Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Plan Thrown Out the Window (2)

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Be that as it may, making Mu Tingfeng’s life hell was not going to be an easy feat. At least, she knew that she could not count on her own family.

Zhao Youlin currently had the status of a lady from a prestigious family, but even a prestigious family had its own woes.

Her biological father was the second child of the family. He was a promiscuous man who had numerous mistresses outside the family. Meanwhile, her mother was the daughter of a merchant. She had passed away when Zhao Youlin was only five years old. Soon after, her horny father had taken in her stepmother, who had given birth to her step-siblings. They were one or two years younger than her. It was apparent that the woman had hooked up with her father long ago.

As the only surviving bloodline from her late mother, one could imagine how awkward her position was because the mistress had usurped her mother. Four years ago, she had moved heaven and earth to ensure that she got married to Mu Tingfeng. She had genuinely fallen in love with him, but aside from that, she had also been provoked by her stepsister. This sister of hers had hooked up with a man from a wealthy family and flaunted the perks she enjoyed in front of her. The unrelenting oppression that surrounded her since childhood had pushed her to commit acts that passed the point of no return…

Ahem… Fine. When her eccentric father eventually found out that she had been the one who offered herself to the Mu family, he had been surprisingly calm. On top of that, he had been delighted. His response had left Zhao Youlin bewildered.

If her absurd family did not cause her trouble once they discovered that she would be divorcing Mu Tingfeng, she would consider it enough of a blessing. How could she expect them to actually help her?

After she fell into deep thought for some time, Zhao Youlin’s eyes sparkled. She turned to the bedside table and picked up her mobile phone. Her fingers moved to dial a number that she knew very well by heart.

The phone did not ring long before it was answered. Soon after, a familiar male voice with an annoyed, drowsy slur was heard from the other end. “Who’s the bastard calling me this early in the morning? I was having such sweet dreams! Who are you? Trust me, I’ll beat you up so badly that your mother won’t recognize you!”

Although he was just whining aimlessly, his voice stirred up so much nostalgia in Zhao Youlin. She smiled until the person on the other end finished cursing her. She only replied a while later, “It looks like us not meeting for a few days is enough to add a new layer to your temper!”

Joy had crawled far away, and he was now playing with a soft toy. Upon hearing his mother’s voice, he quickly crawled back to his mother’s side. He tilted his head curiously to look at the mobile phone in his mother’s hand.

Zhao Youlin’s heart skipped a beat when she saw how adorable her son looked. She could not help but give him a smooch.

At the same time, there was a momentary pause on the other end before the person hesitantly threw a shot in the dark. “Who… are you?”

Zhao Youlin only smiled more cheerfully. In contrast, the person on the other end felt goosebumps all over his body. She continued, “You can’t even identify me by my voice. Do you want me to hang you from the big tree at your school entrance just like that day for your juniors to admire the might of their Senior Luo?”

The person on the other end was dead silent for a few seconds. Soon after, the clattering sound of something falling could be heard, along with the dull thud of a person hitting the ground. Even Zhao Youlin could sense that the person was in great pain, judging from the sound that traveled through the phone.

Several moments later, Zhao Youlin heard a sharp gasp from the other end of the line. It sounded like the man was terrified for his life.

After a while, the person on the other end cautiously asked, “Are you… Sister Lin?”

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