Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 6 End Of The First Simulation

After walking out of the Cecily Territory, Chen Heng traveled away from it and headed to other regions.

Killing Sorondo did not bring him much trouble.

After all, this was an age of war and chaos, and no region was in peace; there was fighting everywhere.

Even in Salo, there were many true nobles who had died, so the death of a mere Knight was not much of a deal.

After Chen Heng left the Cecily Territory, he became a mercenary.

He called himself the Wandering Knight and assembled a small mercenary group that fought for various rulers. Within the various battles, he was able to refine and sharpen his skills.


Just like that, he went through many years in the chaotic age until he died unexpectedly in a battle.


A murky, dark feeling assaulted him, followed by an intense dizziness.

When Chen Heng once again opened his eyes, he found that he was in a familiar yet unfamiliar place.

This was his bedroom from before, and everything around him was exactly the same.

He let out a sigh of relief and started to go over his experience.

In this simulation, he had gone through an unimaginable life.

He had started as an ordinary hunter and continuously moved forward to become an extremely experienced warrior. This was not something that ordinary people would experience.

Sitting on his bed, Chen Heng thought for a long time before finally coming to his senses and looking ahead of him.

In front of his eyes, lines of words appeared.

"The simulation has concluded…"

"Calculating final score…"

As the words appeared, all of the things that Chen Heng had experienced flashed before his eyes.

"You killed many people… as well as saved many people…"

"You changed the course of many people's lives on a small scale and made eternal changes to that region…"

"You were a proficient warrior and were famous in that small region…"

"Overall evaluation: Average…"

"Calculation concluded. Your final Points score: 103…"


Looking at the words in front of him, Chen Heng felt quite surprised, muttering, "And that much?"

He could not help but feel surprised.

Before this, he had thought that he had to slowly accumulate Points over time.

From this, it seemed that he could obtain Points from the simulation. As long as he performed well enough, he would be able to obtain more Points.

This time, his entry fee had only been 20 Points.

Just like that, he had gained many times more Points and recovered his costs.

This was definitely a good piece of news.

However, things were not yet over.

More words began to appear.

"You can choose to spend Points to retrieve a portion of the things you had in the simulation."

"This includes, but is not limited to: items, talents, bloodlines, skills…"

After these words appeared, everything disappeared and a large wheel appeared before him.

Chen Heng's eyes immediately lit up.

"There's something like this as well?"

He could not help but feel excited and interested.

He had worked hard and struggled in the simulation for many years, and he had gained many abilities.

If he wanted to pick up all of these skills and abilities again, it would take a long time.

However, using this method would make things much easier.

He looked at the wheel in front of him as a number appeared.


Chen Heng nodded, "So it's the same price as the entrance fee?"

He did not hesitate and decided to spend 20 Points.

The wheel began to spin faster and faster before gradually slowing down.

When the pointer on the wheel stopped, the contents of the segment that it had stopped in was revealed.

"You have obtained: Hunter Suolo's Archery Skills…"

The faint words appeared before his eyes.

Immediately, his memories of Suolo's archery skills became clearer and clearer until they became incredibly realistic.

Chen Heng opened his eyes and felt somewhat confused before sensing his body.

He looked at his arms.

Before, his arms had been quite white and slim, and his palms did not have any marks.

However, without realizing it, his hands now had many calluses, covering his hands.

They now looked like the hands of someone who had trained regularly for a long time.

This made Chen Heng come to a realisation.

"So it's like that."

He understood the truth behind this prize wheel.

Before, he had trained in the simulation for a long time, reaching a high level; he could even fight with that world's Knights.

After returning to his original body, he was unable to bring back anything except his experiences.

However, in the end, experience was only experience. If he wanted to turn it into something real, it would take time.

This was the point of the prize wheel.

Through the prize wheel, he could directly regain what he had gained in the simulation.

This was what had just happened.

Chen Heng stretched out his hands testingly, and he could feel that he had grown much stronger.

This was most likely the effect of his prize. Not only had he gained the memories of the skills, but his body had also adjusted.

This saved a lot of the time he would have had to spend on training, and he directly regained the standard he had in the simulation.

