Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 23 Grand Prize

"This feeling…" On the training field, Chen Heng stood there dumbly.

He could sense the changes in his body, and he spaced out a bit.

There seemed to be a warm current flowing into his body, making him feel a strange sense of stimulation; it was quite a new and unique feeling.

He was both unfamiliar towards this feeling, as well as sensitive towards it.

"Could it be?"

Immediately, his eyes widened as a guess appeared in his mind.

"This body has the talent to become a Knight?"

In this world, if one wanted to become a Knight, one first needed to have talent.

Only by having the talent to become a Knight could one learn the Knights Breathing Technique, allowing one to gain Life Energy. Under the stimulation of Life Energy, one would be able to awaken a Life Seed and become a true Knight.

Because of the previous simulation, he knew that talent to become a Knight was very rare, so he just assumed that this body would not have talent.

However, it did not seem…

Chen Heng felt wild delight, and it was as if he had won the grand prize of a lottery.

Chen Heng understood that he had definitely won the grand prize.

He had only spent 30 Points on this identity, and logically speaking, it should not have such talent.

After all, to select the Knights talent option, it required a minimum of 100 Points.

Now, it seemed that the number of Points was not everything.

Even if he did not invest many Points, that did not mean that he could not gain anything good; it was just that there was a lower chance.

"What a pity, if I had known about this earlier…"

Sensing the changes in his body, Chen Heng felt that it was a bit of a pity.

In this simulation, he had assumed that this body would be the same as the previous simulation, that it would not have any special talents. As such, he had only used the Knights Breathing Technique as a supporting role and had not invested too much time into it.

He had put most of his effort into Body Forging. Otherwise, it would not have taken so long for him to detect that he had talent as a Knight.

Such a thing would not happen under normal circumstances.

Under normal circumstances, if one wanted to know if one had talent as a Knight, one needed a Knight who had Life Energy send his own Life Energy into one's body and observe.

Alternatively, they could use some special medicines that ignited the lifeforce, just like in the previous simulation, which would have the same effect.

Under normal circumstances, these were the most direct methods. Apart from this, one could also try to cultivate the Knights Breathing Technique and see if one could stimulate their body's Life Energy.

This time, Chen Heng lacked a Knight to instill in him Life Energy, as well as medicines, so he could only use the most basic method. Only now did he find out that he had won the lottery.

However, it was not too late.

Chen Heng did not hesitate to stop practicing the Body Training Technique. He put his sword away before beginning to do some strange actions.

His actions were very unique, and when moving, his mind was also greatly focused, trying to circulate the qi blood in his body in order to stimulate the Life Energy hidden in his body.

Under his efforts, a certain power in his body became active and started to roil, giving Chen Heng a new feeling.

Sensing this feeling, Chen Heng felt quite excited and his weariness all but disappeared as it was replaced by a refreshed feeling.

He had never felt this feeling when using the Knights Breathing Technique before. It had only just appeared, and it was incredibly obviously too.

He continued training until the sky brightened, after which he gradually stopped.

When he stopped, there was already a big crowd around him.

Many people stood there and looked at him, looks of respect in their eyes.

Facing these gazes, Chen Heng just smiled as he stopped.

Over the past half a year, after he had revealed his exquisite sword skills, many people would often look at him with such gazes.

"It's still early, everyone rest for a bit longer," Chen Heng smiled as he said softly.

Everyone nodded, and seeing that Chen Heng was going to leave, they made way for him.

After he left, they all had smiles on their faces.

After a while, Ormando came late to the training field.

As soon as he arrived, seeing the soldiers not gathered together, he frowned and said with an angry look, "What are you all sitting there doing? Hurry up and get training!"

"You're late yourself and yet you're being so fierce…"

Some people muttered among themselves, but no one dared to speak up. They all obediently got up and began to train.

After leaving the training field, Chen Heng came to a large hall.

It was still early, so the hall was not open yet.

Chen Heng patiently waited for the person within to wake up.

Time gradually passed.

After a while, someone's voice sounded out from within.

"Kailin, you came?"

A voice sounded from within, sounding somewhat surprised, "Come in quickly."

Hearing this voice, Chen Heng walked in.

After walking into the hall, a fragrant odor came from ahead, filling the surroundings.

Chen Heng looked ahead.

In front of him, Baron Kaisen was wearing a red robe and was sitting there by himself.

In front of him was a plate of bread and some boiled meat.

"Why are you here so early?"

Looking at Chen Heng walk in, Baron Kaisen's expression was kind as he smiled and said, "Since you were here, why didn't you have someone notify me?"

"It's fine," Chen Heng smiled, not minding at all, "I just came early; there was no need to disturb father's rest.

"It was also good to stand outside for a while to wake myself up."

"Oh you."

Looking at Chen Heng, Baron Kaisen's expression was a bit complicated, not knowing what to say.

Chen Heng had been like this since half a year ago.

Every time he came, he would always be early and would never let him wait or disturb his rest.

As time went on, as a father, he began to feel somewhat embarrassed.

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