Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 20 Old Soldier

A short time passed.

After walking out from the study room, Chen Heng rubbed his head, feeling somewhat weary.

It had to be said, there was a reason why Ormando and Chen Heng's past identity did not like these classes.

Just a short class made Chen Heng feel incredibly tired.

The teacher was also a noble, but he was a noble who had lost his territory. He was quite old, so he had no choice but to come to Baron Kaisen's territory to work.

From how Chen Heng saw it, this teacher was quite ordinary. Not only was he extremely boring, the content he taught was quite plain too. There was nothing praiseworthy about him.

Chen Heng felt that most of the things that he taught were not useful in most situations.

Of course, in this world, there were no truly useless people.

Even though this person was a poor teacher, he had a good relationship with Baron Kaisen, and it seemed that the two of them used to be good friends.

As such, through this teacher, he might be able to slightly influence Baron Kaisen.

This was the reason why Chen Heng endured the lesson. Not only did he finish the lesson, but he had even pretended to be extremely interested, making the teacher feel quite happy.

After walking out of the study room, Chen Heng came to his own room as he thought about things.

His starting point in this simulation was undoubtedly better than the previous two simulations.

Despite this, there were still many problems.

After entering the simulation, Chen Heng's primary goal was naturally to obtain Points.

From his first experience, Chen Heng knew that if he wanted to obtain Points, he had to greatly influence the people and things around him.

If he wanted to have enough influence, he would need power and status.

With Chen Heng's current status, he seemed to have only one option so far for advancing.

"In terms of strength, I can only rely on myself… however, I do have some plans about raising my status…"

Sitting in front of his table, he thought to himself.

His identity this time was the youngest son of a Baron.

This was both unfortunate and fortunate.

It was unfortunate because he did not have succession rights and he could not inherit his father's title.

However, he was fortunate in that as long as the successors in front of him died, he would be able to succeed his father and take over this territory.

If he wanted to achieve this goal, there was only one obstacle before him.


As he thought of this name, he could not help but laugh and feel a sense of déjà vu.

He seemed to have experienced something like this before.

His current situation was very much like Sorondo's situation in the previous simulation.

Of course, even though the situation was similar, Chen Heng's circumstances were quite different.

At the very least, compared to Sorondo, his father, Baron Kaisen, was still quite healthy and did not look like he had any problems.

This meant that Chen Heng had a lot of time, so he could slowly start planning.

Thinking to there, he continued to consider other matters.

As the sun began to set, Chen Heng went out to a sparse, vacant area outside.

An old soldier was standing there.

He was a tall middle-aged man and looked around 40 or 50 years old, around the same age as Baron Kaisen. His skin was tanned and his face was not very tidy. His robust look gave off the spirit of an old soldier.

He wore a tattered gray robe, which had a few patches. It looked like his financial conditions were quite poor.

What was noticeable was that his left sleeve was empty; his left arm was completely gone.

When Chen Heng saw him, he also noticed Chen Heng.

Before the other person could say anything, Chen Heng went up and gave a brilliant smile as he said, "It's good to see you, Mr. Jit."

"Sir Kailin… hello…"

Looking at Chen Heng, Jit paused for a moment before squeezing out a smile.

Before, he had not interacted much with Chen Heng before; it could be said that there was nothing between them.

However, it seemed that this job was something he had to take up.

Moreover, Chen Heng was the ruler of this territory's son. Even if he was not injured and was still in the guard squadron, he was someone who he had to show respect to.

"No need to be so courteous." Different to what Jit expected, Chen Heng did not act all high and mighty, nor did he look at him condescendingly; he was completely different than his older brother.

He had a gentle and moderate attitude, and he always had a smile on his face, making people relax around him.

Looking at Chen Heng, Jit could not help but feel more at ease, and he said, "It's getting late, let's start."

"Very well." Chen Heng nodded as he was handed a short sword.

"Before we start training, I would first like to test your current abilities…" Jit said tactfully as he looked at Chen Heng.

He wanted to know Chen Heng's current skill level before teaching him.

He was already prepared to teach Chen Heng from the start. After all, from how Chen Heng looked, he did not seem like someone who exercised regularly or trained with a sword.

However, what he saw gave him a big shock.

Chen Heng drew the sword and began to slowly swing it, one strike at a time. Even though he did not seem too familiar with his sword techniques and his body was a bit stiff, he seemed abnormally proficient. He did not seem like someone who had just picked up a sword; rather, he seemed like a professional.

This was not someone who did not regularly exercise; no, these were the skills of someone who regularly trained.

Jit immediately felt dumbfounded.

He had never thought that the youngest son of the Baron, who normally seemed quite ordinary and liked to play around, would have such skills.

"You must work extremely hard normally but don't like to show off."

Looking at Chen Heng, Jit could not help but sigh in amazement, "In terms of sword skills, you might be above your brother already…

"However, there are some small problems."

He looked at Chen Heng and thought for a moment before pointing out some small issues.

Some of these small issues were things that Chen Heng had purposefully revealed, and some were because of his body itself.

After all, he had only just entered this body, so it was inevitable that some of his movements would seem quite stiff.

Ordinary people would not see many problems, but for an experienced warrior like Jit, they were extremely obvious.

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