Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 17: Second Simulation

Chapter 17: Second Simulation

"Do you want me to observe that person?" a voice sounded out from behind the young man.

A big and sturdy middle-aged man silently walked over to the young man's side and looked at Chen Heng.

Liu Jue coldly laughed, "Ha… Give it a try. Let that person know it's not so easy to take the Liu family's things."

His face was cold as he looked in the direction that Liu Yi had left in. His gaze was filled with resentment and disappointment.

Looking at Liu Jue like this, the middle-aged man silently shook his head, not knowing what to say.

He stood by Liu Jue's side for a while before silently walking off into the distance.

Chen Heng did not know about the trouble that this was about to bring.

On the way home, he thought about the Solid Rock Body Forging Technique.

"Solid Rock Body Forging. It is called Solid rock because the body forging method is incredibly resolute and domineering. If one is not careful, it will bring about mishaps."

Thinking back to the Solid Rock Body Forging Technique's contents, Chen Heng's expression was calm, but he inwardly frowned.

"Looks like these true legacy body forging techniques are all quite dangerous. If I'm not careful, it'll bring me trouble."

After returning home, he did not say much before going to his room. He picked up the book and began to earnestly read.

As Chen Heng diligently read, the contents were gradually revealed.

"…In order to forge the body, one must first refine the body, then refine the vital organs, cultivating both inside and out…"

"This School's body forging technique was created by the Founder of this School, Master Panshi, by killing and observing the Stone Demon and retrieving the Stone Heart…"

"Killing the Stone Demon and retrieving the Stone Heart?"

Chen Heng could not help but frown, and he had a bad feeling as he muttered to himself, "Master Panshi?"

This world indeed did not seem as simple as it initially looked.

Whether it was the Stone Demon recorded by this Solid Rock Body Forging Technique or other things, they were things that Chen Heng had never encountered before.

Evidently, this was all hidden below the world's surface, and they were things that outsiders did not know about.

"Cultivating both inside and out…"

After glancing over that section, Chen Heng nodded.

Cultivating both inside and outside, this was easy to understand.

After all, if one wanted to have strong vitality, it had to be holistic. If one was only powerful in a single area, that would not be balanced and would not be good in the long run.

Reading to there, Chen Heng could not help but think of the previous simulations' Knights Breathing Technique.

Now, the Knights Breathing Technique seemed incredibly unbalanced.

In early stages, it used extremely vital methods, forcefully burning the cultivator's lifeforce to stimulate one's potential. Even though this allowed one to become more powerful, it did not take what one's body could endure into consideration.

Moreover, cultivating Life Energy greatly drained the body. They would use Life Energy to battle almost every time, continuously pushing their bodies to destruction.

This was why the Knights in that simulation lived for such a short amount of time.

They had strength that greatly surpassed ordinary people's, but their lifespans were also much shorter.

This was a consequence of an imbalance.

Thinking to there, Chen Heng shook his head.

In his body, apart from the Solid Rock Body Forging Technique, there was also the complete Knights Breathing Technique.

This copy of the Knights Breathing Technique came from Sorondo. After killing Sorondo, Chen Heng had obtained the complete Knights Breathing Technique from his corpse, and he had obtained the complete version.

What was a pity was that after returning to his main body, Chen Heng had tried it before.

Just like in the simulation, his body did not have the talent to become a Knight, and he could not use the breathing technique.

This was a bit of a pity.

Chen Heng lightly sighed and looked ahead.

Current Points: 50.

Lines of words appeared before his eyes.

After spending some time training, his Points had once again increased, and he now had 50 of them.

Looking at the words, Chen Heng deeply breathed in and chose to enter a simulation.

"Please choose your world…"

The familiar interface appeared.

The names of the worlds appeared before Chen Heng's eyes.

However, different to the previous time, there was only one that lit up, meaning that there was only one world that he could enter.

The Sorcerer World.

Those words were incredibly bright.

Chen Heng did not hesitate and selected the Sorcerer World.

Following this, a wave of light flashed, and his Points were reduced by 20.

He was then presented with the familiar options.

"Please choose your identity…"

This time, Chen Heng did not skip over it. Instead, he looked through the options seriously and made some choices.

After buying an entry ticket, he had 30 Points left.

With the number of Points he had, buying a decent identity was impossible; even the lowest noble identity required 1,000 Points.

With Chen Heng's current assets, he could only look at it.

However, even if it was an ordinary family, he could make his conditions better.

After thinking for a moment, Chen Heng raised his head and did not hesitate to spend the remaining 30 Points on an ordinary family identity.

The Points in front of him immediately turned to zero, and all options disappeared.

Soon, a formless door opened before Chen Heng's eyes.


The world spun as his surroundings became dark.

In the darkness, Chen Heng opened his eyes and warily looked around.

The scene around him was gradually revealed.

In front of him was a spacious and empty area.

It seemed to be a large hall, and it was quite gorgeous.

He was sitting on a seat, looking ahead with an absent-minded gaze.

"Kailin, my child, what's wrong?" a warm voice sounded out from in front of him, sounding both familiar and unfamiliar.

Hearing this voice, Chen Heng came to his senses, and memories continuously flowed into his mind.

In his mind, the memories rose and fell, and a new feeling entered his mind, helping him understand his current situation.

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