Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 8 Worry

In the next few days, time passed peacefully.

During the day, Chen Heng would go to class like normally, and at night, he would go to the park where no one else was around and train.

Studies for high schoolers were quite intense, and this was the case both in Chen Heng's previous world and this world.

When Chen Heng finished his classes, it was already quite late.

There were not many people out at such a time, so he could train in peace.

After training so much, he had regained a lot of his strength and skills from the simulation.

Current Points: 45.

Chen Heng looked in front of him.

Without noticing it, 20 or so days had passed already.

Over the past 20 or so days, his Points had increased one Point per day, slowly but surely increasing.

Now, he had 45 Points.

At the same time, Chen Heng had made much progress through his training.

He decided that he would go into the simulation again soon and continue his journey.

Ring ring ring…

A bell sounded from outside, and the students all came back to the classroom.

After a while a tall, middle-aged man walked in.

He was extremely tall and looked incredibly well-built and sturdy.

This person was called Liu Lin, and he was Chen Heng's Body Forging teacher.

In his previous life, he was not a Body Forging teacher but the physical education teacher.


Liu Lin walked to the lectern, coughed a few times as his expression became serious, and said, "Well… Your maths teacher is sick today, so I will be substituting."

Hearing this, the other students' expressions did not change; it seemed that they were used to this. Only Chen Heng's mouth twitched, having a bad feeling.

In this world, the sickly Big Lin was now the one substituting in for other sick teachers.

Chen Heng wondered if the Liu Lin of the other world would cry with tears of joy upon seeing a scene like this.

"Of course, there's something else."

Seeing that the students did not react much, Liu Lin nodded in satisfaction before clapping his hands.

Following this, a thin figure silently walked into the classroom.

It was a young girl who looked quite frail. She was somewhat pretty and wore very rustic-looking glasses, and she seemed quite introverted.

"This is Liu Yi. She just completed the transfer process yesterday and will be joining our class today."

Looking at the students below, Liu Lin said, "Let's welcome her."

After he finished speaking, an intense wave of applause sounded out.

In Chen Heng's class, the boys greatly outnumbered the girls, and it was rare to see female classmates.

Now that a new female classmate had joined, they all greatly welcomed her.

While everyone clapped, only Chen Heng felt a bit surprised.

He looked at Liu Yi standing beside the lectern and felt somewhat confused.

In his previous life, he did not remember a transfer student joining at a time like this.

Was this world just different, or was this a change that had happened because of him?

He felt quite confused, and he wondered what the reason was.

However, he did not pay too much attention to this.

"Maybe she's a relative of Mr Liu, which is why he had her transfer in."

Liu Lin gave Liu Yi a seat in the corner, and she sat down there.

From the start of the class to the end, she remained completely silent.

Following this, they went through the rest of their classes.

Only when the end of school bell rang did classes finish.

"I would like to say…"

Hearing the bell, Liu Lin did not immediately leave.

He stood at the lectern and said, "There is only half a year until your university entrance exams.

"And this weekend is another physical examination.

"Do you know what this means?"

Liu Lin's expression was serious as he said, "While there's still time, students who haven't met the requirements for basic Body Forging should use this opportunity to catch up.

"Otherwise, if you miss out on this university entrance exam, do you want to repeat a year next year?" he said seriously.

Hearing these words, Chen Heng fell into his thoughts.

In the previous world, the university entrance exams were already harsh enough.

Countless students worked incredibly hard for many years just to get good results on the university entrance exams.

However, in this world, the university entrance exams were even harsher.

In his previous world, one only had to do well on the culture subjects; they would not be put at a disadvantage because of their innate physical condition.

Even a person with disabilities who was missing a few limbs could enter a top university if he did well enough, but in this world, the situation was different.

Martial arts had an extremely high position in this world, and in fact, sometimes it was valued higher than the university entrance exams.

In this world, those whose Body Forging was below par were unable to get into a good university.

