Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 7: Calm

Chapter 7: Calm

After understanding this, Chen Heng fell into his thoughts for a while. He now knew much more about the simulation.

Before, he had thought he would be able to start the simulation as long as he paid the entrance fee.

It seemed that things were not as he had thought.

After coming to this realization, he could not help but feel a bit speechless.

Following this, he lowered his head and looked at his current Points.

Current Points: 23.

23 Points was basically enough for just one entrance fee.

If the simulation failed again, Chen Heng would not be able to even enter a simulation again.

Thinking to there, he hesitated and chose to give up for now.

The first simulation had just concluded and there were still many things that he was not used to yet. He needed some time to train and solidify his gains from the simulation.

Before he did so, he would not be in a hurry to go into the next simulation.

Rather than beginning a new simulation now, it was better to wait a while and gather more Points.

He thought to himself, "For this period of time, I'll have to be careful…"

Sitting on the bed, he looked at the calluses on his hands.

The prize wheel had brought great changes to him, but externally, there were not many differences.

For those who were familiar with him, they might notice the slight differences and feel that something was off.

Even though this would not be a big problem, Chen Heng still felt that it was better to hide it.

After deciding this, he walked out from his room.

Chen Jing was no longer in the living room, and Chen Heng had no idea where she had gone.

Only Wang Li was left, busily hurrying around.

After letting Wang Li know, Chen Heng walked out of the house and left the neighborhood.

He found a drugstore and bought some ointments before going back.

"I should be able to get rid of them after using the ointments a few times."

Chen Heng thought to himself as he looked at his calluses.

That night, after eating dinner, Chen Heng once again went out.

This time, he did not go to those busy streets to play like usual. Instead, he went to a park by himself.

This was a place that Chen Heng had often visited in the past. Because it was not regularly maintained, not many people came here.

Ordinarily, only some elderly people would come here to passionately do radio gymnastics.

After walking here, Chen Heng came to a quiet area that he was familiar with.

It was quiet all around, seeming incredibly tranquil.

This was a place he had frequented, whether in his past life or in this life.

After walking here, he did not hesitate to take out a wooden sword from his bag.

The wooden sword belonged to Chen Jing.

Martial arts flourished in this world, and there were all kinds of martial arts. As such, there were many sword techniques as well.

Chen Jing had joined such a class when she was young.

Chen Heng did not know if she had learned anything, but they had given out many wooden swords like this.

It would be good to use it for practice.

Chen Heng lightly raised his hand and lifted up the wooden sword. His expression was concentrated as he silently looked ahead of him before vigorously swinging it.


Waves of sword wind swept forwards, rippling out.

Chen Heng held the sword, swinging it one strike at a time as he familiarized himself with his body.

In the simulation, he had killed for dozens of years and developed exquisite sword skills.

After returning to the real world, even though he still had some of his memories, he needed to have his real body get used to them too.

This was Chen Heng's current training goal.

In order to not make too big of a disturbance, his movements were very slow. Each strike could be clearly seen, and he looked as if he was doing a drill.

People would occasionally pass by, and looking at Chen Heng's movements, they would not feel that there was anything special about him, only that he was a bit strange.

Tap… tap… tap…

Light footsteps sounded out.

Two men walked towards the park.

They wore ordinary clothes and looked the same as anyone else. However, the aura and demeanor they gave off made them seem different.

It was easy to tell that they were true martial artists.

However, this was not strange. In this world, true martial artists were not rare and such people could often be seen.

Occasionally seeing one or two was not a strange matter.

"Is it here?"

Looking at this peaceful park, the older man, who looked middle-aged, frowned and said, "It doesn't feel like there's anything special."

The other person shook his head and said, "I'm not sure. From the report, before that demonic qi disappeared, it appeared around here."

The middle-aged man said, "Probably not here. There doesn't seem to be much of a reaction here."

"Most likely not then…"

As they talked, they attentively looked around.

After a while, they walked deeper into the park. They heard sounds from ahead and saw Chen Heng diligently training.

"Not bad at all."

Looking at Chen Heng's sword training from afar, they nodded and said, "Even though he's still young, his sword techniques are not like those people who just show off; his techniques are very refined."

"He's most likely a student from nearby."

The other person nodded as a look of appreciation appeared on his face, "To be still working so hard at a time like this, he's quite good. This is a good sprout."

"I wonder what his Body Forging progress is like."

"It should be decent as well."

The middle-aged man nodded, "Look at his movements; they're sharp and agile. His Body Forging progress should not be lacking at all. I wonder which school he's from."

They observed Chen Heng for a while before leaving and checking other areas of the park.

Over this process, they did not disturb the young man training with his sword and silently searched.


"Nothing here either."

"Let's go to a few other places to check."

"It'll be troublesome if we can't find it."

They discussed in low tones before walking out of this park.


Chen Heng did not know about anything that had just happened.

Standing in the corner, he continued to train for a while before stopping and resting.

Following this, he looked at the color of the sky, and after thinking for a moment, he left this area.

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