Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Plan Thrown Out the Window (1)

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The old butler hesitated for a moment. In the end, he repeated Zhao Youlin’s words to Mu Tingfeng.

“Pfft…” Su Qing stepped out of the other bedroom and just happened to hear the old butler’s full story. She could no longer hold back her laughter.

The old butler was stunned when he saw Su Qing exit the bedroom. “Miss, why are you…”

Su Qing walked to Mu Tingfeng’s side and wrapped her arms around his shoulders intimately. She smiled as she said, “I recently came to City S for a vacation. I couldn’t find a place to stay, so I decided to intrude on my cousin.”

“Recently?” The old butler accurately captured the main point in Su Qing’s words, and he sounded her out. “Could the rumors about the young master… outside… be related to you, Miss?”

Su Qing smiled and remained silent. The old butler had obviously gotten his answer. He had watched Mu Tingfeng grow up from a young boy, so he undoubtedly knew just how much of a neat freak Mu Tingfeng was, be it mentally or physically. Therefore, he actually never believed in the rumors from the start. The truth had finally been revealed, and it was a pity that the madam had slit her wrist for this. Sigh…


Su Qing did not plan to dwell on this topic. She extended her hand and patted Mu Tingfeng on the shoulder as she gloated gleefully, “Someone in this world actually dares to criticize you for overestimating yourself. The woman you married is indeed different from the rest. Why don’t you reconsider the divorce?”

Upon hearing Su Qing’s words, the old butler could not help but look at Mu Tingfeng and await his decision.

Mu Tingfeng’s profound eyes darkened and became increasingly apathetic. No one could see through his thoughts.

After some time, Mu Tingfeng slowly raised his head. He made a decision that he would regret in the future. “Go back and make it known to the woman that I agree to her request. This marriage must end in a divorce!”


Just as she had expected, early the next morning, Zhao Youlin received the amended divorce agreement. So, she signed it.

In addition to the tens of millions of dollars and a luxury condominium in City S that had been stipulated in the agreement, their only child, Joy would also be in Zhao Youlin’s custody. From then on, she was no longer tied to the Mu family.

Zhao Youlin did not feel good after she looked at the additional clause on the divorce agreement.

That man had actually agreed to it without the slightest hesitation! ‘Even though this child was born against your will, he still has half of your blood in him, right?! Most importantly, what do you mean he’s no longer tied to the Mu family?! You’re obviously hinting that Joy’s name will be axed off the Mu family tree! Mu Tingfeng, you are despicable!’

Joy was crawling around on the large bed. He sensed his mother’s distress, so he crawled over to her side worriedly and said, “Mommy…”

“I’m fine.” Zhao Youlin caressed Joy’s head. However, the flames of anger deep within her heart still crackled.

Looking at the cute and fragile child before her, Zhao Youlin had gradually developed a fierce sense of protectiveness over her son. She found it hard to accept the fact that her precious baby was despised.

Despite the fact that the two of them were in such a state due to her body’s original owner, Mu Tingfeng avoided her as if she was a serpent or scorpion. He could not wait to kick her out of the family. That alone brought her incredible disappointment. No matter what, she used to be a goddess highly sought after by the men in the police station. How could she end up being tossed aside like a pair of tattered shoes here?


She did not mind having word of this incident travel around in the future. However, it was different for Joy. If others found out that his mother had been kicked out of the family, how could he not be embarrassed? Well, she could not really let go of that man so easily, right?

Joy widened his big round eyes as he looked innocently at his mother, who was lost in her thoughts. He somehow felt a chill on his back as if someone was about to be… unlucky.


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