Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Grounds for Divorce (1)

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Zhao Youlin quickly returned to her bedroom to wash up. After putting on her clothes, she carried Joy and went downstairs.

The maids were preparing breakfast downstairs, and they were shocked to see Zhao Youlin coming down with her son. She had just kicked out the maid who had been disrespectful to her the day before. Yet, here she was, actually seen hugging the third-generation young master. She had never been close to him before, but he was now in her embrace as they descended the stairs. They had to be hallucinating. Yes, it had to be a hallucination!

Zhao Youlin was teasing her son when she realized that the surrounding people all had their eyes on them. That made her slightly uncomfortable. She returned their gazes, only to see several people looking at her in surprise, and she narrowed her eyes dangerously.

Her son had not experienced any love from his parents before this. Even the maids had been following their example and treating him as a passing thought. If not for the old butler who had more or less supported her son, he would have long been bullied by others.

However, she had decided to treat the child as her own flesh and blood from this day forward. Naturally, no one would ever bully him anymore.

“Is breakfast ready?”

Zhao Youlin’s cold voice sent shivers down the spines of the staring maids, and they instantly returned to their senses.

They no longer dared to display any impudent behavior after they recalled how that maid had ended up the day before. All of them went away and did what they were supposed to do.

Zhao Youlin carried Joy and sat before the dining table. Sumptuous dishes were then served from the kitchen, one after another.

Obviously, the maids who prepared the breakfast had no clue about their masters’ preferences. As such, they made small portions of various dishes, be it congee, steamed buns, and so on.

Zhao Youlin swept her eyes over the dishes on the table and cursed to herself, ‘These filthy capitalists are something else. Even their breakfast’s this scrumptious…’

Before Zhao Youlin finished cursing to herself, she heard a growling sound. Zhao Youlin was surprised, and she lowered her head only to see Joy’s little face turning red. She could not help but laugh. “Are you hungry, Joy?”

Joy held Zhao Youlin’s hand tightly and nodded in embarrassment. Zhao Youlin stopped laughing at him. She rose and gave him a bowl of congee and started to patiently feed him the food on the table.

After a few mouthfuls of congee, Joy stared at Zhao Youlin. Extending his hand, he grabbed Zhao Youlin and said, “Mommy, you have to eat too.”

Zhao Youlin was stunned. The smile on her face turned gentler, and she replied, “All right, Mommy will eat too.”

The two of them took turns eating their breakfast, and the child’s giggles were heard intermittently.

The maids who were standing beside them could not believe their eyes. It was as if they had just discovered a whole new world before their eyes.

Meanwhile, the old butler stood at the corner, and his gaze was filled with increasingly complicated emotions. He had wished for Mu Tingfeng to marry the lady of his choice so that they could have a child and eat their meals as a family while they laughed and talked with each other, much like the current scene. Unfortunately, things had not turned out as he had wished, and it was all too late now.

Finally, Zhao Youlin and Joy finished their breakfast. The maids beside them hurriedly cleaned up the dining table. At the same time, the old butler walked over to them from his place at the corner as he held a document in his hand.

“Madam, the young master asked me to give this to you.”

Zhao Youlin furrowed her eyebrows. ‘This is from the husband I have never met until this day?’

Zhao Youlin received the document placidly. The next moment, she raised her eyebrows as she read the words that were printed on it.

‘A divorce agreement? So, this agitated the previous owner to the point of committing suicide by slitting her wrist?!’

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