Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Master and Servant (3)

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The security guards never expected the maid to jerk free from their grips. As they were not paying attention, she took the opportunity to throw herself at Zhao Youlin’s feet and grab hold of her thighs tightly.


Several of the onlookers wanted to move forward, but the old butler acted first and stopped them. The old butler looked serious as he stared at Zhao Youlin, but the curiosity in his eyes intensified. He really wanted to see if this woman had really changed or if it was all just a bluff.

Zhao Youlin coldly gazed at the girl who held her legs; she was crying uncontrollably. It was very difficult for her to relate this girl to the aggressive snob who had been behaving so arrogantly and impatiently.

That was the nature of some people. Talking nicely to them would only make them assume that you were a pushover, so they would torment you in an escalating fashion.

But the moment fangs were bared, they would be cowed. She would not wait to worship and adhere to you like you were her ancestor. This woman was ultimately pathetic!

While everyone thought that Zhao Youlin’s heart would melt to the maid’s cries and pleas for mercy, Zhao Youlin smiled faintly and bent down. She said softly yet heartlessly to the maid, “The moment you walked into the room and behaved so rudely toward me, you should’ve thought about the possible outcome. Since your family is so poor, you should’ve been a good maid instead of stepping beyond your station and making everyone pay the price for your ignorance. You must know that the Mu family hires all of you to serve us, not to be served. Everyone in the world needs to pay a price for their actions, and you’re no exception.”


After Zhao Youlin spoke, she kicked the maid to the side. She produced a tissue and wiped her hands. “Throw her out,” she said indifferently.

“Madam… Madam… Sir, help me, please help me. I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to leave. Madam… please give me one more chance. Give me one more chance…” The maid’s screams echoed through the whole mansion. Everyone became fearful.

“Shut her up,” Zhao Youlin said to the security guards in the distance. She sneered and said, “One more chance? Not everyone in the world deserves a second chance. If it occurred one time, it will occur a second time. If you have the mindset of thinking you can get lucky and escape punishment once, you will need to leave sooner or later. Hence, why don’t you leave in the beginning so that I don’t need to see you? Mr. Butler, what do you think?”


Zhao Youlin’s words stunned the old butler again. It was only after a while before he calmly answered, “You’re right, Madam. Did all of you hear her clearly?”

When a few maids in the house heard this, they shuddered and answered at the same time, “We understand.”

Zhao Youlin had attained her goal of teaching them a lesson, so she did not speak again. Meanwhile, the old butler looked at the mess on the ground. His eyes sparkled slightly. “Two of you, clean the mess here. Go downstairs and bring the madam another set of her meal. The madam has lost a lot of blood, so go and order the kitchen to prepare more supplements to enrich her blood.”

Following the events that unfolded earlier, no maid dared to neglect this so-called madam again. Everyone swiftly got to their assigned jobs.

Having witnessed the incident just now and after receiving the orders from the old butler, the food the two maids returned with was clearly more sumptuous.

Zhao Youlin casually took some soup that contained red dates and donkey-hide gelatin. She was not bothered about the people who had grown fearful of her as she took a spoon and began to gently stir it.

She was not functioning at full capacity, since she lost a lot of blood recently. She needed to recover sufficiently before she could deal with the demons around her.


Zhao Youlin took two sips of her soup before she raised her head. She saw the old butler still standing nearby; he had not left.

She curled the corner of her lips a little and looked at him with the ghost of a smile. “Do you have anything else to tell me?” she asked.

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