with others, Liu Yi suddenly understood something.

"So it's like that…"

She thought to herself, "So he's been hiding his strength because he didn't want to scare his relatives and friends or lose any friends. The reason he's not hiding it as much anymore is because the university entrance exams are coming soon, so there's no point in hiding it anymore?"

Looking at the people around Chen Heng and seeing no one around her, she suddenly understood something.

In the past, she had previously seen things like this.

Some people had awakened overnight and obtained great strength, but they had been ostracised by others and become loners.

For ordinary people, this did not seem like a big deal, and it was a path that experts had to take.

However, for those who valued their relationships, it was not a good thing.

Chen Heng was most likely such a person, which was why he did not want to reveal how special he was.

Thinking to there, she could not help but think more favorably of Chen Heng.

If Chen Heng knew what she was thinking, who knew how he would have reacted.

After dodging various questions and smiling while refusing to tutor a few female classmates, Chen Heng left with Liang Guo.

On the way home, Chen Heng walked with Liang Guo before suddenly stopping.

Not too far ahead, a girl stood there by herself in silence.

"Classmate Liu?"

Looking at the girl, Chen Heng paused before smiling, "What a coincidence."

"Classmate Chen…" Liu Yi remained silent for a moment before speaking.

This was the first time Chen Heng had heard her speak, and her voice was somewhat unique and a bit hoarse.

"I have something… I want to talk to you about…" she said lightly.

After hesitating, she continued, "I don't know if classmate Chen has time…"

Chen Heng felt quite surprised and paused for a moment before nodding.

Following this, as Liang Guo glared at him, he walked away with Liu Yi.

They came to a small alleyway with no one else around.

As the two of them walked here, neither of them said anything.

Liu Yi was wondering how to talk to Chen Heng about the events of that night, while Chen Heng was wondering why Liu Yi had brought him to a place with no one else around.

To attack him?

Probably not.

There was no enmity between them, and when they had met that night, only his strength had been exposed. There should be no reason to attack him.

So what else could it be?

As they walked, Chen Heng's expression was calm, but many thoughts flashed in his heart.

However, the answer that Liu Yi gave made him feel quite surprised.

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