Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: It’s Me Dumping You (2)

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It was said that serious men were the most handsome, and confident women were the most beautiful. Zhao Youlin was living proof of that saying. The woman who walked into the cafe had an unusually confident smile on her face. Her gentle smile was so radiant and dazzling, causing everyone to stare at her subconsciously and were unable to avert their eyes.

Su Qing was astonished. The woman was totally different from what the rumors told her. ‘My foot. How could this enchanting woman be the same woman as described by Young Aunt. Where’s that soft and meek woman? She’s sentimental like Lin Daiyu, but she’s a witch pretending to be innocent. She’s obviously a rose with thorns! Darn it!’

Not only was Su Qing surprised, even Mu Tingfeng, sitting opposite of her was taken aback by that woman who looked extraordinarily different that day.

To be honest, Zhao Youlin did not look ugly. Not only was she not ugly, but she looked fairly exquisite. A V-shaped face that narrowed down to a sharp chin, a pair of delicately arched eyebrows, prominent nose and cherry lips. The perfect embodiment of a classic beauty with an aura of divinity.

It was a pity that the previous owner’s personal experience caused her to often put on a long and teary face. She also dressed conservatively. Therefore, she almost looked like a lifeless puppet in just one glance. But, Zhao Youlin’s appearance had given so much life to this lifeless puppet. In addition to her eye-catching red dress, her charm was elevated to the point where people found it hard to avert their gazes from her.

Mu Tingfeng had never seen her like this before, even after four years of marriage.


Looking at the woman in red approaching him from a short distance away, Mu Tingfeng unwittingly recalled what the old butler had told him before about her changing overnight. ‘So, is this person a changed woman? Has she really changed? Or could this be just another trick of hers to gain his attention?’ No matter the case, he was not going to entertain her anymore.

Zhao Youlin cast a swift glance at the cafe. Mu Tingfeng had purposely selected this cafe with many famous socialites and celebrities in it so that Zhao Youlin would more or less behave herself even if she wanted to try something funny. Little did he know that this was exactly what Zhao Youlin wanted. How could there be no audience if she were to make a scene there?

After Zhao Youlin scanned to search for Mu Tingfeng and found him, she held Luo Weibing’s hand and walked toward them.

Luo Weibing followed Zhao Youlin into the cafe. He immediately started to look for the rotten man who had dared kick Zhao Youlin out of the house. However, the cafe was packed full of men and women alike. He could not identify the culprit.

After scanning for some time, Luo Weibing finally gave up. He lowered his voice and asked her curiously, “Sister Lin, where’s your ex-husband? You could at least point at him to let me have a look so that I won’t mistakenly involve other innocents.”

Zhao Youlin did not think much of his words. She simply said, “He’s right in front of you, at your twelve o’clock.”

“Twelve o’clock?” Luo Weibing followed Zhao Youlin’s words and looked in the direction, only to be confronted by Mu Tingfeng’s raging, cold face. He instantly went weak at his knees.

The Luo family was an elite and wealthy business family. As the future heir of the Luo family, Luo Weibing was used to attending various banquets with his father from a young age. As he grew up, he often hung out with famous socialites. He would be highly familiar with the faces from the upper-class. He may not be this certain when it came to others, but he knew very well that Mu Tingfeng was a big shot in City S. He was the only heir of the Mu family, the president of Mu Feng Group, and he topped the list as the most promising bachelor in City S.

‘So, this guy is Sister Lin’s ex-husband! I’m done! This is way out of my league!’


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