No matter how good one's scores in the culture subjects were, as long as one's score in Body Forging and one's qi blood were not strong enough, one could only go to a third-rate university.

This had become an insurmountable obstacle for many people.

Hearing Liu Lin's words, many people's faces became pale, and their expressions became serious.

Chen Heng did not feel much pressure though.

His grades had already been quite good, and now that he had gained much from the simulation, he had already completed Body Forging.

Body Forging completion was no small deal.

Putting aside the Lin City Number 1 High School, even in the entire Lin City, there were not many people at his age who had reached such a level.

With his current status, as long as he did not do too poorly in his culture subjects, he would be able to easily get into the best universities.

The problem of deciding whether to go to Tsinghua University or Peking University was something that he could only imagine in his past life. However, in his current life, he would really have to think about it.

Of course, this world did not actually have Tsinghua University or Peking University; there were other top-ranked universities.

After class ended, Chen Heng got up, took his bag, and left.

"Ai, what to do?"

On the way, a student sighed and said, "It's nearly time for another physical examination… if I don't pass, what should I do…"

Chen Heng lightly smiled and said softly, "There's still time; just do your best to do supplementary work. After all, there's still half a year left. Don't feel too pressured."

"Ai…" the student sighed, not knowing what to say.

This student was called Liang Guo, and he was Chen Heng's neighbor as well as his good friend of many years.

Because they lived close by, they often hung out together and went home together.

"Oh, by the way…" On the way home, Liang Guo's expression became a bit hesitant, but looking at Chen Heng, he decided to say it, "I think I saw your big sister last night…

"Your big sister, she…"

"My big sister?"

Chen Heng's expression did not change as he asked, "What about her?"

"I saw her… and a guy… pulling at each other aggressively…"

Liang Guo said hesitantly, "They seemed to be having a fight…"

"Was it bad?" Chen Heng frowned.

Liang Guo sighed and silently nodded.

"I'll ask her when I get back…" Chen Heng also sighed, not knowing what to say.

From when they had been young, his big sister's reputation was not very good.

The reason for this had to do with her personality.

From when she was young, she had been involved with simply too many boys.

He did not know which one Liang Guo was referring to.

However, in actuality, Chen Heng and Chen Jing's relationship was actually quite good.

From when they had been young, Chen Jing's relationship with other family members had been quite rigid, except with Chen Heng. They were somewhat close.

If possible, Chen Heng did not want to see anything bad happen to Chen Jing.

However, when he returned home, he did not see Chen Jing.

"Her? She's probably fooling around outside again."

Wang Li harrumphed as she cooked, "She didn't come back since the night before; I have no idea where she is.

"She hasn't even sent a message or called."

Hearing this, Chen Heng frowned.

He let Wang Li know before preparing to leave.

Wang Li suddenly said, "Be careful and try not to go out at night. I heard there have been man-eating monsters appearing; it sounds quite terrifying."

As she spoke, she looked quite fearful and reminded Chen Heng not to stay out too late.

Chen Heng silently nodded before returning to his room.

After returning to his room, he tried to contact Chen Jing, but he could not reach her.

Even after calling and texting, there was no reply.

This was not very normal.

Chen Heng and Chen Jing's relationship was quite good, so even if she ignored other people, she would not ignore Chen Heng.

Sitting on his bed, Chen Heng frowned and did not know what to say.

He stayed in his room for a while before deeply breathing in and going out.

After leaving the house, a cold wind blew, bringing with it the faint scent of grass.

It was now dusk, and the sun was setting, making the lighting a bit dim.

There were not many people around, and those on the streets all seemed to be in a rush.

A cold gust of air swept about, causing people to frown.

In this weather, Chen Heng began to walk about by himself.

He started to search for Chen Jing in places that he knew her to frequent.

After going through two lives, he was quite familiar with where Chen Jing liked to go.

He went through place after place, but he still could not find her.

By now, it was already dark and a thin figure appeared in front of him.

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