Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 15 Sweet, Naïve Girl

"So it's like that?"

Listening to Liu Yi as they walked, Chen Heng felt quite surprised.

He had thought that Liu Yi had come to find him because there was something she wanted to say to him.

He had never thought that it would be like this.

This made him feel quite speechless, and he felt that he had wasted all that brainpower wondering what it was.

Even though this world had martial arts, it was still a regular world with order where the government was in control. It was not very likely for things in the simulation to happen here.

However, after thinking about it, it was a good thing.

Chen Heng's expression became warm as he said, "I only did a small thing, it's not worth mentioning…

"No matter who it was, as long as they had the power, they would have helped."

He decided to not mention that the one at risk was his big sister.

A look of respect appeared on Liu Yi's face as she said, "Classmate Chen indeed is not an ordinary person. Since it's like that, how would you like me to explain what happened to the Demon Resistance Department?"

Chen Heng hesitated, not knowing how to answer.

It went without saying that if he chose to admit to this, there would be many benefits, and he might be specially nurtured by people from the government.

However, he might be closely monitored in the future and have some problems with his freedom.

Moreover, the government would definitely do periodic tests on him, and comprehensive tests at that.

Chen Heng was able to become stronger extremely quickly through the simulations, so when the time came, there was bound to be some trouble.


He looked at Liu Yi and smiled before saying, "No need, I just did what I should have done, so there's no need for extra rewards.

"Someone else can have this glory."

Hearing this, Liu Yi did not speak but looked at Chen Heng with even more respect.

The rewards from the Demon Resistance Department were nothing to look down on. With the Demon Resistance Department's eye on him, he might be able to receive great benefits.

For Chen Heng to be able to decisively refuse all of this, as if he did not care about it, he was truly worthy of respect.

However, she did not hesitate to take out a card from her bag.

"Some things you can choose not to accept, but I hope you will accept some things."

She put the card in Chen Heng's hand and said seriously, "This is the Demon Resistance Department's reward to the demon killer. It's $50,000, and I hope you'll accept it.

"Even though it's not much, it's what you deserve. Please don't refuse."

$50,000… was not much?

Chen Heng was stunned and did not know what to say.

From his previous experiences, he could tell that Liu Yi was not ordinary, but he had never thought that she would be so extravagant.

The value of money in this world and in his previous world was about the same, and Chen Heng's family's finances were not terrific. The amount of savings his entire family had probably amounted to this amount.

However, to Liu Yi, it was just a small sum.

He inwardly sighed, but after thinking about it, it was quite normal.

Even though the monster that appeared that day had just transformed, it was comparable to an extremely powerful martial artist with Body Forging completion.

If such an existence went into a busy area and wreaked havoc, the destruction and harm it could cause would be extreme.

For Chen Heng to deal with it before it could deal any damage, $50,000 was indeed not too much.

Many thoughts passed through his mind, and after falling silent for a while and looking at Liu Yi's respectful expression, he accepted the card.

He smiled as he said, "There's not much point in me accepting this money. Is there anything I can exchange the money for?"

"What do you want?" Liu Yi felt quite curious.

"Cultivation techniques after body Forging," Chen Heng said seriously after thinking about it.

"You don't have any techniques after Body Forging?"

Liu Yi was surprised, "Didn't your teacher teach you any?"

"I don't have a teacher," Chen Heng shook his head, a look of loneliness and sorrow on his face.

Looking at Chen Heng, Liu Yi could not help but think about herself.

A scene of a rare genius from a poor family without any resources or teachers appeared in her mind.

She could not help but sigh, and a sympathetic look appeared on her face, "I don't have any techniques after Body Forging either…"

Hearing this, Chen Heng was a bit disappointed, but he continued to look calm. Just as he was about to say something, Liu Yi continued, "But they're not difficult to obtain. If you want one, I'll help you get one."

Hearing this, Chen Heng felt quite speechless.

Weren't they difficult to obtain? She could just get him one?

He inwardly sighed, and his evaluation of Liu Yi became even higher.

It seemed that Liu Yi was no ordinary person, and her family was quite special too.

Things that ordinary people would find difficult to obtain, she could easily obtain it.

She was a golden goose.

Thinking to there, a look of gratitude and excitement appeared on his face.

Seeing his expression, Liu Yi felt a bit of an ache in her heart, and she could not help but sigh.

A bit later, Liu Yi and Chen Heng went their own ways.

Chen Heng's figure was tall and straight as he walked out of the alleyway.

His figure was tall and straight. He was also somewhat handsome and had white skin. As he walked out of the alleyway, combined with his unique demeanor from practising martial arts, he attracted many people's gazes.

His expression was calm, but he felt quite happy inwardly.

Of course he felt happy.

Before he had come, he did not have anything.

After this meeting with Liu Yi, not only had he gained $50,000, but he had also received a promise from Liu Yi to help him obtain martial arts techniques.

Liu Yi said that she would obtain one for him in a few days.

As for the card that Chen Heng tried to give her in exchange, she did not accept it. Instead, she had also said that he could come and find her if he was ever in trouble.

Evidently, in her talk with Chen Heng, she had filled in many of the gaps herself. Even when she left, she looked at him incredibly sympathetically, as if he was a poor, destitute orphan.

Chen Heng did not correct this misunderstanding.

After all, strictly speaking, his family was not very well off. Even compared to most people in his class, they were a bit poor.

It could not be said that Liu Yi was too far off in filling the gaps herself.

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