Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Grounds for Divorce (3)

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Her powerful voice echoed throughout the large living room and caused everyone’s hearts to tremble.

Knowing that the people beneath her had been struck dumb by her words, she stopped paying attention to them. She carried Joy and continued to walk upstairs to her room.

“Mommy…” Joy opened his mouth timidly. He obediently allowed Zhao Youlin to carry him back to the room and place him on the bed.

Zhao Youlin then reached out to caress Joy’s little head. “Mhm, what’s the matter?” she asked softly.

“Mommy, are you going to divorce Daddy?” Joy asked curiously. His eyes were filled with a child’s innocence, and he simply did not understand the underlying meaning of the word “divorce”.

Zhao Youlin paused for a moment. Her gaze met Joy’s crystal-clear eyes, and guilt surged from her heart. She smiled as she replied, “Mhm… Daddy and I are going to separate from each other. So, I won’t be staying here anymore, and I’ll move out soon. Do you want to come with me, Joy?”

Joy was a little stunned, and his eyes sparkled as he asked, “Moving out?”

“Joy, do you want to stay with Daddy instead of me?”

Joy panicked and hurriedly shook his head. He said, “No… I want to stay with you, Mommy.”


As far as Joy could recall, his so-called Daddy was no more than a vague shadow. He barely saw him a few times a year. Even if he saw him, it would be from a distance. He never even had the chance to connect with him. Comparatively, Mommy clearly showed up more frequently. It was just that…

“Mommy, will you always love me?” He prayed that she would not abandon him again like before, leaving him alone and causing a mess in the room…

Zhao Youlin froze when she noticed the trepidation in Joy’s eyes. She felt a slight headache as if something had struck her head.

She held Joy’s little face with both hands. Then, she took a deep breath and solemnly promised him, “Mhm… I’ll always cherish you, Joy. Always and forever.”

Joy nodded. He took the initiative to stretch his hand out and wrapped it around Zhao Youlin’s neck. His voice came out muffled. “I’ll come with you then, Mommy. Oh! Will Mr. Butler be coming along with us?”

“Mr. Butler isn’t coming with us, but if you miss him, I’ll bring you back here to visit him.”

Joy fell silent for a while. After that, he nodded reluctantly and replied, “All right.”

Zhao Youlin smiled. She patted Joy to comfort him. All that remained was to get that man’s approval. ‘That man would agree to this much, right?’


Just as Zhao Youlin expected, Mu Tingfeng frowned after he heard her request from the old butler. He merely replied, “That’s all?”


Upon hearing his words, the old butler nearly passed out because he was so angry. What did he mean by that?! ‘The madam is going to take away the Mu family’s only heir instead of a nobody. Even if you dislike the young master, you should not simply take this matter lightly!’

Meanwhile, Mu Tingfeng simply ignored the accusatory look in the old butler’s gaze. Perhaps in the eyes of others, that child had the Mu family’s blood, making him the family’s future heir. However, he thought otherwise. That child was just a tool, which that woman had used to threaten him into marrying her. As such, he could not really provide that child with much fatherly love. ‘That woman has actually made such demands for her divorce, thinking that it will shake my resolve. This is indeed a fool’s dream. She has miscalculated.’

There was a glint in Mu Tingfeng’s eyes. Then, he shifted his gaze to the old butler.

The old butler’s demeanor seemed awkward, as though he wanted to say something, so Mu Tingfeng asked, “Are you hiding something from me?”

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