Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Moron (2)

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Once upon a time, Luo Weibing was an errant student of a prestigious school. When he joined the school, he heard that there was a pretty instructor about his age on the military training field.

As such, the playboy mindlessly attempted to flirt with Zhao Youlin, who was still a junior police officer at that time.


As a result, Lu Wieibing was thrown over Zhao Youlin’s shoulder and landed hard on the ground before the crowd. After that, he was hung upside down outside the big tree at the school entrance for half of the day. This had alarmed the school’s senior management. They had begged for his mercy before he was saved.

For a long time since then, whenever Luo Weibing saw Zhao Youlin, he was like a mouse before a cat. He would always circle around her. Apparently, that incident had resulted in trauma to his young soul. He had reacted so badly when he heard Zhao Youlin threatening to hang him up at the school entrance over the phone, and was immediately able to identify her.

It was indeed a handful of bitter tears as he recalled various flashbacks in those days!

When he recalled how he nearly had the history repeated itself, Luo Weibing’s head sweated profusely. With a slight cough twice, he replied apologetically, “Sister Lin, look at what you’re saying! Even if I have the Gods by my side, I wouldn’t have the courage to flirt with you!”

As he spoke, Luo Weibing craftily changed the topic and continued, “Speaking of which… Sister Lin, what’s going on? I heard that you met with an accident while on a mission with that kid, Mu Chen. You even died in the line of duty. I was sad for a few days because of this. I never expected you to appear in front of me, alive and well. You even changed to a new look. My feelings were in vain. Sister Lin, you did not become like this just because you’re executing a top-secret mission, right? You even faked your death just to go undercover. Tsk Tsk Tsk! That’s indeed a huge gamble!”

She fell speechless.

The corner of Zhao Youlin’s lips unwittingly twitched once again. She knew well that this man looked like a shrewd gentleman on the surface. But, deep down inside he was actually a fool and moron. Never did she thought he was moronic to that extent. He was so gullible. He actually believed she had undergone plastic surgery to become like this!

Zhao Youlin was speechless. She rolled her eyes at the sky. Then, she mused, “What you’ve heard was true. I’m already dead.”

“You’re already dead?” Luo Weibing was dumbfounded. He widened his eyes and looked at her incredulously. He began to shiver mildly.

Zhao Youlin nodded. Luo Weibing choked. He gulped with difficulty and laughed dryly, “Sister Lin, stop kidding me. You’re clearly standing in front of me, alive. How can you possibly be dead? If you’re already dead, what are you now? Cracking this kind of joke during broad daylight!”

Zhao Youlin raised her eyebrows and smiled evilly, “Do you think I look like one who will make this kind of joke?”

Luo Weibing shivered. He gulped faster, and said, “No. But, if what you say is true, you…”

Zhao Youlin crossed her arms. She waited for the person right before her to digest what she had said just now.

Luo Weibing tried hard to search any hint of humor from Zhao Youlin’s face. Unfortunately, he was disappointed.

He struggled for a moment. Then, Luo Weibing raised his head. His gaze was so firm that he seemed to have made up his mind. He quickly dashed over and pounced onto Zhao Youlin. He wrapped around her thigh and shouted, “Sister Lin, I’m sorry that I’ve offended you. Please be kind to me, and don’t lower your standard to meet mine. I’m a coward. Since you’re gone, don’t come and look for me. I promise to burn paper money to you thrice a day from this day on so that you can live comfortably and proudly in the underworld. You may rest in peace!”


Zhao Youlin was speechless.

“Brother Luo, can you be any more of a wimp?! Those ignorant young ladies you played with should look at your current state! Would they still fall head over heels for you that much after such a display?!”

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