Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 21 Understand

Jit had never believed that there were geniuses in this world, nor did he believe that someone who had just picked up a sword and spent an afternoon training could pick up all of his skills that he had accrued over his lifetime.

However, looking at Chen Heng, who had a sincere expression and brilliant smile, he could not help but believe it.

Chen Heng was a true genius.

It had not been a very long time, only an afternoon, and yet he had gone through a complete change.

Standing there, Jit saw everything incredibly clearly.

At the start, Chen Heng's movements had been quite awkward and stiff, but he quickly became more and more proficient, and at a terrifying speed at that.

As he swung the sword, even an old soldier like Jit began to feel quite afraid.

Even elite soldiers, who had fought on the battlefield since they were young and had killed many other elite soldiers, would feel the same.

Chen Heng was undoubtedly a true genius.

"Thank you for your teachings."

Without realizing it, this training session had concluded.

Chen Heng put away his sword and looked at Jit as he thanked him with a sincere expression.

"No need to be so courteous." Facing Chen Heng, Jit still seemed a bit constrained, and he waved his hand, "Sir, your talent is the best that I've ever seen."

He looked at Chen Heng and gave him a high evaluation, "If you ever join a battlefield, you will definitely be the most elite soldier."

"Thank you for your praise."

Chen Heng only smiled and did not take it to heart too much.

"It's getting late."

He looked at the sky and smiled as he said, "Let me send you home."

They had trained for the entire afternoon, and it was getting quite dark.

As an outsider, Jit's home was not in this area, and he had a long journey ahead of him.

It was not very safe to travel at night; he was very likely to encounter ferocious beasts.

As such, it would be somewhat dangerous for Jit to go home by himself.

"There's no need to trouble you…" Jit instinctively refused. He did not dare to trouble Chen Heng, but before he could finish his sentence, Chen Heng grabbed his hand.

"No need to be polite," Chen Heng smiled and said, "I happened to also want to go out, and this is just along the way."

He did not give Jit the chance to refuse.

Following this, they walked out along the main road.

Coincidentally, there were some people gathered, training nearby.

Ormando's tall figure stood at the center of the scene, his expression serious as he admonished his subordinates.

Jit could not help but look back at them.

There were many people he was familiar with; they were all his friends from the previous squad.

Seeing those people, a look of nostalgia and sadness appeared in his eyes.

Chen Heng patted his shoulder and comforted him.

This scene was seen by the soldiers who were training.

At that moment, many of their eyes lit up.

No matter where it was, those who cared for the weak and lowly were respected by all.

This was especially so given Jit's circumstances.

As the original captain of the squad, his current situation could be the future of many of these people, so the feelings were even more intense.

Seeing Jit being treated with such camaraderie and respect, their eyes lit up, and their impression of Chen Heng greatly improved.

As if he noticed those people's reactions, Chen Heng continued to smile and acted naturally. Combined with his handsome looks, those who looked at him could not help but feel favorably towards him.

As Chen Heng walked closer, Ormando also saw them.

At first, his expression was still serious. However, when he saw Jit's missing left arm, he looked somewhat condescending and did not say anything.

He did not seem like he was going to greet them.

Seeing Ormando like this, Chen Heng smiled and thought for a moment before calling an attendant over and saying, "Isn't it a bit too exhausting to be training so hard on such a hot day?

"Send some people to bring some cold drinks to help soothe these tired soldiers' weariness."

That attendant quickly left, while Chen Heng helped Jit onto a carriage.

Following this, they began a relatively long journey.

The trip was quite shaky, and the journey was also quite difficult.

The carriage did not have very good shock absorption, and the path was also quite narrow; it could be said that there was only one path.

Riding in the carriage, Chen Heng could feel the shaking, and it was quite uncomfortable.

However, Jit felt that it was quite good.

After all, sitting was much more comfortable than walking this path.

This was especially so at a time like this; walking on a path like this was very dangerous.

Moreover, he was not bored.

Within the carriage, Chen Heng continuously asked him questions.

Jit was an old soldier and had served Baron Kaise for a long time.

This not only meant that he had much experience, but it also meant that he had many connections and knew about a lot of things.

He was very useful for helping Chen Heng understand various circumstances.

As Jit talked, Chen Heng began to understand.

Baron Kaisen's territory was not too big, but there were many people living within it, roughly 10,000.

Of course, these 10,000 people were gathered in a few places, and most of them were scattered throughout the territory.

Under Baron Kaisen's command was a force of about 200 people.

These soldiers were funded by Baron Kaisen himself, and they were completely different from the people's militia gathered on an interim basis.

During battles, this force of 200 people was the core, and adding on the people's militia, they could form an army of 1,000 people.

Hearing to there, Chen Heng thought to himself before saying, "I heard that true Knights have great power and can rival an army by themselves. Is this true?"

"This…" Jit paused for a moment, not expecting that Chen Heng would ask such a question.

However, he quickly gave an answer.

"There are indeed such legends," Jit nodded and said, "And I have heard of such tales. However, I have never personally met someone like that before."

His answer revealed some information, which was that Knights existed in this region but there were not many of them.

This was not too strange.

In the first simulation, Chen Heng had become a mercenary and traveled everywhere to fight.

He found that remote regions lacked true Knights and noble families that had the legacies of Knights.

The region he was currently in was most likely a region that had fallen behind.

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