However, archery skills were not that useful to Chen Heng.

It was good in the simulation, but in the real world, how could he have the opportunity to use a bow?

This skill was not very significant to him.

As such, Chen Heng raised his head and continued to look at the wheel.

Following this, he could not help but brown.

The number on the prize wheel had changed from 20 to 40—it had effectively doubled.

"As I do more draws, the number of Points it costs will also increase."

Chen Heng nodded and understood the rules of this prize wheel.

He lowered his head and thought before deciding to use the prize wheel again.

The wheel began to spin again.

However, compared to the first time, the prize wheel spun much slower this time.

In the end, as Chen Heng watched on, the pointer gradually slowed down and stopped at a certain place.

"You have obtained: Hunter Suolo's Body Forging Technique…"

The faint words appeared before his eyes.

Looking at these words, Chen Heng felt quite startled before looking delighted.

A light shined down and covered Chen Heng's body.

Following this, changes began to happen.

Chen Heng felt a wave of energy springing forth in his body as if his body was being reshaped, giving it terrifying strength.

Of course, this was just an illusory feeling and not actually real.

However, feeling this, Chen Heng could not help but give a slight smile.

In the real world, his cultivation was quite ordinary. Even though he had a foundation, he was still quite far from completing Body Forging.

Even though his experiences in the simulation could greatly shorten this time, based on Chen Heng's estimations, with his foundation, it would take him at least a few months to reach completion.

Completing Body Forging in just a few months was already an extremely shocking speed, and anyone would be shocked upon hearing this.

However, now that he could reach that point faster, it was naturally better.

Sensing his regained strength, Chen Heng laughed; the feeling was quite special.

After being spun twice, the prize wheel once again went through changes.

The cost increased from 40 to 80 Points.

From how things seemed, the prize wheel did not increase by 20 Points each time and instead doubled each time.

Based on how many Points Chen Heng had left, he could not afford the next roll.

Chen Heng looked up at his remaining Points.

Current Points: 43.

He had gained 103 Points from the simulation and had used 60 Points on the two skills.

Chen Heng nodded.

This was enough for two entrance fees.

Thinking of the gains from the previous simulation, he could not help but feel excited and chose to go into another simulation.

"Please choose your identity…"

The familiar interface once again appeared.

Just like last time, Chen Heng made the same selections.

However, this time, nothing happened.

The simulation has concluded…"

A line of words appeared before his eyes.

Chen Heng could not help but feel confused.

"What's going on?"

Looking at those words, he could not help but frown.

The Points had been deducted, and there had not been anything wrong with his selections.

But why had the simulation concluded before he had gone in?

He felt quite confused, so he looked at the interface.

It was as if the interface could sense his confusion, and scenes appeared before him.

It was the life of a person.

It was in an ordinary mountain village. A child was born and grew up there.

For the next few years, the child was like any other child, continuously growing.

However, when the child was seven years old, a group of bandits appeared and massacred the village.

During the massacre, the child's parents had been killed, and even though he had been lucky to survive, he lost the protection of the village and starved to death.

The scenes ended there…

Chen Heng felt quite speechless.

So it was like that; he understood why the simulation had failed.

Before the simulation had begun, he could choose the age that he started the simulation, but he had to pay for it.

Before, Chen Heng had wondered what the point of this option was.

Now, he understood that it was to prevent anything unexpected from occurring.

There were countless unexpected variables in a person's life.

From when a child was born to then growing to 20 years old, too much could happen.

There could be natural calamities or man-made disasters. Just a fire could cause a life to be lost.

Once something like this happened, if Chen Heng's identity in the simulation perished, the simulation would naturally fail.

"That means my luck before was pretty good…"

Sitting on his bed, Chen Heng thought back to his first simulation and felt quite speechless.

After staying in that world for so many years, he clearly knew how dangerous that world was.

Whether one was a noble or commoner, everyone was in a precarious state and could lose their lives at any moment.

Under such circumstances, if he wanted his identity in the simulation to safely survive to 20 years old, it was indeed somewhat difficult.

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