Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Moron (1)

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On the other hand, the old butler nearly had a heart attack again after watching Zhao Youlin hang up just like that. One should know that only the young master did this to others instead of the other way round.

However, Zhao Youlin simply disregarded that unspoken rule. She returned to Joy, gave him a kiss and said, “I’m going out to handle something. Please stay at home and be a good boy. I’ll come back to fetch you to our new home in the afternoon, okay?”

Joy nodded obediently. He gave Zhao Youlin’s cheek a peck. Her parted from her reluctantly and said, “You’ve got to come back early, Mommy.”

“Mhm…” Zhao Youlin straightened her body. She turned her head and looked at the old butler.

The old butler hurriedly replied, “Madam, are you going out now? A car has been made ready for your convenience.”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Youlin kept her praise of the old butler’s efficiency to herself. Not even the slightest hint of her admiration was shown on her face. She took the divorce settlement agreement and departed from the house.

Watching Zhao Youlin’s silhouette fade gradually, the old butler sensed a bad omen, ‘Hopefully… hopefully, the madam will not anger the young master this time. Sigh…’

The moment Zhao Youlin got into the car, she sent a short message to a certain someone she had called at the eleventh hour to make up the number. She wanted to inform him of the time of arrival at the cafe. Meanwhile, Luo Weibing had long been waiting in the parking space next to the cafe.

From the distance, Luo Weibing saw an enchanting woman in a bright red dress descending from an extended luxurious limousine. Looking at her voluptuous figure, he could not help but whistle frivolously.

His eyes sparkled especially when he saw the woman take the initiative to walk toward him. Then, he smiled playfully as he said, “Miss…”

Before Luo Weibing finished flirting, the lady’s handbag smacked him in the chest and he stumbled in his place.

After he managed to stabilize himself, the lady yanked his collar. A stranger’s face came before his sight. He was looking at a playful expression that he could not be more familiar with — to the extent that it spooked him.

Luo Weibing immediately drew in a cold breath, and he breathed out, “Sister Lin?”

“Luckily you have a good sense of judgment.” Zhao Youlin let go of Luo Weibin’s collar. She casually smoothed out her hair, which had been messed up by the wind.

Only then did Luo Weibin heave a sigh of relief. He walked around Zhao Youlin and scanned her for some time. Finally, he could not help but cry out in surprise, “Sister Lin, you have a makeover huh?! Oh… No way, even a makeover is unable to make you grow taller. Besides, compared to last time… you look so much younger now. Could it be due to… rejuvenescence?”

The corner of Zhao Youlin’s lips twitched. Although she was already a mother of a three-year-old son with her current body, her actual age was only twenty years old. Of course, she would look younger compared to last time. She wondered why she felt the urge to beat the man up before her even when he was simply spouting facts.


“Indeed. I’m gifted and also able to recover to my youthful self. I’m able to do the impossible. Is it just because you think that I’ve become more youthful and suit your preference, so you took the initiative to catcall me like how those ladies of yours hooked up with you? Were you going to sleep with me in the hotel?”

Zhao Youlin did not forget how flirtatious this guy was. He was a fair, polite and elegant-looking playboy.

That kid had never been without a woman since he was in school. Moreover, he changed his girlfriends more often than he changed his clothes. Just because of this, she took the opportunity to seek his help.

Upon hearing Zhao Youlin’s words, cold sweat dripped from Luo Weibing’s head. He inevitably recalled their first time meeting.

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