Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Runaway Plan (3)

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The next morning, Zhao Youlin fiddled for almost half a day inside the bedroom. She made an effort to dress up herself before taking Joy downstairs.

The maids downstairs were stunned when they saw Zhao Youlin’s appearance. A flash of surprise darted in their eyes. But, soon after, they lowered their heads and no longer dared to take another look.

After breakfast, Zhao Youlin took out the signed divorce agreement and threw it on the table.

The gaze in the old butler’s eyes turned complicated. He was stepped forward to collect the agreement but was stopped when Zhao Youlin placed a hand over the agreement.

“Where’s Mu Tingfeng now?”

The old butler was startled. He did not understand what Zhao Youlin meant by this. So, he replied reservedly, “Madam, the young master’s whereabouts…”

“Can’t be revealed?” Zhao Youlin interrupted the old butler before he finished speaking. Then, she smirked. “What’s wrong? Is he afraid that I might pester him? Once the document is handed out today, I’m no longer tied to the Mu family. Both of us used to be a married couple. So, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to see him for one last time, right?”

“This…” The old butler hesitated for a while, “Let me ask the young master.”

“Go ahead.”

The old butler hurriedly ran to a corner and dialed the number. Meanwhile, Zhao Youlin ate the fruits after dinner with Joy lounging on the other side, not far away. She kept her eye on him in silence.

After noticing the old butler’s troubled expression while talking to the phone, her expression turned increasingly solemn. Finally, she frowned and rose up.

Just as the old butler was at a loss on how to persuade the young master to meet up with her, the sound of footsteps was heard beside him. Before he had even turned his head, the phone in his hand had been grabbed by someone.


Zhao Youlin shushed him with a finger and spoke into the phone. “Mu Tingfeng?”

The person on the other end was startled for a moment, “You…”

“What’s wrong? Can’t you even recognize your wife’s voice after not seeing her for just a few days?”

No sound came from the phone. Zhao Youlin could imagine Mu Tingfeng’s troubled expression without even looking.

After a long time, he finally spoke in a low and enthralling voice from the phone, “I heard that you wanted to see me, right?”

Zhao Youlin smiled and said, “We used to be a married couple, after all. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to meet one last time before we divorce, right?”

“I don’t think there’s a need for us to meet up.”

Mu Tingfeng’s voice carried a tinge of pouting displeasure. Even Zhao Youlin could feel his coldness from the other end of the line. However, it did not affect Zhao Youlin’s pleasure in riling him up that much.

“Hehe! You’re not afraid of me, aren’t you, Young Master Mu? Don’t forget that your divorce agreement is still in my hand. Is your promise of granting any of my requests as long as I’m willing to divorce still in effect? Meeting up for one last time is nothing compared to my previous requests, right?”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line again. Soon after, he spoke, “We’ll meet at Direct Sun Cafe in the afternoon. This is your final request. Don’t try my patience.”

Zhao Youlin completely overlooked Mu Tingfeng’s threat. She replied with a sneer, “Don’t try my patience too. We’ll meet at Direct Sun Cafe in half an hour. Decide for yourself if you want to come or not.”

After Zhao Youlin finished speaking, she ignored the man’s response on the other end and hung up.

When Mu Tingfeng heard the beeping sound of a disconnected call, his icy-cold face finally twitched for a moment. How dare that woman actually hang up his phone! She was digging her own grave!

Su Qing drank tonic soup beside him in silence. When she noticed her ever-cold cousin turning black after receiving the call, she sighed to herself. She wondered about the brave hero who actually dared mess with a tiger. How heroic!


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