Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 16: Solid Rock

Chapter 16: Solid Rock

After walking out from the alleyway, Liang Guo was still waiting for him there.

Looking at Chen Heng walking out, Liang Guo had an annoyed yet envious look on his face.

"Are you two… dating?"

He looked at Chen Heng with admiration and envy, and he felt a sour feeling in his heart.

Chen Heng's expression was calm as he smiled and said, "Nope, it was just a small thing; it's not like what you were thinking."

Liang Guo did not say anything and continued to look at Chen Heng with a suspicious gaze.

Chen Heng could only accept it.

He soon returned home, and lunch was already ready.

After peacefully eating lunch and sitting in the living room for a while, even after all the bowls and cutlery were put away, Chen Jing still had not come back.

"She's probably fooling around with some guy again," Wang Li said with a displeased expression.

Chen Heng shook his head and returned to his room.

After getting back to his room, he did not waste any time and picked up one of his books, starting to read.

There was only a few months left until the university entrance exams, and now, his culture subjects were more likely to be left behind by his Body Forging results.

For ordinary people, wanting to do well on Body Forging was harder than doing well on the culture subjects.

However, the situation was completely reversed for Chen Heng.

Now that he had gained his cultivation from the simulation, he had no problems at all.

Instead, he now had some problems with his culture subjects.

After all, it had been a while since he had been in high school in his past life, and there were many things he was unfamiliar with.

As such, whenever he had time these days, he would diligently read and revise his schoolwork.

This was why Liang Guo felt that Chen Heng had been slacking off on Body Forging. He simply shouldn't have the time to!

As for him training with his sword at night, very few people knew about that.

The only thing that changed was the number of Points he had.

Before, Chen Heng had been planning to enter the simulation again soon, but after what he had gained today, he decided to push it back.

Entering the simulation a few days earlier or a few days later would not have much of a difference.

With his current cultivation, there was no need to rush into the next simulation.

It would not be too late to enter the next simulation after Liu Yi had given him a martial arts technique.

As such, Chen Heng waited a few more days.

During the day, he would go to class as usual, acting like an ordinary high schooler, while at night, he would train with his sword.

Of course, because of what had happened before, he became much warrier and did not go to very remote places; he found some safer places.

Time continued to pass like that.

Another few days passed.

"This is a continuation of the Body Forging Technique…"

On an alleyway with no one else around, Liu Yi remained silent for a while before handing something to Chen Heng.

"So fast?" Chen Heng was quite surprised.

He opened the parcel and looked at the contents.

Within the parcel was a thick book bound with a yellow cover.

"Solid Rock."

Chen Heng lightly read out the two words on the cover.

Liu Yi explained, "This is not a Body Forging technique released by the government but one from the Solid Rock School. However, this Solid Rock School's Body Forging technique is even better than the government's.

"After all, even though the government's Body Forging technique is effective, it is also a foundational one, and it cannot compare to Schools' true legacies."

"True legacies…" Chen Heng could not help but inwardly sigh.

He knew that Liu Yi was far more powerful than ordinary people, but he had never thought that she was powerful to such a degree.

The true legacies of Schools were things that absolutely would not be given to outsiders. They were core of the core, and only Chosen Disciples would be given the opportunity to learn them.

It could be said that they were things that money could not buy.

For Liu Yi to be able to obtain such a thing, she had greatly exceeded Chen Heng's expectations.

He originally had just wanted to obtain one from the government.

As for the true legacies from the various Schools, he did not dare to think about them.

"Thank you…"

Many thoughts spiraled in his mind as he deeply breathed in. The hand holding the book slightly trembled, seeming incredibly excited.

Looking at him like this, Liu Yi nodded and said, "It's a pity… I originally wanted someone from their School to teach you for a bit and see if you could enter, but I was unsuccessful…"

She looked apologetic and seemed like she had failed him.

Chen Heng's mouth twitched.

Putting gifting a School's true legacy to an outsider aside, she wanted them to teach him?

It would be unbelievable for them to agree.

All kinds of thoughts appeared in his mind, but on the surface he smiled and said with gratitude, "It's fine, I'm already very touched that you would do all this for me. How could I trouble you…"

After putting away the book, he looked at Liu Yi sincerely and said, "I won't say too many words of gratitude. If you need anything from me, please let me know."

"There's no need to be like this."

Liu Yi seemed somewhat flustered, and she did not seem to know how to react. She waved her hands and said, "It's just a small matter; I'm glad I could help you.

"How about… how about I find you a teacher so you don't have to keep figuring out things by yourself…" she said, sounding somewhat uneasy.

Body Forging was not something that could be done as one wished.

This was tied to one's body, and without an experienced teacher, it could harm one's body if something went wrong.

This was especially so for these true legacy techniques. They were filled with secrets, some of which could be quite damaging. Sometimes they would be undiscoverable by those who did not have experience.

As such, even though she had given the Body Forging technique to Chen Heng, he did not have a way to use it.

Otherwise, if he rashly tried to learn it by himself, he would destroy his body sooner or later.

Thinking to there, Liu Yi could not help but feel guilty, feeling that she had not completed Chen Heng's request.

And yet, Chen Heng seemed grateful.

His face was filled with gratitude, and he looked at her as if she had saved his life, making her feel even worse.

After a while, they both left.

After they left, a figure appeared here.

It was a tall and well-built young man, who looked quite strong.

He stood in the corner and looked at Liu Yi's disappearing figure, his face filled with disappointment.

"I had thought that you would improve after leaving the family; look at you now."

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