Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: My Son Is the Cutest Kid (3)

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The two adults were stunned by the loud smooching sound that rang throughout the room.

Meanwhile, the child who had actually made the sound remained completely oblivious. He murmured with sleepy eyes, “Mommy, kisses… kisses…”

“Pfff…” Looking at the child’s bleary eyes and adorable appearance, she could not hold back her laughter.

Her chest shook from laughter. It slowly woke Joy up, and he opened his eyes with difficulty. He looked at Zhao Youlin, who was looming right before him, and was shocked to realize that it had not been a dream after all.

As Joy recalled what he had just done, his little round face turned red. He immediately hugged Zhao Youlin tightly and buried his face.

“Hahaha!” When Zhao Youlin saw this, her laughter only intensified. She reached out to pinch Joy’s little face and teased him, “You’re finally feeling shy about it?”

“Mommy!” Since the events from the night before, Joy had grown bolder when facing Zhao Youlin. He protested indignantly due to the humiliation he felt. His eyes were especially beautiful as they teared up as a result of his annoyance and embarrassment.

“Fine, fine, fine. I won’t tease you anymore. It’s late, I have to get up for breakfast. Do you want to get up with me, Joy?”

Joy clenched Zhao Youlin’s shoulders tightly and replied cutely, “Yes.”

Zhao Youlin smiled and carried Joy out of bed.

At that moment, the old butler who had been neglected hurriedly dashed forward. “Madam, let me do it.”

“Mr. Butler…” Joy was leaning on Zhao Youlin. He then raised his head and called out to the butler when he heard his voice. Joy immediately recalled that the butler had been standing by the side all this while, but he had not taken notice of him. The butler must have seen the incident earlier. How embarrassing!


When she saw the child burying himself into her arms after just one swift glance at the old butler, Zhao Youlin naturally knew that the child was embarrassed again.

She patted his butt playfully, and he cried in surprise. Zhao Youlin turned her head and addressed the old butler, “It’s fine, I’ll do it myself. Where is Joy’s room?”

The old butler froze as he answered almost reflexively, “It’s the last room on the left.”

“Okay.” Zhao Youlin nodded as she carried Joy and walked on.

By the time the old butler returned to his senses, Zhao Youlin had already carried the child out and was on her way to his room.

Zhao Youlin was actually an orphan. She had been living in an orphanage until she was ten. After that, she had been adopted by her stepmother who was barren.

After she grew up, she would often visit the orphanage during the weekend to help care for the children. Thus, taking care of children was not something difficult for her.

She simply washed Joy up and put him in a cute little bunny onesie. Zhao Youlin looked at this son who was not exactly hers as he sat obediently on the bed. Her motherly love for him grew, and she nibbled on Joy’s little round face. “You’re so well-behaved. Wait for me here. I’ll go wash up, then we’ll eat breakfast together,” she said.

“Okay.” Joy’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Zhao Youlin; they were full of joy and expectation. He thought to himself that his mother was very gentle. After all, she had washed and dressed him up. It would be wonderful if his mother remained this way!

Zhao Youlin could not help but pinch Joy’s round face again, and pride gushed out of her heart. “My son is the cutest kid indeed!”

The old butler waited outside the door, and his gaze grew increasingly complicated. ‘The madam in the past would never get this close with the young master. The madam has… seemingly changed for real.’


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