Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Moron (3)

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Zhao Youlin took a deep breath to calm herself down. She dragged Luo Weibing up from the ground and said, “It’s inconvenient to talk over here. Come with me.”

She dragged him into a small tea house. After that, Zhao Youlin started to explain to Luo Weibing the reason she looked like that.

Luo Weibing was in a daze upon hearing her words. After a long time, only then did he speak to her with a pale face, “What you mean is that now you’re… resurrected in someone else’s body?”


Zhao Youlin nodded. Then, she briefly explained her current circumstances. Of course, she omitted the true identity of her husband who was not exactly hers, as well as her own current background.

After hearing this, Luo Weibing was dumbfounded again. He asked dryly, “Sister Lin, are you saying that you didn’t just resurrect in anyone’s body, but have unfortunately resurrected in the body of a married woman?”


“This married woman already has a three-year-old son. But, his father, your current husband, has a mistress outside and thus, he’s pursuing for a divorce?”


Luo Weibing’s jaw dropped. But, he did not say anything. Eventually, he covered his face silently, raised his hand and withdrew to a corner. He replied, “Darn it! That’s way too much information for so short a time! I need to calm myself.”

Zhao Youlin fell speechless.

Zhao Youlin shot a glance at Luo Weibing who was chanting to himself in a corner. She could not help but roll her eyes again. She wondered if roping in this man at the last minute to help her out was the right choice.


Luo Weibing was caught in a dilemma for half of the day. He had a hard time forcing himself to accept such a supernatural phenomenon. He asked stiffly, “Sister Lin… What did you want from me?”

Zhao Youlin lifted the tea served on the table and took a sip. Then, she supported her cheek with one hand. She stared at Luo Weibing’s anxious but handsome-looking face and said with a gentle smile, “As the saying goes, keeping up with Joneses. He can file for a divorce as he wants. But, it cannot simply end as it is. How meaningless it would be too separate just like that. It’ll be more fun to make a scene about our divorce. As a man, he can simply look for a mistress outside and demand to file for a divorce. Likewise, how can I not find another man too? Who says that only men can look for mistresses?”


She stared at a Luo Weibing who was beginning to shiver. He almost wanted to hide under the table. He trembled, and said, “Sister Lin, despite being a flirt, I only wanted to become a legitimate husband instead of a lover.”


After Luo Weibing finished speaking, Zhao Youlin glared at him coldly. She raised her eyebrows and said, “Huh? Do you mean that… you’re not willing?”

Luo Weibing shivered and simply rolled down from the chair. He scrambled to get up from the ground and said in flattery, “I’d be most willing! It’s indeed a lifetime honor to act as your lover! I’ll perform my duty until I die and complete the mission even if it costs my life!”


“Very good. Remember to behave yourself later. I made an appointment with my ex-husband half an hour ago to meet up at the cafe next door.”

Luo Weibing’s heart tightened as he recalled something. He asked softly, “Sister Lin, your so-called half-hour… when did you start counting that half-hour down?”

It had been more than half an hour since they entered the cafe. However, he had never seen Zhao Youlin call anyone to make an appointment.

Zhao Youlin raised her head to look at the clock behind her, as if she had just discovered it. Then, she said nonchalantly, “Oh, It’s been more than an hour! It’s fine. A boss like him is used to having others wait for him. Him getting a taste of his own medicine would be a fresh change.”

He fell speechless.

Luo Weibing looked at Zhao Youlin, speechless… She remained seated leisurely opposite of him. They had not even seen each other yet, and he could already sense the hostility in the air. He could already predict the war that was to come. Was it too late for him to flee?!


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