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Chapter 587 - Metamorphosis

Chapter 587 Chapter 587 – Metamorphosis

Even from Chen Heng’s point of view, this Sword Tomb was still somewhat mysterious.

It was unknown who had set up this secret realm back then. There were large amounts of terrifying runes everywhere, densely covering every region, turning every region into an absolute land of death.

If a person walked into it, they would most likely die before they could do anything. Even with Chen Heng’s current strength, it would be difficult for him to walk out in a piece.

Without a doubt, these were all very special places, and most of them had given birth to some unique existences.

Chen Heng called these places wastelands. The size and degree of danger in wastelands were different. Some of them took up a very large area, and the dangerous aura within them was particularly dense.

Some were the exact opposite. Not only did they take up a very small area, but the danger within them was not too great.

Chen Heng recorded these places one by one and then continued to explore. With his hard work, he found most of the fragments of the longsword from before and gathered them together again.

The longsword was broken, but the remaining fragments still had a unique feeling between them. Once they gathered, they instinctively scattered together, as if they were going to condense again and form a brand new longsword.

Chen Heng took a look, and his eyes couldn’t help but be a little surprised. This sword was indeed extraordinary. From the situation before him, if he was given some time, he might be able to wait for a certain moment in the future, and there might be a time for him to reassemble his spirituality again.

Of course, that was destined to be an unknown future. And when that time came, the spirituality that was once again gathered might not be the same Sword Spirit from before but a completely unfamiliar existence.

This was only the proof of the spirituality, and not another revival. Moreover, Chen Heng had found it now, so the result was naturally, needless to say, and even more direct.

After gathering these things, Chen Heng observed them for a while. After a few months of searching, he had almost gathered the body of the Sword Spirit from before. Except for a small part of the fragments that had fallen into some danger zones, most of the fragments had been found by him.

‘Since that was the case, it was about time.’

Chen Heng’s heart skipped a beat, and this thought flashed through his mind. In front of him, an imaginary black color appeared. Most of the area had already solidified, and there were faint flickering runes within it.

Chen Heng’s body rushed forward and wrapped around the black longsword in the next moment, completely enveloping the pieces within.

This was the process of devouring. If it were an ordinary weapon, it would still need to go through a round of refinement to completely remove its impurities, leaving only the last essence to be devoured.

However, these fragments did not need to go through such a troublesome process in front of him. With Chen Heng’s eyesight, he could naturally see that these fragments were top-notch materials.

Even if they had not gone through refinement, they were still top-notch existences. There was no longer a need to go through refinement processes.

He directly swallowed the remaining fragments and absorbed them into his body. Of course, ordinary weapons couldn’t do this, even if they had their spirituality.

Only Chen Heng, a former master refiner, could do this. As a master refiner, he was very experienced in extracting and absorbing materials. It was not easy for him to make mistakes, so he dared to use it like this. If it were an ordinary person, they would not be able to do it.

A faint golden light appeared and spread out in all directions. A faintly discernible sword’s intent spread out in all directions and gradually took shape.

Sensing this sword’s intent, the longswords began to emit a light hum in all directions. As if they had sensed something, they spontaneously leaned toward the direction of Chen Heng’s transformation, as if they were expressing their submission.

Following this process, Chen Heng’s aura slowly rose, gradually climbing upwards.

This process took more than a month.

When more than a month passed, and the Gen Qi from the outside world surged into the Sword Tomb, Chen Heng’s consciousness slowly recovered as he looked in front of him.

‘It’s finally over…’

This thought flashed through his mind. Following that, the power of his true spirit spread to the outside world, and he began to explore his current state.

After swallowing most of the Sword Spirit’s body, his current state was extremely good. His body had also undergone many changes. The originally pure and transparent glazed sword body now had some black color. It was as if it was made of black crystals. It was exceptionally mysterious and extraordinary.

On the sword, there were many runes engraved on it. It seemed to contain the profound meaning between heaven and earth. It was mysterious, unique, and extraordinary.

Following Chen Heng’s recovery, a sharp sword intent emerged from the sword and rushed in all directions. It suddenly burst out.

If someone stood in front of Chen Heng, their hair would stand on end. They would feel a great fear rising from their hearts.

This was Chen Heng’s transformation at this moment.

‘I’ve reached the critical point…’

Sensing his situation, this thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind. He could feel that he had reached a critical point, and he was at the same level as the Sword Spirit, who had transcended the tribulation.

This was very normal. Before this, the gap between him and the Sword Spirit was not too big, and they were both at this limit.

After devouring the Sword Spirit’s remains and obtaining a portion of the Sword Spirit’s foundation, Chen Heng’s level had taken a step further, and directly reaching this level was considered normal.

Faint lightning appeared in the air, and vaguely, there seemed to be an aura of destruction about to erupt, causing the Sword Spirits around to tremble in fear. This was a sign that the Heavenly Catastrophe was about to arrive.

From its looks, along with Chen Heng’s growth, the Heavenly Catastrophe that belonged to him was also about to arrive. If nothing unexpected happened, it would only happen in this period.

Chen Heng was not afraid of this, nor did he feel much hesitation. The scene of the Sword Spirit transcending the Heavenly Catastrophe was still in front of him, and it was terrifying.

However, Chen Heng was different from the Sword Spirit in the end. He was very confident that if the Heavenly Catastrophe were only at the previous level, he wouldn’t be in a situation where he couldn’t transcend it.

Compared to this, there was another thing that surprised him even more.

‘The Heaven-Devouring Scripture’s will can be used not only on the body of flesh and blood but also on the body of metal?’

Standing still, this thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind.

Before this, he had tried to use the Heaven-Devouring Scripture to circulate the scripture to assist, but in the end, he found that the situation was exceptionally smooth, much smoother than in the past.

With the Heaven-Devouring Scripture’s help, he devoured and plundered the origin of the Sword Spirit’s body, fusing it into his own body. The effect was much better than simply extracting the essence.

Chen Heng was a little surprised that the metal body could use the Heaven-Devouring Scripture.

However, after careful consideration, it was not too abnormal.

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