Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 19: Circumstances

Chapter 19: Circumstances

As the man walked in, he saw Chen Heng in front of the hall.

"What are you doing here?" his face cold as he spoke in a cool tone.

"Nothing much."

Chen Heng smiled, looking the same as he always did, "I just had lunch with father and am going to go over my studies soon."

"You're going to look at those useless poems again?"

The man's face became even colder as he spoke disdainfully.

He did not say anything else before turning and leaving this place.

Chen Heng stood there silently; his expression did not change from the start. He looked at the man's leaving figure, thinking to himself.

This was Ormando, Baron Kaisen's eldest son, as well as Chen Heng's identity's older brother.

Of course, even though they were brothers, their relationship was not very good. Both of them could only tolerate each other, enough to maintain a cordial relationship.

Ordinarily, the two of them were like strangers, and it was difficult to tell that they were brothers.

Of course, what Chen Heng paid particular attention to was Ormando's status.

Not only was he Baron Kaisen's oldest son, at 30 years old, he was also the leader of the territory's guards.

According to the rules of this age, if anything happened to Baron Kaisen, he would be the successor.

As for Chen Heng, just like Sorondo, he would not be able to gain anything.

After all, he was not the eldest son and would not be able to inherit much.

If his father loved him, it would be alright, but if he did not, his days would not be very good.


Looking at Ormando's leaving figure, Chen Heng smiled before leaving.

"Your lesson is on today."

Within a peaceful room at noon, a middle-aged man walked in and spoke as he looked at Chen Heng.

"What class is it today?" Chen Heng sat at a table and looked up as he asked.

"Today should be history…" the middle-aged man paused to think before saying.

Chen Heng said as he smiled, "Thank you, Mr. White. You've worked hard."

"Not at all, this is my duty." Looking at Chen Heng, Mr. White paused for a moment, feeling quite surprised.

In the past, Kailin had never said such things before.

"I have something I need your help with."

In front of him, Chen Heng gave a slight smile as he said, "Can you please help me contact Mr. Jit and also help me prepare a gift

"I heard that Mr. Jit's sword skills are extraordinary, and I hope that he can teach me for a period of time. I wonder if that is possible."

"That is naturally no problem."

Mr. White nodded, but speaking to there, he hesitated, "But Mr. Jit was injured recently, and it is difficult for him to use his legs; he might not be suitable to teach you…"

"It's fine."

Chen Heng lightly sighed as a sorrowful expression appeared on his face and said, "That is why I want Mr. Jit to teach me…"

"Eh?" Mr. White paused, feeling confused.

Seeing this, Chen Heng explained, "Mr. White is my father's loyal servant, and he is a captain in the guard squadron. He is also a trustworthy old soldier."

"From what I heard, he has five children as well as an elderly father, who he needs to take care of…

"However, because of his injury, Mr. White is no longer able to serve my father, so he is unable to receive his salary…

"As such, his life might become difficult in the future…"

Chen Heng looked quite sad as he said, "I know that I cannot make up for his pain, but I hope that I can help him. I don't want to let such a loyal soldier suffer."

Mr. White's expression changed, "Your benevolence is truly touching…"

"This is not benevolence; it's just something I want to do."

Chen Heng looked at Mr. White seriously and said, "Please help me with this, but don't tell anyone else about it; I don't want to put any pressure on Mr. Jit's family."

"Please don't worry."

Mr. White's expression immediately became serious as he asked, "I will do as you asked and will not tell anyone of this."

"Thank you," Chen Heng said seriously as a happy and grateful smile appeared on his face.

After a moment, Mr. White left and only Chen Heng remained in the room.

He sat in the room, thinking to himself as he rapped his hand on the table.

After a while, a young girl wearing simple clothes with somewhat delicate and pretty looks came to Chen Heng's side.

"Young master…" the young girl walked to Chen Heng's side and looked at him as she nervously spoke.

"You're here, Tina."

Looking at the young girl, Chen Heng smiled and patted her head.

Seeing Chen Heng stretch out his hand, the young girl instinctively tried to dodge, but she was unable to.

Chen Heng stroked her hair and had a gentle look on his face as he asked, "Have you gotten used to being here?"

"Yes, I've gotten used to it." Tina shrank back and looked at Chen Heng. Feeling him stroking her hair, her face became red.

"That's good."

Chen Heng smiled, and after thinking about it, he took out something from the side and gave it to Tina.

He said, "I heard about your family's matters. I'm sad to hear about your little brother, but since what has happened has already happened, we need to look forward.

"This is for you… buy some bread so you can take some pressure off your parents…"

Hearing this, Tina felt quite startled.

"This… is for me?"

She felt the heaviness in the little pouch and became frozen.

A strange feeling welled up in her, and she felt like crying all of a sudden.

This world was a classic feudalistic world. For commoners like her, they were treated like slaves, and even if they were beaten to death, at most the nobles would just have to pay a bit of money. She had never been treated like this before.

She felt incredibly moved, and she looked at Chen Heng dumbly, not knowing what to say.

"Don't be sad anymore," Chen Heng said as he smiled and patted her, his expression incredibly gentle.

"Alright, I'll let Mr. White know, so you can go home earlier today."

Looking at the girl's reddened eyes, he said softly, "Also, can you help me with something?"

His voice was gentle and enchanting, and it made one want to trust him.

Soon, the young girl left Chen Heng's room and walked out.

Sitting in the room, Chen Heng thought for a moment before getting up and leaving too.

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