Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 25: Qualification for Radiance Hundred

Chapter 25: Qualification for Radiance Hundred

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The more Teacher Bao observed the spirit storage box, the more increasingly strange it felt. All of a sudden, his irises contracted as he recognized the marking at the side of the spirit storage box.

It’s a bronze-grade spirit storage box!

Originally, Teacher Bao had wanted to mention the Yellow-Spotted Hound, but he held back. Although he didn’t know if this spirit storage box contained a Bronze fey, he believed it was definitely better than the Yellow-Spotted Hound.

After all, the amount needed to purchase a single Ostrich Logistics bronze-grade spirit storage box was enough to buy three Yellow-Spotted Hounds.

As they walked inside the campus, Lin Yuan suddenly felt relaxed after seeing all the young and vibrant smiling faces. At the same time, Lin Yuan felt very glad that he had chosen to support Chu Ci to attend school instead of managing the fey store with him.

Once they entered Teacher Bao’s office, Lin Yuan saw a cage that contained a healthy Yellow-Spotted Hound. Evidently, Teacher Bao was planning to give it to Chu Ci.

Lin Yuan didn’t know how to thank Teacher Bao. Although he might have enough money in his Star Web account to purchase dozens of Yellow-Spotted Hounds, kindness couldn’t be measured by money, especially the kind that didn’t seek repayment.

Teacher Bao sat in the office chair and said to Lin Yuan, “I didn’t expect you to actually prepare such a good fey after telling you to do so.”

Teacher Bao looked at Lin Yuan and lamented. If this bronze-grade spirit storage box really contains a Bronze fey, even if it is a regular Bronze defense-type fey, it isn’t something that I can obtain.

I wonder how a youth like him was able to obtain something this great...

Teacher Bao found the thought of Chu Ci wasting her talent unbearable previously, but he was feeling heartbroken for Lin Yuan now.

Teacher Bao’s words left Chu Ci rather confused. She, who had been holding this spirit storage box, didn’t know what was inside, so how could Teacher Bao know?

Lin Yuan noticed Chu Ci’s confused expression and said, “Chu Ci, bring out your first fey and form a contract.”

Chu Ci dismissed her doubts and placed her hand on the spirit storage box’s lock. After injecting her spirit qi and opening the spirit storage box, a majestic ink-colored iron bull appeared. Its head was equipped with abnormally sharp horns.

Chu Ci involuntarily let out a gasp.

Teacher Bao also dropped the pen he was holding and exclaimed, “It is actually a Bronze Sharp Iron Horn Bull! Furthermore, this Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s appearance seems to be distinctively in the ancestry line.

“The nose horn at the front is actually so long! The quality of this Sharp Iron Horn Bull is definitely top-notch among the Bronze defense-type feys.

“Take a look at the nose horn. It is a great ingredient that can be used to promote a fey’s quality. Just this horn alone is worth 700,000 Federation dollars.”

Once Teacher Bao stopped talking, the Sharp Iron Horn Bull let out a moo and knocked its hind hooves against the ground.

Lin Yuan looked at Teacher Bao with an incredulous expression. A Bronze fey’s spirituality allowed it to sense what the humans surrounding it were thinking. Teacher Bao’s reaction after seeing the Sharp Iron Horn Bull was to put a price on its nose horn. It truly agitated the bull.

Teacher Bao picked up the dropped pen and laughed in embarrassment. “It’s my old habit. It is a Spiritual Ingredient Analyst’s occupational habit. Haha.”

Chu Ci was staring blankly at the Sharp Iron Horn Bull, while tears were flowing her cheeks.

Lin Yuan stepped forward to wipe off Chu Ci’s tears and asked, “What are you crying for?”

Lin Yuan was a rather reserved person and didn’t know how to express his emotions or console others.

Chu Ci looked at Lin Yuan and asked, “Lin Yuan! Did you sell our store!?”

Chu Ci might not know this Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s value, but based on Teacher Bao’s reaction and the fey’s appearance, she could tell it was not cheap.

Teacher Bao left his office and closed the door for Lin Yuan and Chu Ci.

Lin Yuan rubbed Chu Ci’s head and said, “Hurry up and form a contract with it. Teacher Bao still has to report it later. Do not increase Teacher Bao’s workload. When we go out for dinner later, we will talk more.”

Lin Yuan circulated his spirit qi while talking.

Chu Ci exclaimed in joy, “Lin Yuan, you can feel spirit qi! Then your body...”

Lin Yuan put on a warm smile. “I am fine now.”

Chu Ci’s tears were quietly flowing down earlier, but now, she couldn’t help it and started to wail. She was crying and laughing at the same time.

Upon seeing the panicked Lin Yuan, Chu Ci said, “Let me cry for a moment. These are tears of joy.”

Chu Ci cried for five minutes. During these five minutes, the tears were the saltiest, but Chu Ci was enjoying the happiest five minutes.

After forming the contract with the Sharp Iron Horn Bull, Chu Ci stored it inside her spiritual storage box.

When Teacher Bao noticed that the commotion was over, he opened the door and just happened to see the scene of Chu Ci forming the contract.

He said in an emotional tone, “Chu Ci’s talent is already top-notch. Now that she is starting with a superior Bronze Sharp Iron Horn Bull, Chu Ci might have the chance to participate in the Redbud Hundred’s selection during the year-end.”

When Teacher Bao mentioned the Redbud Hundred, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t only third-year students eligible to participate in the Redbud Hundred? Chu Ci is only a first-year!”

Teacher Bao looked at Chu Ci with limitless expectations and said, “The Redbud Hundred’s selection involves picking out 100 young individuals from Redbud City and giving them the qualification to participate in the Radiance Hundred.

“In order to qualify for 80 of those spots, one has to go through actual combat. As for the remaining 20 spots, they are for seeded participants. As for the criteria, it’s their potential and talents.

“Chu Ci is entirely capable of striving for those 20 spots. If Chu Ci succeeds, she will obtain the education resources Redbud City sponsors to our Redbud Intermediate Spirit Qi Academy. She would then be able to develop even better. However, all this is still depending on Chu Ci’s hard work.”

Chu Ci nodded with determination. She was naturally going to do her best and strive for it. Otherwise, she would be letting down Lin Yuan’s contribution.

Lin Yuan didn’t really care about the sponsorship of resources. With him around, every time Chu Ci returned home during the holidays, he would be able to improve her contracted fey.

Furthermore, he would nurture all of Chu Ci’s future contracted feys, so she wouldn’t need to rely on others for resources.

Lin Yuan was more concerned about the academy’s atmosphere and environment. To be competing against similar-aged individuals in this place was actually a type of growth.

Such growth might be displayed with one’s strength, but it was more a growth in spirit.

Lin Yuan wanted to bring Chu Ci out for a meal, so she requested to take a break.

Teacher Bao immediately approved Chu Ci’s request.

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