Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 22 Half A Year

"But then again… regions that are a bit behind are good too…"

Thinking back to the information he had gained, he inwardly nodded.

Regions that had fallen behind meant that they did not have very strong forces, and they would not have powerful Knights.

This meant that if he wanted to do anything in this region, it would not be as difficult.

While Chen Heng thought to himself, he maintained a resplendent smile on his face as he continuously conversed with Jit, trying not to make him feel awkward.

His tone was calm, and his attitude was friendly. When talking, he did not focus on his identity as a noble and instead just acted like a student of the younger generation, making Jit feel quite favorably towards him.

Looking at Chen Heng in front of him, Jit could not help but think of Ormando.

Even though they were brothers, Ormando would never talk to even Chen Heng like this.

"If it was young master Ormando… how would he treat me?"

He could not help but think of this.

Following this, he thought back to that scene from before. Thinking about Ormando's cold gaze, he could not help but inwardly sigh.

For him to lose an arm, to those people, he was already useless and not worth any attention or thought.

Perhaps only Chen Heng would pay such attention to him.

Thinking to there, he could not help but feel somewhat touched, and his gaze towards Chen Heng became more grateful.

Chen Heng sensed this change and inwardly chuckled.

After sending Jit home, Chen Heng especially went to see his family.

From what he knew, Jit had many people in his family.

He had five children and an elderly father.

Before, even as a soldier, Jit's life had been quite difficult, but he could barely keep going.

However, now that he had been injured on the battlefield and been forced to retire, their lives became even more difficult.

Chen Heng asked how they were and gave out the things he had brought as gifts. He then did a symbolic visit to the surrounding residents before leaving.

When he was leaving, all of the residents came to see him off. It seemed that they had a pretty good impression of the youngest son of the Baron.

On the way back within the carriage, the attendant serving Chen Heng felt quite confused.

"Young master…"

He hesitated before continuing, "You seem to treat us commoners a bit too well…"

Looking at Chen Heng's familiar face, he could not help but feel quite confused.

The Kailin of the past was not like this.

In the past, Kailin and Ormando had been quite similar. Even though he was not as cold as Ormando, he would not pay much attention to these commoners.

After all, to the nobles, commoners were just trash and not worth mentioning.

"You don't understand…"

Looking at his attendant, Chen Heng only smiled and shook his head, but he did not look like he was going to explain.

In actuality, he had just been testing things out.

The amount of Points he gained was equivalent to the impact on the world.

In other words, the more people he impacted, the more Points he would be able to gain.

This was why he did this; he was just testing things out.

Of course, he also wanted them to have a favourable impression of him.

Even though ordinary commoners were quite weak, when they banded together, they were still a force to be reckoned with.

A good reputation was also a kind of strength.

Since it was like this, why would he be against doing this?

Moreover, at the end of the day, it did not cost him much.

After returning to Baron Kaisen's land, the atmosphere had changed.

Many people had seen Chen Heng personally sending Jit off.

Those people had then told that to even more people.

Moreover, the things that Chen Heng had left to Tina also seemed somewhat effective.

In this residence, everyone knew that Chen Heng had been quite sympathetic to Jit's family, and he had especially requested for Jit to teach him out of benevolence.

Hearing about this, Chen Heng smiled but did not do much.

Time gradually passed.

Without realizing it, five months quickly passed.

Over these five months, Chen Heng went through great changes.

After entering the simulation, he changed all of his habits and did many things that shocked others.

He was very frugal with himself and did not spend money extravagantly like most nobles. He only had water and some vegetables every day, saving money on each meal.

However, he was incredibly generous to seniors and those in difficult circumstances. Sometimes, he was willing to trouble himself to help his friends.

He was extremely respectful to his teacher and even had an argument with his older brother, Ormando, to defend his teacher.

He was very friendly to merchants and travellers. Not only would he have people look after them, but he would also often ride on a horse and personally lead them over some difficult paths.

Over time, the attitudes of everyone in the residence towards Chen Heng had completely changed.

Whether they were servants, soldiers, or commoners, whenever they brought up Chen Heng, their faces would be filled with respect and admiration.

Even though they were the same with Ormando and Kaisen, they knew that they were completely different.

Early one morning, the sun had only just risen, and the morning dew made the ground look somewhat damp.

It was still very early, so it was still a bit dark.

However, Chen Heng was already awake.

He held his sword and walked onto the sparse training field; this was his habit.

For the past few months, he would be the first to rise every day.

Every day, just as the sun rose, he would get up and begin training.

In the past half a year, everyone had seen his hard work.

This was in stark contrast to Ormando.

Every time, he would be the last to arrive. He would only come here after all of the soldiers had gathered.

This was completely different from Chen Heng.

Of course, the reason why there was such a big difference was partially because of Chen Heng himself.

After all, the reason why he trained here every day was so those soldiers would immediately see him after coming here.

He had already become accustomed to this over the past half a year.

He silently drew his sword and began to train, swinging his sword about.

Over this period of time, he had regained his sword skills. Now, his sword skills were not inferior to anyone's, and even the most proficient soldiers in this territory were not a match for him.

It was just that on this day, as he silently practiced, Chen Heng felt that something was off.

"This feeling…"

On the training field, he suddenly stopped.

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