Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 18: Poems and Swords

Chapter 18: Poems and Swords

Kailin was the son of Baron Kaisen.

As Baron Kaisen's youngest son, he was greatly loved by Baron Kaisen since he was young, and he was his favourite child.

At this moment, as Baron Kaisen's youngest son, he was eating lunch with him.

"This starting point seems to be much better than in the previous simulation…" Chen Heng thought to himself after going through his new memories.

This time, he had been born in a noble family. Even though his mother had passed away, his father was a Baron with his own territory.

This starting point was even better than Sorondo's identity.

At the very least, in terms of title, Sorondo's father had only been a Knight.

Of course, this was only the case on the surface of things.

After going through his memories, he found that even though his father was a Baron, in some areas, he was inferior to Knight Cecily.

At the very least, Knight Cecily was a true Knight and had a loyal Knight like Edward under his command.

However, Baron Kaisen did not seem to have anything.

Even though he had a territory, it was not very big, nor did it have many residents.

Even though he had his own armed forces, there was not a single Knight among the hundreds of people.

Although this seemed like more people than Knight Cecily had, they could not compare at all.

If a Knight led a group of people, this force of hundreds of people would immediately fall apart; they would not be a match for them at all.

"Even though we're nobles, we're only higher than Knights in name only…"

After going through his memories, Chen Heng felt quite speechless, "And there isn't even a Knights Breathing Technique…"

After initially finding out his identity, Chen Heng had been quite excited, and he had thought that he could obtain a Knights Breathing Technique for free.

However, reality had proven that he had been thinking too much.

Baron Kaisen was indeed a noble, but he did not have a famous ancestor, nor did his family have any Knights Breathing Techniques to pass down.

It seemed that the difference between nobles was also quite great.

Chen Heng inwardly sighed, "As expected… Hoping that an identity bought with 30 Points would bring me a great surprise was too optimistic of me…"

After all, he had only spent 30 Points on this identity.

For 30 Points to give him a decent starting point was already very good; he wanted a Knights Breathing Technique too?

Dream on!

"Kailin, my child, what's wrong?" a warm voice sounded out from in front of him.

Hearing this voice, Chen Heng instinctively looked up.

At the center of the hall, there was a man who looked 40 or 50 years old sitting there. He was a bit skinny and wore black robes, and he was currently looking at him.

He looked nearly 50 years old, and this was quite an old age in this world. However, he still looked quite spirited, and his eyes were filled with warmth.

"Apologies, father," Chen Heng said as he gave a slight smile.

He looked at Kaisen as he lightly laughed and said, "I was thinking about today's studies and spaced out."

"Oh?" Kaisen became quite interested, "What, didn't you dislike your studies?"

"Just because I dislike them doesn't mean I won't think about them."

Chen Heng thought about Baron Kaisen's interests, and after thinking for a moment, he said, "Likes and dislikes are just instinctive reactions; no one is willing to face a bunch of dry and dull knowledge.

"However, putting aside one's likes and dislikes, I feel that these things exist because they are very useful.

"As such, there's no harm in thinking about them," he said without changing his expression.

These words were all blatant lies.

In actuality, what he was being made to learn was poems and recitations, as well as ancient arts and the like. He did not feel that those things were very useful.

He could not deny that they had some uses, but for most people, they did not do much.

Ordinarily, they were things that Chen Heng would not look at at all.

However, things were different now.

Since Baron Kaisen liked to hear him say such things, he had to say it.

Just as expected, Baron Kaisen gave a slight smile and said, "Indeed."

"Kailin, my child, I never thought you would say such penetrating words.

"I will ask you another question."

He raised his head and looked at Chen Heng and asked, "Between poems and swords, which is more important?"

Chen Heng paused and was quite surprised by this question.

He thought for a moment before replying, "Of course it depends on the situation."

"Poems can calm down people in disorder, while swords can kill them…

"Which one is more important depends on the purpose and situation.


Chen Heng paused before continuing, "Whether it is someone who wields poems well or wields swords well, they can both become incredible people.

"However, poems and swords are not mutually exclusive, so… why not have them both?" Chen Heng said softly as he lowered his head.

The hall fell into silence for a while.

Sitting at the main seat, Kaisen looked at Chen Heng with a strange look for a long time before nodding and saying, "What you said is true…"

He sighed, "Our Aizlan family has been here for hundreds of years…

"Over such a long period of time, we have gained mastery of poems, becoming the helpers of greater rulers, but we lack swords…"

He deeply sighed as if he had thought of something, and he looked somewhat sorrowful.

After a while, Chen Heng walked out from the hall.

After walking out, he heard a wave of hurried footsteps.

He looked up and saw there was a tall figure dressed in armor striding towards where Chen Heng was.

As his footsteps became faster, his appearance was revealed.

This was an incredibly tall young man; he looked to be in his early thirties and was at the peak of his strength.

He wore white clothes and seemed incredibly valiant. He somewhat resembled a bear, looking mighty and vigorous.

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