Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 24: Opportunity to Study

Chapter 24: Opportunity to Study

In the hall, Chen Heng peacefully sat there, holding an old book in his hands.

In front of him, Baren Kaisen ate while looking at Chen Heng, thinking to himself.

"Do you know why I called you here?" he put down his cutlery and slowly asked.

"Why is it?" Chen Heng put down his book and asked with a respectful look.

"The Kutu Royal Academy's next round of enrollments is about to begin."

Looking at Chen Heng, Kaisen's expression was a bit complicated as he said, "I happen to have a spot and wanted to see if you wanted to go. Would you like to?"

Hearing this, Chen Heng felt quite surprised.

The Kutu Royal Academy was the best academy in the Kutu Principality, and it was funded by the Kutu royal family. In the past 100 years, it had always been the best place of study nearby.

Such an academy had incredibly strict rules, and it was very difficult for ordinary people to enter.

Kaisen had spent a great deal of effort to secure this spot.

"Does he want to send me away?"

Hearing Baron Kaisen's words, Chen Heng started to think to himself.

His first reaction was that Baron Kaisen wanted to send him off to make it easier for Ormando's succession.

This was not without reason.

In this half a year, because of how excellently Chen Heng had performed, too many people had been praising Chen Heng, and some had even wanted to persuade Baron Kaisen to make Chen Heng the successor to this territory.

In response, Baron Kaisen had been quite hesitant, and he had not made a decision.

In terms of feelings, Chen Heng was his favorite child; he had liked him more since he was young.

Now, whether it was in terms of capabilities, studies, or reputation, Chen Heng performed far better than Ormando.

The only thing that Chen Heng lacked was that he was not the eldest son.

As such, Baron Kaisen had fallen into internal conflict many times, and he could not make a decision.

Even though many thoughts raced past in Chen Heng's mind, he did not hesitate to say, "I am willing."

No matter what Baron Kaisen was thinking, from how Chen Heng saw it, it did not matter.

From the moment he awakened talent to become a Knight, the successor to Baron Kaisen had already been determined.

One son was someone who had talent as a Knight and could become a Knight; the other was the ordinary Ormando. The difference was too great.

If Baron Kaisen knew of this, as long as he wasn't an idiot, he would know who to choose.

Moreover, at a time like this, even Baron Kaisen's own opinion did not matter much anymore.

After all, in this world, problems were often solved with fists.

Over the past half a year, through Jit, Chen Heng had gained the loyalty of many soldiers and officials by Kaisen's side.

From these soldiers to the people by Baron Kaisen's side, all of them praised Chen Heng endlessly and greatly supported him.

Under such circumstances, adding on Chen Heng's own strength, it was enough to deal with many things.

Baron Kaisen's opinion was no longer as important to Chen Heng.

Of course, despite all of this, if he could properly succeed his father, that was preferable.

Using force to take over was easier, but it would bring shame to his name and not be beneficial to his future development.

As such, he still had to do his fair share of pretending.

Chen Heng decided that he would still act like a good son for now.

Sitting there and seeing how obedient Chen Heng seemed, Baron Kaisen lightly sighed and said, "I had to pay a great price for this opportunity. After going there, you must be careful and do your best to get to know some people who will be beneficial to your future."

Hearing his words, Chen Heng more or less understood Baron Kaisen's thinking.

After his performance in the past half a year, Baron Kaisen's heart was leaning towards him.

Otherwise, he should have left this opportunity to his eldest son Ormando, rather than his youngest son, Chen Heng.

Of course, this was both an opportunity and a test.

If Chen Heng performed well at the Kutu Royal Academy, then Baron Kaisen would most likely be able to make a decision.

However, if he performed poorly, the conclusion might be different.

Chen Heng immediately understood, but he maintained a bright smile on his face. The smile was incredibly sincere, making him look like a child diligently listening to his father's guidance.

In the distance, Mr White looked at the scene between father and son, and he could not help but smile.

At that moment, Chen Heng seemed to have noticed his gaze, and he turned and smiled at him, seeming quite friendly.

Mr White could not help but feel surprised, and he nodded at Chen Heng before turning and leaving to deal with other matters.

In front of him, Baron Kaisen was still speaking.

Looking at Chen Heng, he continuously spoke, giving him much advice.

"You can leave after three days."

In the end, he looked at Chen Heng and lightly sighed as he said, "When the time comes, I will personally send you."


Chen Heng smiled as he nodded before continuing to chat with Baron Kaisen for a while.

Following this, Chen Heng got up and left.

After leaving the hall, he went back to his own room.

Within his room, there were the sounds of sweeping; there was someone cleaning within.

Chen Heng opened the door and saw a girl in gray clothes with a broom in her hand, diligently cleaning the room.

It was Tina. In the past half a year, she had become someone by Chen Heng's side, and she served him personally.

"You came so early?"

Walking in, Chen Heng smiled and instinctively stretched out his hand to pat Tina's head as he said, "Have you eaten?"

"No, I haven't..."

Looking at Chen Heng, Tina lowered her head, "Why did you suddenly come in?"

"I saw you working and didn't want to disrupt you," Chen Heng said as he laughed, "Alright, you can go rest."

Tina looked at Chen Heng, and looking at his handsome face, her gaze became somewhat hazy. However, she obediently left.

Chen Heng smiled before sitting down.

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