Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Grounds for Divorce (2)

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Initially, the old butler had thought that Zhao Youlin would throw a tantrum once again after she received the divorce agreement. However, he had underestimated her.

After receiving the divorce agreement, she did not show any emotions at all, save for the single raise of an eyebrow.

She flipped through the agreement nonchalantly until the last page. As she had expected, Mu Tingfeng’s signature was there. ‘It looks like Young Master Mu can’t wait any longer. In other words, we’ll be divorced once I sign this?’

Zhao Youlin sneered internally, and she flipped the pages backward. Since he wanted a divorce, she would take all the time in the world to comply.

Although she was trapped in another person’s body and living that person’s life in this world, she would still fight for the rights that she deserved. She would not simply let this young master whom she had never seen in her life have it easy.


As Zhao Youlin thought about it, the way she looked at the agreement grew more and more intense.

Joy seemed to notice that something was off in the atmosphere. He lay obediently in Zhao Youlin’s arms and remained quiet.

Zhao Youlin flipped through the pages and softly said, “Did Mu Tingfeng say anything else apart from asking you to give this to me?”

The old butler froze. He hesitated for a while before he opened his mouth and said, “The young master mentioned that as long as you agree to the divorce, he will grant any of your requests.”

“Any requests?” Zhao Youlin lifted her gaze from the agreement and looked at the old butler with a scoff.

Her stare sent a shiver down the old butler’s spine, but he fought to compose himself and replied, “Correct, any requests, be it in terms of money, shares, or property. He can give you any of them.”

Zhao Youlin snorted. She threw the divorce agreement onto the table before she carried Joy and nonchalantly said, “What happens if I say that I desire everything from the Mu family? Can he really provide me with that?”

The countenance of the surrounding people changed upon hearing Zhao Youlin’s nonchalant remarks. The old butler’s face turned ghastly pale, but there was also slight indignation on his calm face, which was a rare sight. “Madam, you…”

“What’s wrong with me?” A hint of mockery was apparent on Zhao Youlin’s face. “Do you think that I’m insatiable? Hasn’t he said that as long as I’m willing to divorce him, he’ll agree to all my requests? If that’s true, then I’ve stated my terms. Yet, you are acting as if I’m asking too much. What shall I do? He should know that he has to pay a price for everything in this world. I’ll be paying my price, thus, I’ll naturally seek my own reward. It will all depend on your dear young master whether it’s worth the price.”

The old butler was speechless. Although he knew that it was obviously an unprofitable exchange to trade in all of the Mu family’s property for a divorce agreement, he found himself unable to refute Zhao Youlin.

Zhao Youlin scooped Joy up and teased him for a while. After that, she snorted again with a trace of derision in her eyes. “Fine, I know that even if Mu Tingfeng agrees to it, he’s incapable of doing it. Go back and make it known to him that if he lacks the capability, he should stop making such promises. He’s simply disgracing himself.”


The old butler was stunned for a moment. He immediately realized that Zhao Youlin’s remarks were actually a veiled insult toward Mu Tingfeng. He seemed to look increasingly troubled.

Zhao Youlin carried Joy and raised her legs to climb up the stairs. However, the old butler called out to her once again, “Madam—”

Zhao Youlin did not give the old butler a chance to continue. She snapped, “Actually… It’s not impossible for Mu Tingfeng to insist on the divorce.”

“Then…” The old butler was startled. Obviously, he did not believe that Zhao Youlin would relent so easily.

“I want Joy.” Zhao Youlin carried Joy and turned away. Standing in a domineering position, she looked down at the crowd from above. Her lips curled upward as she continued, “In addition to the grounds stated in the agreement, I want to add an additional clause. Joy stays with me after the divorce. If Mu Tingfeng agrees to it, we will have our divorce!”


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