Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 27: Morbius’ Evolution

Chapter 27: Morbius’ Evolution

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Soon, the stall owner from before carried a cart of Usneas into Lin Yuan’s store.

Lin Yuan’s store was nearly filled with the 150 pots of Usneas. As such, Lin Yuan immediately evolved one pot of Usnea into normal-grade and subsequently into elite-grade.

He put it high on the rack and said to Chimey, “Chimey, in the future, that pot of Elite Usnea will be your food. When you reach the grade of Elite, I will prepare a Bronze Usnea for you.”

Chimey flew happily to its Usnea and started singing a song.

A delicacy like the Elite Usnea was something that Chimey had a chance to eat during the past two days. Of course, Chimey was the most delighted because this pot of Elite Usnea was something that Lin Yuan had specially prepared for it.

Lin Yuan took another bowl and placed some energy biscuits inside. These energy biscuits were meant for omnivorous feys, and they contained low-grade spiritual ingredients that were rich with nutrients. In other words, they weren’t cheap.

Naturally, Lin Yuan couldn’t afford them in the past, but things were different now. As such, Lin Yuan changed Genius’ diet too.

Genius lowered its head and smelled the energy biscuits in the bowl. Its eyes lit up, and it started to chew on the energy biscuits with its small teeth in a very carefree manner.

After preparing the food for Genius and Chimey, Lin Yuan went upstairs to shower. Subsequently, he was preparing to use Spirit Lock on the Jasmine Lily. Afterward, he would also be considered a combat-class spirit qi professional and a rare Healer.

Healers were very respected among the combat-class spirit qi occupations, and it wasn’t because they were rare.

Healers might be considered a combat-class occupation, but they were mainly important for their healing abilities and didn’t have outstanding combat capabilities.

As a combat-class professional, Healers would also need to form teams with other combat-class professionals. They would need to fight in Star Web Tournaments or receive guild missions. All those places required them to be in danger.

Healers weren’t able to protect themselves, so they had to rely on their teammates. The teammates would ensure the safety of healing-type spirit qi professionals, while the latter would nurture the entire team back to health. This was the main reason why Healers were respected.

Of course, Lin Yuan didn’t need to worry. His compatibility direction wasn’t just to the healing-type but also toward the support-type.

The definition of a support-type was rather vague. When support-type spirit qi professionals contracted some specific support-type feys, they would provide control-type abilities or weaken-type abilities.

These abilities’ damage value was already negligible, but everything had its advantages and disadvantages. Support-type spirit qi professionals that specialized in amplifications were more popular among the combat-class spirit qi professionals.

As Morbius’ grade increased, Lin Yuan would be able to use Spirit Lock on more feys. Therefore, Lin Yuan would be able to choose the combination of healing and support abilities.

They might be basic abilities, but as the feys evolved, their basic abilities would also be continuously enhanced, strengthening their effects.

When the spirit-locked feys reached bronze-grade and obtained their exclusive skill, it would also enhance the basic abilities. In addition, Lin Yuan didn’t think that basic abilities would be inferior.

Since he had the ability to evolve feys, before they reached bronze-grade, they would surely reach epic-quality. He was only able to use the spirit-locked feys’ basic abilities, so he didn’t need to consider too much about the characteristics. He simply needed to choose based on the advantages of the basic abilities.

Lin Yuan would only need to choose the future spirit-locked feys based on their types to have a better ability combination.

This was something that the other healing-type and support-type spirit qi professionals couldn’t compare with him. Lin Yuan believed that he would definitely become an outstanding healing-type and support-type spirit qi professional.

Lin Yuan looked at the frail Normal I/Normal Jasmine Lily in his hand. He gently rubbed the Jasmine Lily’s leaf while thinking that this was going to be his first spirit-locked fey.

This is just the beginning.

Lin Yuan used his spiritual energy to communicate with Morbius that was on his right wrist and activated the exclusive skill, Spirit Lock.

Lin Yuan felt his spiritual energy connecting deeply with Morbius, while the latter released spiritual energy toward Lin Yuan’s choice and formed the contract with the Jasmine Lily.

Soon, Spirit Lock was completed.

Lin Yuan felt that Morbius’ released spiritual energy was the spiritual energy he had used to form Morbius’ contract. As for the spiritual energy that he possessed right now, there wasn’t any consumption.

This meant that when Morbius used Spirit Lock, Lin Yuan would only need to use the spiritual energy to communicate with Morbius and wouldn’t need to use his own spiritual energy.

Lin Yuan always thought that he would need to reserve some spiritual energy to form the contract before using Spirit Lock.

With that step skipped, Lin Yuan felt ecstatic.

This means that I can still form a contract with another fey that only requires a small amount of spiritual energy. It doesn’t matter if the fey isn’t even normal-grade. After all, I can nurture it like how I nurture Genius and Chimey.

Lin Yuan’s mind raced with thoughts again.

I am compatible with healing-type, support-type, and plant-type feys. Jasmine Lily is a healing-type and support-type fey, so I can now nurture another plant-type and combat-type fey. That way, I will be able to protect myself even if I am in the wilderness.

However, all the choices had to go through careful consideration.

After Morbius used Spirit Lock successfully, Morbius’ attributes changed.

Lin Yuan immediately channeled spirit qi into the spirit-locked Jasmine Lily.

After over an hour, the Normal I/Normal Jasmine Lily had reached Elite I/Elite.

Presently, the Jasmine Lily’s leaves were plump and tender green. The distinct layers of green made a person’s mood better just by looking at them.

At that moment, Lin Yuan checked on Morbius’ attributes.

[Fey Name]: Morbius

[Fey Species]: ???

[Fey Grade]: Elite (1/10)

[Fey Type]: Spatial/Mystery

[Fey Quality]: Elite


[True Data]: All complicated information that is invisible to the eye is turned into data. Information that is turned into data might contain truth that cannot be distinguished on the surface.

[Calm Mind]: Passive ability. Effects of Calm Mind can be improved according to the fey’s grade. Calm Mind can stabilize the mind and has a certain probability of resisting negative conditions.

Exclusive Skill:

[Spirit Lock]: Morbius’ spatial zone can be used to nurture feys. The initial grade of the fey that Morbius’ spatial zone can nurture must not be higher than Morbius’ grade. Morbius isn’t able to increase its grade by itself, so its grade will be increased along with the fey’s grade that it nurtures. At the same time, Morbius can obtain the initial ability of the fey that it nurtures. However, Morbius will not obtain abilities when its grade increases. Whenever Morbius increases a grade, it will be able to nurture one more fey. Morbius’ method of growth will remain unchanged.

[Normal Spirit Lock]

Jasmine Lily: Elite (1/10), Quality: Elite

Ability: Heal – Recover open wounds.

When the Jasmine Lily evolved in grade, Morbius had also reached Elite I/Elite. In addition, the Elite Morbius’ Spirit Lock spatial zone transformed.

Lin Yuan held the Jasmine Lily, entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone, and noticed that the spatial zone, which was originally 40 square meters, had expanded. It was twice the size, at least 80 square meters now.

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