Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: It’s Me Dumping You (1)

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On the other hand, a man with an imposing aura sat on an elegant seat by the window in Direct Sun cafe.

The man looked to be in his early twenties. He was dressed up in a well-fitted high-class suit. The man had a face that was even more handsome than celebrities. He had a well-defined jawline, and a pair of dark blue eyes that was exclusively for the mixed-blooded. In addition to his profound eyes, they glowed faintly with a light blue that only made him even more enchanting.


The man’s outstanding appearance, coupled with his aura of nobility easily attracted the attention of all the ladies in the cafe. He had sent many girls fluttering, but they lacked the guts to flirt with him.

On the other hand, it was also because they were concerned about the lady sitting opposite of the man. They also had to maintain the reserved nature as expected from ladies. Moreover, there was an intense aura of distressfulness around the man that kept people from approaching him. As such, people tended to shy away from him.

Mu Tingfeng coldly looked at the passing of time. The seconds ticked by his watch. His irritated expression intensified. It had been an hour. It was a full hour. That woman actually made him wait for her for a full sixty minutes. How dare she… How dare…

Sitting opposite Mu Tingfeng, Su Qing could feel his increasing coldness. She silently lifted the magazine in her hands to cover her face.

‘Good boy. It’s been only a few years since we saw one another and my cousin’s icy aura has grown even more powerful. Speaking of which, someone on earth actually dares pressurize my cousin, hang up his phone, and make him wait for an hour, only to stand him up! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! It looks like my cousin-in-law is a tough one! Sadly, they’re going to divorce soon. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have to worry about a lack of good shows to watch in the future.”

To be frank, Mu Tingfeng did not want Su Qing to come along with him because his ex-wife had a history of striking people out of desperation. After all, Su Qing was no longer all alone. If a confrontation were to happen that ended up with her hurting herself and the child inside her belly, he had no idea how to compensate the child for that crazy person, Song Yi.

However, the moment Su Qing discovered that Mu Tingfeng’s soon-to-be-divorced wife had actually dared to mess with him, hung up on him, and not forgetting, even asked Mu Tingfeng to meet up with him after half an hour, Su Qing insisted to come along with him. Jokes. She intuitively felt that there had to be a great show in store if she tagged along with him. After all, she was bored and so, why miss the show?!

Mu Tingfeng could not stop her. He could only oblige begrudgingly. Little did they know that they had to wait for more than an hour.

Just as Mu Tingfeng was growing impatient and the air around him was threatening to freeze while Su Qing gloated to herself and felt all the more pity at the same time, the main culprit who caused all this finally came late.

Mu Tingfeng and Su Qing fell silent. They sat opposite each other and locked gazes. Suddenly, an indistinct uproar was heard from the outside.

Both of them turned their heads in unison toward the noises. They froze when they saw the woman walk in from the entrance.

Zhao Youlin had purposely put on a bright red dress that accentuated her bust just to meet up with Mu Tingfeng. The corset lining fully brought out her perfect curves, coupled with her slightly curled, waist-length hair. She looked absolutely elegant and graceful.

She was young. Her skin was flawless. Some minor makeup powder on her fair, small face added to her elegance and attractiveness. However, all this paled in comparison to her aura. The woman’s aura was completely different from her previous yes-man attitude. The difference was extreme.

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