Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 26: You Shall Be the One

Chapter 26: You Shall Be the One

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Lin Yuan and Chu Ci left the Redbud Intermediate Spirit Qi Academy, and they spoke about his situation in detail while walking.

“My body is fine now, and the store is also doing well. I am preparing to participate in the Creation Master exam soon.”

Lin Yuan summarized the situation and his plans. He didn’t wish to hide his participation in the Creation Master exam from Chu Ci.

Creation Masters were akin to celebrities of the pre-Spirit Qi Awakening era. They would be introduced on the Star Web, so it was impossible to conceal it. He might as well tell Chu Ci and let her have peace of mind.

Chu Ci looked at Lin Yuan and felt that he had changed significantly. Of course, the changes had to do with his physical appearance, as Lin Yuan’s heart was still the same.

Lin Yuan might have said that things were relatively good recently, but Chu Ci knew that he would always mention the good news and not the bad news. Therefore, she was still a little worried.

“Lin Yuan, that Sharp Iron Horn Bull must be very expensive, right?”

Lin Yuan laughed mischievously and took out his Star Web Card while speaking. “I now have the talent of a Creation Master and have earned some money. We have money now! Later on, I will transfer 100,000 Federation dollars to your Star Web Card. If you need any resources in school, just buy them. The Sharp Iron Horn Bull needs a large number of energy ores. We will purchase those strong and tough metals too.”

When Lin Yuan was speaking, he was genuinely happy. It wasn’t because they were rich now. He could finally provide a great cultivating environment for Chu Ci. The feeling was truly carefree.

Chu Ci nodded obediently and didn’t object. From the tender age of six, when Lin Yuan was eight years old, he had been supporting her and their store. They were each other’s closest family members in this world.

Chu Ci always had a certain reliance on Lin Yuan, and it was a feeling that originated from their bloodline and kinship.

At that moment, a stall owner in the street called out loudly, “Chinese cornbread! Four for 1 Federation dollar! Come here, come now!”

When Chu Ci heard the stall owner’s sales pitch, she laughed and said to her brother, “Lin Yuan, I want to eat Chinese cornbread.”

Lin Yuan looked at the stall and said, “Haven’t you always wanted to eat hotpot? If you eat Chinese cornbread now, your stomach won’t digest fast enough for you to finish your hotpot.”

Chu Ci took a look at the cornbread and let out a sweet smile. “I want both cornbread and hotpot!”

Lin Yuan went to purchase cornbread helplessly. Chu Ci looked at his back and felt as though time had suddenly returned to several years ago.

Back then, she had been severely ill, and her condition had been getting worse. Lin Yuan had gone to look for a Healer to treat her, but the treatment had cost too much. As a result, the two of them had to eat cornbread for half a month.

Back then, whenever they ate cornbread, they would feel it was coarse, hard to swallow, and very plain. Now that everything was better, Chu Ci couldn’t help but think of their past when seeing the cornbread.

“What are you thinking? Here is your cornbread, but don’t eat too much. Otherwise, when we are eating hotpot, you can only watch me eat!”

“Big Brother, I know already!”

Chu Ci chewed on the cornbread. Although its taste was still the same as she remembered, Chu Ci could feel a hint of sweetness. It was unknown if they had added some sugar in the cornbread or if the cornbread actually had a unique taste in her heart.


After eating the hotpot, Lin Yuan sent Chu Ci back to the academy.

There was always reluctance when parting, but their lives would continue getting better.

Lin Yuan didn’t ride on an aviant fey to return home. Instead, he had chosen to ride a Thick-Hoofed Donkey Car. Lin Yuan wasn’t trying to save money, but he wished to see the mountain from the ground this time.

At the same time, he was going to make a plan for his future.

Lin Yuan no longer planned to open the fey store at home. It wasn’t because he didn’t wish to operate it, but he was planning to open a store on the Star Web. If he wanted to sell feys, he could just sell them on the Star Web.

He would arrange for Genius to memorize the primary books related to the Scholar, Fey Observer, and Spiritual Ingredient Analyst occupations after his return. He would then directly participate in the Creation Master exam.

Once he passed the Creation Master exam, he could authenticate himself on the Star Web and receive jobs for custom-made feys.

Spirit qi professionals would ultimately have to strengthen themselves in order to progress. Lin Yuan was also considered a spirit qi professional now. Therefore, after becoming a Creation Master, apart from increasing his spirit qi by evolving feys, he would only accept jobs like custom-made orders.

Under normal circumstances, he would need to continue increasing his fey’s grade. Now that he had a Willpower Rune, he wondered if he could increase a Bronze fey’s quality to Legend and nurture a Bronze Fantasy Breed.

When a fey transformed into a Fantasy Breed at a lower grade, it meant that the fey had greater potential.


It was daybreak, and soon the morning sun’s redness soaked the entire mountain range. At the same time, the Thick-Hoofed Donkey Car delivered Lin Yuan back to the Xia Region.

Lin Yuan had a breezy journey. He didn’t walk back home immediately and instead headed to the fey marketplace to purchase 150 pots of Usneas that weren’t even normal-grade. He then asked the stall owner to deliver them to his store.

After making this bulk purchase of Usneas, Lin Yuan didn’t plan to purchase any more feys from the marketplace. He was planning to purchase feys from the Star Web. Although the prices of feys were slightly higher on the Star Web due to the transportation fees, it had the advantage of being safe.

Before Lin Yuan became a Creation Master, he didn’t wish to expose his fey-evolving ability.

After evolving all these 150 pots of Normal Usneas to Elite, Lin Yuan reckoned that his spirit qi would reach a D-rank spirit qi professional’s standard. By then, he would be a true spirit qi professional that had a rank.

Lin Yuan was already at the entrance of his store, but he suddenly had a thought.

Morbius’ Spirit Lock exclusive skill is due to my compatibility with healing-type, support-type, and plant-type. Therefore, I can only use the Spirit Lock on those types of feys.

I had already decided to form a contract with a healing-type fey a long time ago. The Spirit Lock exclusive skill only allows the use of the fey’s basic ability. It’s also the ability that will be obtained by the fey at normal-grade.

There was an awkward matter about healing-type feys’ normal-grade ability... Most of them didn’t possess healing abilities, just like the Clear Pond Carp that Lin Yuan had encountered previously. It might be a healing-type fey, but its basic ability was to use the fins to deal physical damage. Thus, such feys were unsuitable for Spirit Lock.

As for the basic abilities that could heal, the most clear-cut ability would be Jasmine Lily’s Heal.

Lin Yuan immediately decided that the first fey to use Morbius’ Spirit Lock on was simply going to be Jasmine Lily.

Therefore, Lin Yuan returned to the fey marketplace, and purposely picked a Normal I/Normal Jasmine Lily.

He was preparing to use Spirit Lock on this pot of Jasmine Lily after going home.

When Lin Yuan returned home, Genius and Chimey immediately pounced at him. Lin Yuan seldom went outdoors in the past because of his body condition. Hence, it was rare for him to leave Genius and Chimey. Lin Yuan had been out for an entire night, so Genius and Chimey were especially clingy toward him now.

Their reliance and caring feelings made Lin Yuan feel warm.

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